Unheard of ways to get the most out of Vaseline


Unheard of ways to get the most out of Vaseline


Vaseline benefits and uses

Relieves skin pain after hair removal for women.

Relieves dermatitis after threading eyebrows and upper lips for women

Relieves itching after shaving in men

It can be used for a gentle massage.

Rub into rough, dry skin to soften and moisturize

It works as an effective makeup remover.

It is used as lip augmentation on the lips. 

It can also be used as a lip gloss.

Helps prevent skin roughness on ankles. 

Apply to scabs to help protect. 

It can be used to help prevent scarring.

It works as a body scrub when mixed with salt or sugar.

Helps prevent shoe bites.

It can be used to protect newly healed tattoos.

It can be used to soothe razor bumps. 

It can be used to soothe tired or aching feet.

It can be used to shape eyebrows.

Can be used after shaving to help keep areas silky smooth. 

It can be applied over a matte manicure to make it shine again.

It acts as a water barrier for wounds.

It can be used for the care of sensitive skin.

It can be used to relieve chapped corners of the mouth.

Can be used to soothe a dry nose during a cold/illness

It can be used to soothe the earlobe after continuous earring use.

It can be used to soothe children’s scalps before shampooing.

Apply to hair before blow-drying to prevent hair from drying and frizz.

Apply to skin for a healthy glow and glow.

It can be used before long flights to combat dry skin.

Apply along the hairline before using the hair dye to prevent skin staining. 

When you need to act or smile a lot, apply it to your teeth to prevent your lips from sticking to your teeth.

Rub it on your teeth before applying lipstick to prevent your lipstick from sticking to your teeth.

Mix with lipstick for a long-lasting blush.

Helps stubborn rings glide easily over fingers.

Apply it to your hair and use it as a hair mask. 

Swipe through your hair to create curly waves.

To prevent an uneven tan, apply a small amount to dry areas of your body before using tanning products.

Rub Vaseline on your lips and let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub your lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate. 

Vaseline can be used safely on the hands and feet of newborns to repair scaly skin. 

It can be used to soothe irritated skin. 

It can be used to assist piercing care: ear, stomach, etc.

To help soothe eczema, apply Vaseline right after a shower while it’s still wet. 

Apply Vaseline to the skin around your nails before applying nail polish to prevent skin blemishes.

Use it on your hair before braiding it to give your brain a sleek and shiny shine.

It can be used instead of mascara for shiny lashes.

Apply a small amount to a week’s worth of nail polish and it will help shine more.

It can be used to give the baby a relaxing massage. 

It helps prevent diaper rash in babies.

Apply to your feet overnight and wake up with softer feet

It helps to regenerate dry hands, especially after outdoor activities. 

Helps repair rough hands after physical labor. 

For shinier hair and a healthy scalp, apply 20c drops of Vaseline to the roots before shampooing.

Can be used as a full body moisturizer

It can be used to cover the split ends of the hair.

Make a delicious and colorful lip balm by mixing Vaseline with a flavored drink mix. 

It can be used to soften rough elbows.

It can be used to help moisturize dry knees.

It can help repair chapped or dry lips.

It can help restore fracture healing.

It can be used to reduce friction during exercise. 

Apply to your hands at night and cover with gloves for deep hydration while you sleep.

It can be used to soothe areas where clothing has been rubbed.

To soothe irritated areas where the skin rubs together, such as the thighs

Apply to your face or body to keep you warm in cold or stormy weather.

Use on hair to create a polished ponytail without a ponytail.

Use between fingers and toes to reduce dry skin. 

Add some food coloring to Vaseline for an emergency makeover to create a colorful blush, lipstick or eyeshadow.

It can be used to trim and shape facial hair.

Apply to the skin before using the perfume to prolong its effect.

It can be used in place of mascara for longer, shinier lashes.

It can be used to help remove dye from the skin.

It calms the skin by applying it to the affected areas after exposure to the sun or strong winds.

It can be used to help regenerate facial skin where the face mask (nose, cheeks and ears) has been irritated by prolonged use.

Put some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the door hinges to stop the squeaking

Apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to a frozen lock to get it moving again 

It can be applied to hardware and metal tools to prevent rust.

Vaseline is effective in protecting wounds.

Helps soothe minor cuts and burns.

It acts as a protective layer against wounds, burns and skin rashes. 

Helps soothe minor sunburns.

Add petroleum jelly to a damp cloth and use it to remove makeup stains from clothing or bedding.

Remove scratches from leather shoes, boots, bags and purses by polishing them with Vaseline.

Put some Vaseline under the nail polish cap to make sure the dried nail polish doesn’t clog the cap.

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your razor blades between uses to keep them looking like new. Make sure it is completely dry first to avoid rusting.

To remove the gum from the hair, cover the gum and surrounding hair with a large piece of petroleum jelly and pull gently until it comes off.

Make waterproof earplugs by covering two cottons with Vaseline and pouring them into each ear while swimming.

To help repair scratches and watermarks in wood, add a generous amount of petroleum jelly to wood surfaces and let sit for 24 hours before waxing the surface. 

Apply Vaseline to worn parts of furniture or leather garments to make them shine again. 

Start a Vaseline fire by covering a cotton ball (or some) with Vaseline and lighting it to create a flame; then put on the grill, stove, etc. add.

Remove stains from mirrors, sunglasses and even belt buckles by adding some Vaseline and polish pens.

Put some Vaseline on your shoulders under your bra to relieve itching and discomfort.

Remove the dried and flowing wax by applying some Vaseline and let it absorb for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Use Vaseline to turn matte or powder products into creams. Combine loose pigments and gels to create custom cream eyeshadows, blush or tinted balms.

Can be used as a highlighter. Gently stroke your cheeks to give a wet and attractive look.

