Wrong habits that reduce breast milk: you should avoid them

Wrong habits that reduce breast milk: you should avoid them

Wrong habits that reduce breast milk, what are they? And why does it cause this negative effect? The answers can be found in the article.

Wrong habits that reduce breast milk: you should avoid them

Let’s get acquainted with the following list of wrong habits that reduce breast milk:

Bad habits that reduce breast milk

Breast milk is the basic and necessary food for the health and growth of the infant, as it contains all the important nutrients and vitamins, but some mothers suffer from a lack of breast milk, which affects the health and growth of the child, and increases his crying because he does not feel full.

So in the following, we will tell you about the wrong things and habits that can reduce the production of breast milk so that you can avoid doing them:

  1. Not getting good nutrition

The diet followed is one of the most important reasons that affect the production of milk, in the case of eating all the healthy nutrients, the amount of milk in the breast will increase, and vice versa.

The mother should eat vegetables and fruits daily, in addition to whole grains rich in fiber, and stay away from unhealthy foods that contain harmful fats.

  1. Not drinking enough fluids

Wrong habits that reduce breast milk, one of which is the lack of fluid drinking, as there is a strong relationship between drinking fluids and the generation of breast milk, the body needs to drink during this period greatly.

Milk is one of the basic drinks for nursing mothers, as well as warm fluids, in addition to drinking water in large quantities.

But you should pay attention to drinking drenched herbs, as there are some types of herbs that can reduce milk production, such as mint, parsley, and sage, and in return, it is recommended to increase the fenugreek because it is a natural diuretic for breast milk.

  1. Taking some types of medicine

Wrong habits that reduce breast milk, one of which is taking some types of medications without consulting a doctor, as you must consult a doctor before taking any medication during breastfeeding because some medications affect:

The amount of milk in the breast.

child health.

Among the most prominent drugs that may affect the production of milk from the breast are the following:

Hormone medications.

Allergy medications.

Cold medicines.


Contraceptive medications cause a decrease in the amount of breast milk, and therefore it is necessary to follow up with the gynecologist to choose the best contraceptive method during breastfeeding so that the method of pregnancy is not among the list of wrong habits that reduce breast milk.

  1. Not breastfeeding the baby regularly

As a result of the mother’s preoccupation or unable to breastfeed, because she feels pain, she does not regularly breastfeed her young and resorts to artificial feeding often, and thus the quantities of breast milk begin to decrease.

The explanation for this is that the body signals the brain that it needs more milk, and then the brain sends signals to the mammary glands to increase the amount of milk in the breast during regular breastfeeding.

But when a woman is not regular in breastfeeding, the body does not send a signal to the brain that it needs milk, and therefore the mammary glands do not increase its quantity.

  1. Stress and psychological pressure

Wrong habits breast milk reduces stress and psychological stress, as some women suffer from stress and anxiety in the infancy stage, and this increases due to lack of sleep, as the infant does not get enough sleep.

Many negative effects occur in the body due to constant stress and tension, including the lack of milk production, so the breastfeeding woman should stay away from sources of stress and anxiety as much as possible during this stage.

  1. Smoking

Whether it is active or passive smoking, it will have negative effects on breast milk, and it is also very dangerous to the health of the infant.

The mother should avoid smoking during breastfeeding, as well as stay away from anyone who smokes.

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