Ways to increase a child’s focus

Ways to increase a child’s focus


1 Way to increase a child’s concentration

1.1 Stay away from mental distractions

1.2 Other methods

2 Factors affecting concentration

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Ways to increase a child’s focus

Focus requires regular practice to enhance and strengthen it,

Some babies are born with stronger concentration skills than others.

But all children can learn strategies and exercises that strengthen and enhance their ability to focus.

Here are some tips that help children boost their ability to focus:

1- Staying away from mental distractions

Keeping the child away from the television or the phone while he is performing a certain task helps to raise his focus while performing this task,

And allocate a room in the house for the study equipped with a dedicated study or office

There must be a quiet environment that helps the child to focus,

Also, turning off the Internet during the study period helps reduce mental distractions.

2- Other ways to help children focus

We mention from other methods and strategies to help increase the child’s focus, including:

First: Doing one thing at a time:

The child’s doing several tasks together reduces the child’s focus and performance in these tasks,

Therefore, the child must be asked one thing at the specified time and not be distracted by many tasks.

Second: Doing a planned break:

Babies need to get up and move around after a period of focus, as it is helpful for them to take short breaks between tasks.

Third: setting a reasonable time for the child to focus on a specific task:

Children aged 4-5 years can stay focused for a period of time ranging from 5-20 minutes on average.

And this depends on the nature of the task, as the enjoyable tasks can remain focused on it for a longer period of time than new or difficult tasks.

Fourth: Divide the big task into small, simplified tasks:

A child’s ability to accomplish tasks increases when they are broken down into simple, small tasks.

Fifth: doing breathing exercises:

The child’s level of concentration increases after doing breathing exercises as they reduce stress and increase the focus of the mind on the task instead of fear when doing difficult tasks.

Sixth: Organizing the study environment:

Organizing and arranging the place where the child sits to do his homework contributes greatly to increasing his focus and improving his performance.

Factors affecting focus

The process of focusing is known as focused attention;

It is the brain’s ability to pay attention to a specific stimulus for a specific period of time, and the individual’s ability to focus varies based on various factors, including:

First: Personal Factors:

The individual’s response to a stimulus varies according to his personal states, such as the amount of activity, emotion, and motivation, so that a person tends to deal with the stimulus correctly and quickly when he is more active than if he was tired.

Second: Environmental factors:

The level of the individual’s concentration of a stimulus depends on the number of environmental influences surrounding him, such as annoyance and other distractions, so the fewer these distractions, the better the focus.

Third: factors related to motivation:

The individual’s response varies with the stimulus; The more complex or long the stimulus, the less the response.

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