Use Vaseline to remove make-up: Apply some Vaseline to your eyelids and wipe off eye make-up with a cotton swab.

For a festive and radiant look, wash your skin with Vaseline foam and add glitter on top.

Apply Vaseline along the false lash line to help break up the adhesive and provide a smoother peel.

To protect your child’s eyes while shampooing, apply petroleum jelly to your child’s eyebrows.

Keep your bulbs rustproof and easy to transport by applying a small amount of Vaseline to the base before securing the bulb in place.

Prevent your shower curtain from snagging by lubricating the rod with some Vaseline.

Put some Vaseline on both sides of the glued zipper and pull it apart easily.

Prevent glue and adhesives from drying by applying a layer of Vaseline under the cover and around the rim. This will also prevent the dried glue build-up from closing the lid.


Most people think that petroleum jelly soothes dry and chapped lips so much that the company has released special lip care products over the years. However, what many people don’t realize is just how many other things Vaseline can be used for, from sealing and removing stains around the house to improving your appearance and even curing ailments.


To get rid of blackheads

Blackheads not only look unsightly, but if you try to squeeze them out they can turn into big, painful spots that are always tempting. There are hundreds of skin care products on the market that claim to completely eliminate blackheads on the face; but most of them are expensive, suitable for brands but inconvenient for you.


On top of that, there aren’t many that work as advertised, so you’ll often find that these are actually a waste of money. But Vaseline is a very inexpensive game changer. Wash your face, cover with Vaseline, and then cover with plastic wrap (make sure to breathe!). Place a hot towel over the plastic and wait five minutes. This will loosen the blackheads which will be washed off with Vaseline.


Covers unsightly scratches

Laminate flooring is great to look at and definitely easier to keep clean than carpet. When moving to a new location or changing things around your current property, it can be difficult to move furniture without scraping or scratching the floor.

Fortunately, there is a quick, cheap and easy solution: You guessed it, Vaseline. All you have to do is cover the scratch or scratches and wait 24 hours for it to work its magic. As you wipe off the Vaseline, the marks should be less noticeable than before. This also works on scratched furniture.

Highlight your features with Highlighter

If you love makeup, you’re probably familiar with pencils, not to mention the neon colored pencils I used at school! Highlighter can be used to highlight cheekbones and can also be used on the chin, nose tip and forehead to help keep skin fresh and hydrated.

But like many makeup products, highlighters can be expensive. On top of that, some are a little stronger with the added shimmer that makes you shine. Vaseline, on the other hand, is the perfect texture for a fraction of the price. Just tap on the areas you want to highlight and voila!

lower the temperature

Having a fever is a terrible thing: Not only do you feel bad for being sick, you also feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Sometimes you even burn hot and cold at the same time, which is the worst. There is little you can do to feel better, and most of the time you just have to suck and wait.

That’s why you’ll want to try anything that can alleviate your symptoms, and Vaseline may be the answer. Put them in the freezer for a short time (less than 10 minutes) and spread them on your forehead and wrists to feel the cooling effect.

Dry gum was successfully removed.

Chewing gum is one of the worst things you can get stuck with, and once the gum dries to the surface of something it can be nearly impossible to get rid of. Whether it’s on the railing, nailed to the floor, or under the table, it’s not just disgusting and ugly; It is one of the hardest things to remove.

Forget rubbing your hands and knees for hours, there is a much simpler solution. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the gums and affected area, then let sit for a while – the larger and more complex the gum, the longer you should leave it. Wait for it to soften and you can easily clean it.

Soothes irritated and itchy scalp

Itchy scalp has many different causes, including sunburn, dry skin, and irritation or sensitivity to hair products. However, one thing is clear: Whatever the cause, dealing with an itchy scalp is extremely uncomfortable, and scratching will only make the problem worse and increase the risk of infection if the skin is cut.

But there is hope in the form of Vaseline. People with dry and itchy scalp are advised to apply a good amount of gel to the affected area and then leave it to act for about half an hour. After washing, it should moisturize and soothe the irritated area.

Remove all squeaky hinges

It’s not uncommon for one or more of the doors in your home to have creaking hinges, especially if they’re a bit old. While it’s relatively not a big deal, it can be very annoying to hear a shrill sound when someone opens or closes a door. Most people think of lubricating hinges, but not everyone has grease around, plus it can get stained.

So you’ll be glad to know that there is a much simpler solution: Vaseline. Better still, it’s something many people will already find in their closet. Simply apply the jelly to the hinges and it should take effect instantly. Open and close the door several times to get the vaseline into nooks and crannies.

Reducing minor cuts, scrapes and burns

If you’re a naturally clumsy person, you’re probably used to cutting or scraping a little every now and then, or maybe you have a toddler who always falls or bumps into something. Alternatively, it could be a chef accustomed to minor burns as a professional hazard.

Whenever you need it and whatever the cause, Vaseline can be used to treat and heal minor burns and cuts without the need for a full first aid kit. Of course, the affected area needs to be cleaned and sterilized first, but applying a large layer of Vaseline before covering it with a bandage or plaster will help speed up the healing process.

Gently remove makeup and leave skin feeling soft.

Anyone who wears makeup regularly knows how important it is to remove their makeup at the end of the day; Otherwise, you will start to see the negative effects on your skin in a short time. Many people have a long nighttime beauty routine to do this, which can get very expensive; After all, branded skincare products don’t come cheap.

However, Vaseline does the job effectively and helps keep costs down. All you have to do is put some cotton on a cotton ball and use it to wipe the makeup off your face. Not only is it effective, it is also gentle on the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It can even be used to remove glue from the lashes!

The perfect home manicure

While many of us would like our nails to be trimmed regularly by a professional, unfortunately these are very expensive and over the top of many people’s budgets. Therefore, we are left with no choice but to get our nails done in the comfort of our own home, but this can present some difficulties.

