Vitamins for children to gain weight

Vitamins for children to gain weight


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Childhood is one of the most important stages in a person’s life for growth and weight gain,

It is worth noting that some children do not gain weight at a normal rate,

This may be due to several factors, including:

Differences in genes,

Premature Birth,

malnutrition; Whereas, a lack of nutrition may cause what is known as failure to thrive

Immunodeficiency in the body

Short stature

These problems increase in children who have been undernourished for a long time.

Vitamins to gain weight in children

There are vitamins that children who are underweight need; To improve their appetite, and the desire to eat food in quantities that provide them with all the nutrients they need to gain weight and grow normally,

Examples of these vitamins include:

Vitamin B12:

Known as cobalamin, it supports the production of red blood cells and energy.

In addition, it maintains the health of the liver and eyes, and its deficiency in the body may lead to loss of appetite.

Which hinders the child’s ability to eat an adequate amount of calories needed to gain weight,

It should be noted that “Vegetarians” suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin B12.

This is because this vitamin is found in animal sources; Where it is found in:

  • Chicken
  • Red meat
  • Shrimp
  • Dairy products
  • eggs
  • Fish.

Vitamin D:

It is involved in building bones, regulating the work of the kidneys, in addition to helping to absorb both:

  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • magnesium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorous
  • Vitamin A

As vitamin D deficiency negatively affects the absorption of the aforementioned vitamins and mineral elements,

Which leads to a loss of appetite and a feeling of fatigue,

Milk fortified with Vitamin D is one of the main sources of this vitamin

Vitamin D can also be obtained by eating fish, eggs, and exposure to sunlight.

It should also be noted that the minimum that must be taken from it for children of school age is 600 international units per day.

Tips to gain weight for children

The goal of treating the problem of underweight in children is to provide the child with the necessary nutrients for his growth, to become a normal weight for his age,

To achieve this, it is advised to focus on developing healthy eating habits and practices for children.

In addition to treating the child’s behavioral problems, such as:

Difficulty chewing or swallowing food, which may negatively affect the amount of calories consumed,

Among the things that can help to gain weight in children:

  1. Determine the normal weight of the child, using a growth chart
  2. Follow a balanced and varied diet
  3. Paying attention to the environment surrounding the child during mealtimes
  4. Keep children away from foods that contain empty calories;

These foods are high in calories, and do not contain any important nutrients, and among these foods:

  • Foods that contain large amounts of sugar, such as: soft drinks and sweets.
  • Foods that contain large amounts of fats and oils, such as: fast food and chips.

Nutritional supplements to gain weight in children

The World Health Organization recommends providing children aged 5-6 months with: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C, in the form of an oral solution.

Especially for children who are underweight.

And children who do not get to eat all the nutrients they need for growth,

It is advisable before that to return to the doctor to determine their need for these vitamins and the daily dose of them,

Among the cases that doctors recommend nutritional supplements:

  • For children who do not eat a regular and balanced diet.
  • Children who do not eat enough food.
  • Children who eat fast food.
  • Babies who do not consume milk and dairy products may need a calcium supplement.
  • Children who drink a lot of soft drinks; can make their bodies poor in vitamins and minerals.
  • Children suffering from chronic medical conditions, such as: asthma and digestive problems; Especially when they are taking medication for treatment,

Therefore, you should talk to your doctor before starting to give supplements and vitamins.

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