Vitamin candy for children: between the benefits and risks

Vitamin candy for children: between the benefits and risks

Many mothers expect that vitamin candy for children is the ideal way to compensate for their vitamin deficiency, and they do not know that there are harms from this candy, know them now.

Vitamin candy for children: between the benefits and risks

Supplements and vitamins provided in the form of candy for children are very popular recently, as the mother finds a good way to feed the child and give him vitamins easily.

But you must reconsider this matter, and be aware that vitamin candy for children may harm your child as well. The most important information related to it to you is the following:

What is multivitamin candy for children?

It is a small size, colorful gelatin candy with attractive shapes for children and different flavors, each type of which contains some vitamins important for the health of the body.

The mother chooses the nutritional supplements that the child needs according to his lack of nutrients, such as: vitamin C candy, or iron candy, some of which do not require vitamin deficiency in children but increase the child’s immunity against diseases, such as: influenza, and others.

Sometimes a multivitamin candy for children contains more than one important nutrient for the child.

Vitamin candy is characterized by its delicious taste that children love, and therefore it is easy to make it eat it, but many children are the ones who ask for it from their mothers.

Vitamin candy is suitable for children between the ages of 4 to 12 years, mostly, and is available in pharmacies in small glass jars.

Why can multivitamin candy for children be harmful?

There are some reasons why this candy is harmful to the health of the child, which are:

It contains a large amount of sugar

In order for it to become a dessert suitable for children and overwhelm the taste of vitamins rich in it, a large amount of sugar is added to it.

And the proportion can be up to a teaspoon of sugar in each tablet, and when children eat more than one tablet a day, they take a larger portion of the allowed sugar per day.

Vitamin candy tastes like candy that kids love

This is the motivating factor for the child to take it, but this is also not in his favor; Because it pushes the child to take a large amount of these tablets than their needs for these vitamins.

This is even more true for children’s multivitamins that contain iron, as taking too much iron is counterproductive.

Increased chances of tooth decay

Like any candy that a child eats, too much of it with a large amount of sugar it contains lead to decay, as well as its sticky and rubbery nature leads to some of it sticking to the child’s teeth and causing damage to the teeth.

Does your child need these supplements?

In fact, the child does not need all these nutritional supplements and vitamins, as breastfeeding guarantees obtaining the necessary vitamin D and iron for the body, but in the case of anemia, it can be used.

Your attempts to give your child healthy and balanced food may be much more difficult than giving him vitamin candy, but it is better for his health, so resorting to it is not the fastest way for you to feed him, but first try to give him all his needs through food to protect your child from the dangers of eating vitamin candy for children.

Tips when using multivitamin candy for children

If you have to resort to multivitamin candy for children so that your child gets enough important nutrients, or the doctor recommends that you give them to your child, there are some tips that you should consider first, which are:

Avoid leaving vitamin candy in front of the child to eat as he wants, but you must give him a specific dose according to the doctor’s recommendations and put it out of his reach.

Encourage the child to brush his teeth well after eating them, so that substances that cause tooth decay are not attached to them.

Talk to your child about vitamin candy for children and tell him that it is not candy but that it contains vitamins that are important to the body, and in the event of too much of it will harm him, so that the child does not try to get it without your knowledge.

Choosing types that do not contain artificial colors and search for the least harmful to your child, whether in terms of many sugars or artificial colors harmful to health, so that they do not benefit the child on the one hand, and harm him on the other; Because supplementation is an additional factor, not an essential.

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