However, not all of us are blessed with a steady hand, so it’s easy to apply nail polish to the skin around your nails. However, if you apply Vaseline around your nails beforehand, it will provide a protective coating. Basically, any glide places the nail polish on the gel, not your skin, so you can wipe it off easily.

Get rid of your house of flies

During the hot summer months, flies can be a nuisance at best and a real problem at worst. It’s not nice to see your house full of noisy black creatures; Not only are they annoying, they’re also known for being dirty and spreading germs. There are many ways to get rid of them, but here is another one.

To solve the fly problem, all you have to do is melt some Vaseline in a jar and then leave it where there are lots of flies. They are attracted to the smell so will soon go to see what is on offer. Unfortunately for them, but luckily for you they will fail. Alternatively, you can wipe the melted Vaseline on paper and then suspend it and it will have the same effect.

Solve the stuck cloud issue

We all have at least one garment with a zipper, such as a jacket, jacket or trousers. While fasteners often work brilliantly, they can sometimes get stuck, and most of us have been in this situation at least once in our lives.

Unzip is never easy, but we have a simple yet effective solution for you. Yes, you guessed it: Vaseline. Put some on the end of a cotton swab, then wipe the zipper. You may need to shake it for a while to loosen up, but it will soon loosen up and get you ready to get on with your day.

Say goodbye to dry, rough and cracked feet

If the soles of your feet are dry, hard and/or cracked, you are not alone, it is a common problem for people of all ages. Not only that, the regular moisturizer you buy at the drugstore is very difficult to get rid of, and the worse it gets, the harder it is to treat and therefore get rid of.

Enter the miracle cure: Vaseline. It’s great for smoothing out rough, dry skin, even if you think it’s reached the point of no return. Just rub the soles of your feet, put on a pair of socks and leave it overnight. Rinse in the morning and you will see the difference! Repeat the process for a second and possibly a third for severe cases.

Get rid of built-in candles

Lighting candles is a great way to set the mood and, if fragrant, will leave the room smelling delicious. They can also make beautiful decorations to decorate your home. However, there is a potential nuisance: wax chips stain furniture, floors, and rugs, and they can be very difficult to get rid of.

It seems that the more you try to scrape the wax off the surface, the worse it gets, the more sticky it can become and therefore the more difficult it may be to remove. Try Vaseline if you haven’t already: apply it to the ends of the wax and let it sit for a while. It may take a few hours, but eventually you should be able to clean the wax easily.

No more dry paws for your pets.

Just as humans suffer from dry, cracked feet, pets can experience the same with their feet. This is especially true during the hot summer months when sidewalks and driveways are warmer than usual. This is not only annoying for the pet, but also dangerous as it can lead to infection if left untreated.

So as soon as you notice that your pet’s paws are dry and cracked, reach for your trusty Vaseline container. Clean the paws first, then apply a generous amount of Vaseline and let it sit for as long as your pet allows. A great tip is to try to time this treat before taking a long nap!

original point of sale

This is the most obvious use of Vaseline because it is marketed for it, after all, but we cannot exclude it from this list. Dry, chapped and chapped lips are a problem for most people at some point, especially in extremely cold or hot conditions. Not only are they unsightly and make lipstick impossible to wear, they are also painful.

Applying Vaseline to sore lips not only instantly soothes them and acts as a moisturizer, but also helps protect them from further damage from the elements, making it versatile. The company has been successful in offering small utensils (ideal for carrying in a purse or pocket) in several different flavors for this particular use.

Finally make a Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is an incredibly popular holiday, especially in the United States. It’s not uncommon to see people doing their best, whether it’s in their clothes or their home decor. One of the most popular and popular Halloween decorations is the Jack-O-Lantern, which is basically a spooky face carved out of a pumpkin that is hollow and filled with a candle.

A little known but interesting fact is that Vaseline will help your Jack-O-Lantern last much longer than usual. Cover the inside of the pumpkin with enough jam before lighting the candle and putting it outside. It will help the pumpkin last two weeks longer than usual.

Avoid smudges when dyeing hair

If you’re someone who dyes your hair regularly or even occasionally, this is a great tip for you. While dyeing your hair at home is much cheaper than going to a regular hairdresser appointment, it also has its challenges: The real challenge is to avoid dyeing your face and neck.

However, this problem can be easily solved by applying Vaseline to the edges of the hairline, including the nape, before starting the procedure. That way, any stray or dripping paint will go straight to the Vaseline instead of your skin, so it’s easier to clean up later and won’t leave any smudges.

Postpone your next haircut

Split ends. Everyone hates them but unfortunately, it’s inevitable unless you get your hair cut every three weeks, that’s all. However, not all of us have the time or money for this and sometimes we have to find a way to fight them ourselves. Of course this starts with a good hair care routine, but there is another relatively unknown tip.

Grab a bowl of your trusty Vaseline and apply a small amount to your ends and let it sit for as long as possible (ideally overnight) before washing it off. If you’re doing this once in a while, maybe once a week, but for your hair type and condition, you should be able to keep split ends away from you for longer.

tame wild eyebrows

Eyebrows are so important right now and getting them longer and thicker but still perfectly groomed is all the rage right now. Sure, you can stretch it as far as you can and then shape it, but the last part, keeping it in place and looking neat, is often the hardest.

Until you realize that Vaseline is perfect for keeping your eyebrows from looking unruly and out of place. Just press lightly on your fingertip, then press lightly. Alternatively, if you want to be more precise, you can use an eyebrow brush to more specifically coat and shape the hair.

Make-up stain removal

Whether you wear makeup on special occasions or every day, you run the risk of spilling or falling on the floor or other surface or onto your clothes, which can often leave stains that are incredibly difficult to remove. . Sometimes it gets worse every time you try to clean or scrub it.

For best make-up removal, apply with a small amount of Vaseline, then dampen a clean cloth with warm water and use the Vaseline to wipe off the stain. Nine times out of ten the stain will quickly disappear from the fabric, leaving the fabric like new.

No more lipstick on your teeth

Anyone who wears lipstick regularly knows that putting it on their teeth is a risk, and it’s pretty embarrassing if you realize it’s been like that for a while. But fortunately, there is a surefire way to make this problem a thing of the past.

Before applying lipstick, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your teeth – any color that seeps into your teeth will stay on the gel, allowing you to easily wipe it off when you’re ready to go. Vaseline on your teeth may seem a bit strange, but it’s worth it.

antique leather

If you wear a lot of leather clothes or shoes, or you love leather bags and belts, this is a great tip for you. Despite being a strong and durable material, leather can start to look a bit lifeless and dull after too much use. But fear not, that doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of it!

In fact, you can use Vaseline to buff it in seconds. Just take a small amount and rub it into your skin with a cloth; you won’t have to do it for long before you start to see a difference. This trick can even be used on leather furniture!

Remove the stuck ring

Have you ever been unable to remove the ring completely and absolutely from your finger, no matter how hard you tried? Maybe it was too small at first or your finger swelled from the heat after applying it; Either way, if you’re in a public place (especially in a store!), it’s painful, alarming, and also embarrassing.

There are a few different tricks to this, but some involve reaching for soap and running water, and tendon tricks can be painful and cut off circulation. Instead, lubricate your finger, knuckle, and ring with a generous amount of Vaseline and roll; The ring will slide quite easily.

No more diaper rash

Anyone with a child knows it’s a rash; seems inevitable in the infant and toddler years. However, diapers are a staple in any home with young children, so it’s not an issue that seems to be going nowhere. There are some products specifically designed to combat diaper rash, but here’s another tip.

Before putting on the diaper, it is enough to apply an appropriate amount of Vaseline to the baby’s bottom, it will act as a protective barrier on the skin. Many parents report that this works better than branded baby powders or creams, so it’s worth a try.

make your own brush

Some people’s skincare routine includes several different steps, the most popular of which are cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. All these items can be quite expensive to buy, so it’s always good to learn a hack that will both work and help you save your hard-earned money.

An example is using Vaseline to create a homemade scrub. All you have to do is mix a reasonable amount of the gel with sea salt and use it like a regular scrub, and many people claim it changes the look of their skin for the better, leaving it radiant and smooth.

No more rusty blades

Disposable razors have often gotten a bad rap, especially in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is that they are prone to rust after a short time, especially since they are often kept in a humid environment such as a shower or bathroom. As a result, people often have to get rid of them before too long.

However, Vaseline can be used to significantly extend the life of disposable razors. All you have to do, and most importantly, is to coat the razor with a thin layer of gel before it comes into contact with water, and then use it as usual. Give it a try, we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Extend the life of your perfume.

If you don’t spend a lot of money on perfume (like buying perfume or eau de parfum), you can end up with an eau de toilette that unfortunately doesn’t last very long because it’s less concentrated. By the end of the day, the smell will usually be completely gone.

It would be great if we could help you smell longer, and Vaseline gives you a way to do just that! If you apply some gel to the skin before applying perfume, the perfume will last longer. Not only will this keep you smelling good for longer, but it will also help you save money.

Say goodbye to allergies

Millions of people worldwide suffer from allergies of all kinds, but the most common are pollen allergies, especially during the warmer months. As a result, some patients have to shut themselves down during the summer to avoid eye swelling, coughing and sneezing during the day.

This is where Vaseline can help: Just apply a small amount to each nostril before leaving the house. It will create a barrier between the pollen and your nose, which means you will inhale less pollen and therefore feel less irritation. Clean it again when you get home.

Expand your makeup collection

Absolutely everyone likes to use a product multiple times, for no other reason than to save some money. Well, we have a trick for you to turn your eyeshadow into lip gloss, so if you’re having trouble getting the perfect color, this can open up a whole new world for you!

Take as many eyeshadows as you think you need to use and just add Vaseline; start with a little and add slowly as you can always keep adding, but if you use it a lot at first you can start over. or add more eyeshadow, which would be a waste. Apply it to your lips and voila!

Keep nail polish caps loose

If you have a lot of different types of nail polish, you probably haven’t opened them in a while, and it’s not unusual for your eyelids to stick together completely. This is because any polish left around the rim dries up and is just as effective as the adhesive and it can be nearly impossible to wrap the cover.

There is something you can do to prevent this from happening, which means you don’t have to constantly throw away bottles. Just take some Vaseline, rub some on the edge of your nails after painting and close the lid as usual. The next time you walk in, you’ll easily stray off track even months later.

slide your throat in

Ear piercings are common in all parts of the world, but not everyone who gets ear piercings always wears earrings. If this sounds like you, you may have a hard time putting on a pair of earrings after not wearing them for weeks, or even longer.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to drill again. One of the best ways to attach earrings to a stubborn piercing is to first apply a small amount of Vaseline to the earring and earlobe. One caveat: they can be very slippery so make sure you don’t lose your earring if you drop it!

It helps prevent wrinkles.

Unfortunately, aging is a natural life process that affects everyone, no matter what we do to delay it. However, there are some methods that are more effective than others, and you may be surprised to learn that this particular method is more cost-effective and simpler than others.

According to Consumer Reports, many people find petroleum jelly to be incredibly effective as an anti-wrinkle cream when used regularly. All you have to do is apply it to your skin from time to time; It appears to increase elasticity which reduces the overall appearance of wrinkles. So you don’t need to save on expensive creams and lotions, just go to your closet!

Phone LCD Screen Scratch Repair

Yes, there are many ways to clean your mobile phone screen and this is one of them. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to fix a scratched phone screen when you have these tricks. All you have to do is fill the scratches on the screen with Vaseline and wipe off the excess. However, you should be careful not to get Vaseline on the phone itself.

Why does Vaseline work in this situation? This is because Vaseline has the same density as your phone’s LCD screen. Or so I read. Either way, it works! Try it next time you accidentally drop your phone and watch it hit the ground in slow motion.

Repel sunburn and wind

Whether you like going on vacation to the beach and basking in the sun or traveling to the snow-capped mountains to enjoy the ski resorts, sunburn and windburn can be bad enough, or at least dangerous. The ideal is to avoid both, but we all suffer from one or the other at some point in our lives.

However, vaseline can be used to help prevent both sunburn and windburn. All you have to do is apply a thin layer to your skin before and after being in the sun or wind, and your skin is sure to thank you for the extra layer of protection.

freshen bad breath

Foot odor is extremely irritating, but unfortunately a problem for many people around the world and is particularly embarrassing. You want to do everything you can to get rid of it, whether it’s a result of exercising more often, hot weather, genetics and/or a specific condition.

Soapy water may be the obvious answer, but you don’t always have access to these two things when you’re out and about. Thanks to Vaseline, wherever you are, you can revive the smell of your feet by applying it to the soles of your feet, waiting for it to take effect for 15 minutes, and then rinsing it.

It relieves pain and prevents the formation of new acne.

Blisters on your feet, toes, and ankles due to the shoes you usually wear can be some of the most annoying and painful as well as scary looking. Even the smallest can find it difficult to put on shoes and move around; As for big shoes, they are painful in all respects. If it’s really bad, it could be contagious.

That’s why it’s great that Vaseline offers a simple solution for pain relief; It also helps prevent further buildup. Simply apply a little jelly to the part of the shoe that causes blisters, this will create a barrier between the two, calming the bubble and helping to keep you from getting more.

Reinvent the old lipstick

Matte lipstick has been popular for several years, replacing lip gloss as a lip beauty product. But these days lip glosses as well as glossy lipsticks are back in fashion and everything seems to be going well. However, buying new makeup has never been cheaper, and some new products can even cost a lot.

Enter Vaseline, which provides a way to give your matte lipstick a glossy finish and add shine to color. Apply your lipstick as you normally would, then apply a small amount of Vaseline on top and you’re ready to go, just make sure you’re not using too much or you’ll have removed some of the lipstick. from your lip

stubborn lock type

Stubborn door locks can be a nightmare; sometimes it can be nearly impossible to open the switch no matter how hard you move it or how hard you try. No one wants to be locked out or locked out all of a sudden, but now there is a much simpler way to fix the problem than changing your lock.

All you need is some Vaseline that can be used as a lubricant for locks and keys. Put some around the key and in the keyhole and try again. We bet it will work! In no time, you will continue with your daily work as if nothing had happened.

Make your own squirrel-proof bird feeders

Some people find squirrels cute, while others find them harmful. Whichever side of the fence you are on, one thing is for sure, they are very greedy and have been known to steal as much food as possible from bird feeders, thereby depriving the birds of their normal food. And guess how we’re going to stop them… That’s right – Vaseline.

By applying some petroleum jelly to the feeder and the shaft underneath, you can prevent squirrels from climbing up and eating as they won’t be able to maintain a proper grip. Not good for squirrels that have slid up a pole a few times, but at least the birds will be able to get their food.


A bowl of Vaseline in your bathroom has other uses besides moisturizing your dry lips or skin. From simple hygienic use to extreme tricks, traditional Vaseline ($4) is an all-purpose product with many uses. There are lots of great everyday chores you can simplify using Vaseline and it will make your life a whole lot easier. You won’t believe how different Vaseline is. We’ve rounded up 45 tricks you should try.

Refrigerator drawers slide easily

There are few things more frustrating than being hungry and not being able to get food from the sticky drawer of the fridge. Fortunately, a little Vaseline will have you chewing on it in no time!

All a hard, uncooperative ladder needs is a light swipe of Vaseline paste foam on the outsides of the ladder where the sliders are. Now that the correct lubrication has been applied, enjoy uninterrupted access to the refrigerator.

reverse division

The common cold is a real nuisance, but when cracks start to appear it can be very painful. This will result in painful and often bloody skin on the most sensitive areas of the face. Vaseline can provide a lot of relief to the affected area, but it also allows it to heal, ensuring your skin has enough moisture to prevent further cracking.

As if a cold weren’t terrible enough to be cured, after using the tissues too much, the nose starts to crack, resulting in squeaky-soft skin.

 Successfully hide split ends

Use Vaseline as a temporary method to control and mask split ends by shrinking uncooperative areas with a bit of jelly. However, when you take a break, you are likely to call your friend or specialist for appropriate treatment!

You may not have the time or opportunity to do this anytime soon, but luckily you have Vaseline with you, which will make your nasty hair problems a lot easier.

Peeling Scrub

A little physical exfoliation goes a long way in keeping your skin nice and hydrated. You can make a clean body scrub by mixing some sea salt or sugar and Vaseline. It’s time to take your skin to the next level of clean beauty and comfort.

Pick up some balm with your free hand and start applying it on your wet body, holding it in a circular direction. Once satisfied, clean the paste with soap and water before applying the required amount of lotion.

 pet claw strength

Like humans, the feet of animals can also be dry and cracked. Check your pet’s paws for dry pads. All animals, not just humans, need to take good care of their paws or hands!

If you find that your dog’s skin is deteriorating due to dehydration, your beloved dog or cat will appreciate a little Vaseline application. If you find that you can’t stop licking things, put him on a rescue leash for a while.

6. Control of uncooperative eyebrows

Do you complain about the hairs that raise your eyebrows? Tame them with some Vaseline, which will not only soften them but also add a new shine and softness to your furry eye shields.

Norms about uncooperative eyebrows

It’s amazing how Vaseline can solve so many skin and beauty problems. We will never stop recommending special ones for a range of beauty uses. That’s what you can get with cheap Vaseline.

 furniture restoration

Uneven moisture levels in furniture often lead to unsightly stains and stains. You would never guess that Vaseline is a really great stain remover. All that is required is a full day of treatment after application.

Leave the Vaseline on the affected areas for 24 hours and then wipe off any residue. Do you think Vaseline can do as good a job as any carpenter when it comes to small jobs like this?

 Avoid leftover paint

You only want to dye your hair, not your face. You can protect the skin by lathering a protective layer on the hairline. This will ensure your messy friend isn’t spraying chemicals on your face. No one wants to brush their face in purple horror for hours. After all, you don’t want to look like Grimace. Keep your skin pure and clean with Vaseline.

If hair dye gets into places where it shouldn’t be, redness may develop.

 totally kissable lips

To ensure that your lips are always smooth, apply a generous amount of Vaseline on them and leave for a few minutes. Now you can brush with a soft toothbrush and plenty of water. Forget all those expensive balms and sticky, shiny products. Vaseline can do anything that makes your lips even more beautiful without leaving any chemicals or unpleasant odors or residue. In any case, be sure to gently cleanse your face.

No matter how dry or wrinkled your lips are, Vaseline will bring them back to their smooth vitality.

 Solve gum problems

The gum that happens to all of us (especially the youngest) gets stuck in our hair. Whether big or small, this can be a painful and scary time. You don’t really need to cut off part of your hair, but you can lather up the pesky part with some Vaseline. Make sure you apply a generous amount and massage the affected area properly. You will now notice that the gum will stop resisting and begin to glide painlessly! Vaseline is also great for removing various adhesives.

Instead of cutting a ton of hair, make the most of your hair protectant products!

 coming out of the ring

This is one of the classic uses of Vaseline: to loosen the ring on your finger. We can’t help but test whether very small rings will fit well. You don’t have to wear it forever, but proper lubrication will cause the jewelry to slip out in a short time. You should do your best to lubricate your finger with the right stuff, rather than pulling your finger so hard that it squeaks.

A diamond can stay forever, but it’s not worth it.

 squirrel farm

The food you buy for the birds at your garden feeder is often requested by the complicity of the squirrels. You can prevent them from coming uninvited by covering the bird feeder entrance with vaseline. Creatures will no longer be able to pick up the small ledge. Have these cute but annoying little friends playfully slide down no matter how far they go! There are many other animals that cannot climb into a bird feeder.

Don’t worry about the little bird friends, they can easily get into the bird feeder uncontrollably.

 skin healer night

Applying Vaseline to the skin is a very simple and quick way to restore cracked or parched parts of the body. Apply Vaseline to the affected areas before going to bed. The next morning, you will wake up with moist and smooth skin.

I wish we could see a window for this goodness to emerge, but unfortunately we don’t have such a budget or dedication. You’ll have to believe us on this one, because it’s a foolproof foot treatment that works for most people.

 Uncooperative shower curtains.

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to shower because the shower curtain is sticking. Lubricating the curtain rail with petroleum jelly will resume the normal showering process, just be sure to move the curtain back and forth a few times.

There are many different ways to beautify your bathroom, but this has to be one of the easiest and most useful. You can’t go wrong when the shower curtain glides easily.

 make your hair beautiful

Hot weather or a lack of natural oils dries out your hair and starts to frizz. To restore the shiny smoothness of your hair, apply a small amount of Vaseline around the top layer of your hair strands.

Now unruly hair will align with a new shine you didn’t know was possible! Keep your hair bouncy and bouncy like a movie star on the red carpet. It really doesn’t take a lot of work!

 Keep Jack-o’-Lantern on fire!

Are you ready to take your terrifying endeavors to the next level? This is really a fun use for Vaseline. Come Halloween, try painting the inside of a spooky pumpkin carving to extend the life of the show so they easily continue the days leading up to the spooky night.

What better way to burn the Halloween spirit all night than with this trick? You won’t believe how effective this trick is when your neighbors wonder if your house is haunted!

 perfume fragrance extension

You can get the most out of your favorite scents by applying a little Vaseline to certain pulse points before spraying. This will prolong the effect of that fragrance.

You may think that Vaseline will create a barrier between the spray and your skin, but it actually absorbs it better than your dry skin. This ensures that most of the fragrance stays safely on the skin without wasting it. Basically, you get more for your money!

 Dissolve false eyelashes safely

The party is over, but your false eyelashes are stubbornly drooping. If you apply some vaseline to your lash line, you will see that it comes out naturally without tearing anything.

Even if you feel daring that night, there’s no look worth losing your lashes again. With this trick, you’ll want to make sure you apply as little force as possible, because unnecessary force can damage your lashes whether you use Vaseline or not.

 excellent care

Before applying nail polish, coat your nails with some vaseline. Vaseline will prevent the nail polish from spilling on your fingers. It’s hard to clean up the mess that could bring you back before your big date!

Even if you consider yourself a beautician, you can always ask for help. Ruining your perfect manicure with a shaky hand is no way to start your day or night.

 give life to your feet

Mix Vaseline with your favorite liquid bronzer and massage your legs upwards to make them glow like never before. This will also reduce the harmful effects of the sun associated with discomfort or sunburn over time.

Check out how great your legs are now that you’ve followed our tips! You can bet Instagram photos that cover your legs will look so much better now!

 Full and healthy lashes.

When it comes to lash fragrance, why not try Vaseline instead of your usual commercial products? Apply some gel to the lash line to reveal body and shine.

Use Vaseline instead to get those lush, dark lashes, stunning lengths and volume without the hassle of mascara or false eyelashes. When the party is over, not only will it be easier to clean, but it will also be good for your lashes.

 Easy open nail polish

If you close the cap with Vaseline, you do not need to use any force when trying to open the nail polish bottle.

Why waste your time and energy with uncooperative nail polish bottles? This annoying and disgusting mess can easily be avoided by rubbing a little petroleum jelly on the rim of a bottle. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll thank yourself when the cover comes off beautifully rather than annoyingly.

 Painless earring change

Nobody likes to change earrings after their piercing has healed a bit from being used. Lubricate the earlobes with Vaseline before use for smooth and painless insertion. Frankly, we’re not talking about a new ear piercing, just a piercing that hasn’t been used for a while and can be fitted with a useful lubricant.

Only a masochist pierces his ear with the pointed part of the earring again! If you cover both sides of your earlobe with vaseline, you will have a softer experience.

 hidden split ends

If you don’t have time to visit your stylist for a split end treatment, you can fix those pesky cuts by lathering them with some Vaseline.

However, this should not be a permanent solution as we still recommend that you seek proper professional treatment to get rid of split ends. However, when using Vaseline, no one can tell the difference. It’s great to be able to hide your uncooperative hair like this!

 beneficial lip balm

If you’re a fan of Kool-Aid, you could try mixing a red-flavored sachet with a tablespoon of Vaseline. Now rub your lips with the mixture and notice the soft and strong shine!

We promise you this won’t sound as childish as you think! Everyone will think you’re wearing a designer brand. This simple concoction is that appealing and costs as much as a few bags of Kool-Aid!

 Color your hair, not your face

The next time it’s time to dye your hair your favorite color, be sure to protect your hairline and ears with some Vaseline. This will protect your skin from dye even if a little splashes on you.

Color your hair, not your face

As you can see in the photo above, this poor lady got more than she expected while trying to dye her hair. You will now have to spend a significant amount of time cleaning your head to remove these thick spots on your forehead. If only she’d followed our advice before dyeing her hair…

 Gorgeous cheeks and eyelids.

Unless you have a highlighter, applying some Vaseline all over your face is an inexpensive way to achieve that radiant look. Put some on your eyelids, cheekbones and forehead.

Whatever your skin tone, this treatment will make your skin stand out amazingly. This look is perfect for those who think their skin looks a little flat and need a little rejuvenation. It’s time to shine your face the way it deserves!

 Fun time in the bathroom.

Hemorrhoids are really annoying to suffer, at least without proper care. Your butt will benefit greatly from a little Vaseline TLC. You can do this by applying some Vaseline around your butt. Now you effectively lubricate the passage of your stool for a healthier, resistance-free time in the bathroom. While Vaseline is not an effective hemorrhoid treatment and you may still feel some pain, an easier effort is guaranteed when nature calls.

This doesn’t have to be a grizzly experience!

 healing balm

Cuts and burns are harmful but should not remain as scars on the skin. Once you’ve healed enough, apply some Vaseline to the wounds to speed up the healing and hide the fact that you were hurt in the first place.

Unless you like the look of your scar and don’t want to keep it as a reminder of how precious (or how powerful) life is, you’ll definitely want to let it fade into your skin.

Overcoming the contradictions of self-tanning

Avoid self-tanning spots by applying a little Vaseline to your knees, elbows, and all of your wrists and ankles before treatment to ensure dry skin doesn’t cause inconsistencies.

These drier parts of the skin usually don’t tan as quickly as the drier parts of the body. This is where Vaseline comes into play as it will allow for a smooth and even tanning process. This will also be a safe product for tanning and will not cause burns.

 break a stain

Vaseline will remove makeup stains from bedding and clothing with a damp cloth. Whether you like to eat in bed or find that lipstick often slips out of your hands, Vaseline will take care of most of your stain problems.

Apply some Vaseline to the stain and then let it sit for a few seconds. Then rinse the stain under running water and let it dry. You won’t believe how clean the stainless steel piece is!

 Maintaining the quality of the shaver

Razor blades are prone to rust and can be avoided by constantly applying a little Vaseline to your toiletries after every shave. Now you can enjoy long-term use of expensive products.

We all know how expensive it is to change razors over and over. If we take care of our hygiene products, we can all save more money. Obviously, you don’t want to rely on disposable razors either.

 DVD and CD repair

No need to delete your favorite movies and albums if they scratch too much. Alternatively, you can remove the damage by applying some Vaseline to the scratched areas and then rubbing gently with a soft cloth or suitable CD-ROM cleaning material.

There are many valuable home videos, classic movies, and other types of documents you may want to preserve over time. We would really hate it if you had to say goodbye to those emotional files forever.

Moisturizing Goodness Night Cream

Contrary to popular belief, Vaseline does not cause acne or clog pores. Many people mistakenly believe that covering your face with material will clog your pores and lead to unwanted visitors on your face. Vaseline is non-comedogenic, so it’s safe to use as a facial moisturizer. Although your pores need to breathe and your skin needs to replenish its natural oils, we don’t recommend doing this every day.

Your skin can easily look like the woman above!

 Protect your teeth from lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most popular and attractive types of makeup, but no one wants to be seen with red or pink flecks on pearls. By applying the least amount of petroleum jelly to your front teeth, they will be protected from lipstick buildup.

It is every woman’s nightmare to smile as confidently as the woman in the photo above without realizing that she looks like a cannibal. Especially if this happened during a business date or meeting.

No more tears in the shower

If you have trouble keeping the shampoo away from your eyes, you can try applying some Vaseline to your eyebrows. This creates a barrier around the eyes, allowing the shampoo water to move away from these sensitive areas.

Ah! Few things hurt more than shampooing sensitive eyes. Instead of replacing your regular hair product with baby shampoo, why not heed our advice and deal with potential shower problems?

 Elbows, soft to the touch

Rubbing these often scratched corners of our arms with a little Vaseline every day will be of great benefit. Make sure you’re not wearing a long-sleeved shirt while doing this to avoid staining it.

You can have a great skincare routine with all sorts of products and still find that your elbows are firm. With the introduction of classic Vaseline care, it’s time to get back to the basics. Now you will love to move your hands up and down your arms.

 car battery maintenance

Surprisingly, the quality and life of the car battery can be maintained in just a few steps using Vaseline. Start by disconnecting the battery terminals before rubbing them nicely with a metal loofah. Replace the terminals now and wash them with petroleum jelly to protect them from the effects of weather and prevent corrosion for the foreseeable future.

This is a safe, convenient and cost-effective way to take care of the most vital part of any vehicle. Take care of your engine and forget about the positives (until other problems arise).

 Keep windows in perfect condition

Painting isn’t for everyone, and sealing window frames with masking tape is a challenge. Instead of using duct tape, try soaping the windowsill with Vaseline. This will allow prickly paint stains to be easily wiped off.

Do-it-yourself jobs are tiring and inclusive enough that you don’t have to spend another thirty minutes trying to clean up stray paint stains after you’ve finished painting your hands and knees. There are a few things that will lessen the feeling of working well.

 wax solution

Candles are a beautiful but messy home decoration. You can clean the hardened and spilled wax by brushing the dirt around the Vaseline to make it easier to remove it with a damp cloth.

With Valentine’s Day approaching as you read this article and plan to set the mood with a few dozen candles burning all over the place, this tip will be a must. Nothing kills romance like a long cleaning session!

 Open the car door easily.

If you have a vehicle that is not used frequently, its doors can be opened with difficulty. Foam the rubber seals of your car door with Vaseline to ensure smooth and easy opening and closing. This app can also be used for refrigerator doors.

Remember that the more force you apply to open a stuck door, the more damage you will cause to your door and its hinges. If you don’t want to pay to replace it, you really should lubricate non-cooperative doors!

Solution to the shooting problem

Outdoor enthusiasts will love it. Of course, Vaseline is inherently flammable and not entirely safe, but it can serve as a great lubricant. Start by dipping a cotton ball in vaseline. Now burn a cotton ball and notice that Vaseline works the same way as wax, acting as an absorbent. Once the gas is heated, it will ignite in a controlled and harmless way (oil does not burn).

This steaming cotton ball will now burn for a while because it will slow the progress of the Vaseline. Now you can add this to some firewood and scrap to help start a fire.

 acne treatment

Wearing new shoes is a common part of life. Unfortunately, so are the pimples that appear. If you’re determined to get this new look, you really need to carry a small box of Vaseline.

acne treatment

For satisfying relief, rub some Vaseline on the blisters instead of struggling with each step to make sure they don’t get worse before you take off your shoes. This minor injury need not become incredibly painful.

 Avoid irritating spots from packaged tans

Packaged tan products are a great way to cheat in the sun, but when they look patchy the results can look pretty weird. Make sure to clean the dry skin patches on your body with Vaseline to keep your treatment looking completely natural and consistent. It includes the hands, ankles, elbows, and feet. Now you can go out with confidence as if you had just spent a few weeks on a tropical island!

An evenly blended tan will take away your summer worries.

Leather Products Recovery

Vaseline makes a great and affordable leather coating. Whether your leather shoes need a polish before a big meeting or your baseball glove needs some love, lathering your leather goods before rubbing will restore shine to your leather goods.

Restoration of leather goods

Your expensive leather shoes give you an extra boost of confidence when entering the workplace or interviewing for your dream job. Take care of them, and in turn they will take care of your courage.

How do you keep your kids safe and clutter-free?

Anyone who’s once been stuck indoors with a group of fighting kids on a rainy day will tell you it’s hard to get distracted. You may not expect something like Vaseline to be the answer to your boredom problems. Oily ingredients can be used to create a super fun batch of slime that’s safe and mess-free!

This is a simple process, all that is required is to combine Vaseline, water, activator and liquid glue. Then you can stir the mixture until it starts to thicken. Finally, add your favorite food colors and voila!

 Dealing with an itchy scalp without scratching yourself

The scalp is prone to itching and that is a given. You may have a mild case of dandruff or an irritating skin condition that leaves the skin on your head dry. It could be something as simple as not shampooing properly in the shower. Anyway, a little Vaseline foam will fix the itchy irritation in no time. Just rub the good stuff on the affected parts of your scalp and then rub it in properly. Now, say goodbye to any tinge or burning sensation.

Enjoy instant relaxation with something affordable instead of buying expensive hair products.

 Keep minor cuts and injuries clean and free from bacteria

Vaseline was created when someone made the most of the byproducts of oil drilling. Robert Augustus Chesbrough, an accomplished English chemist, discovered in 1859 that Vaseline wonderfully heals human skin. When he saw that oilmen soothe wounds and burns with this substance, he was surprised that ordinary people could also benefit. Vaseline is a great ointment for cuts, bruises and cuts, and is ideal for removing dirt or bacteria that could cause an infection.

We also guarantee a faster recovery. Of course, vaseline does not replace hand sanitizer.

 Work without disturbance

Everyone who plays sports experiences anger at some point, regardless of gender. Those who love playing hockey, track and field or soccer (plus any sport really) will need to keep their private areas nice and moist. Sensitive parts such as the armpits, thighs, and groin cause a lot of friction during intense activity, which causes friction.

Before leaving the locker room, wash sensitive areas of the body with Vaseline. Being able to do just about anything without friction and pain with your body is a great relief.

 Care for annoying make-up stains

While we know vaseline will remove lipstick from teeth, it is also an ideal cleaner for other lipstick-affected areas such as fabrics. Before putting the laundry into the machine, it is sufficient to apply some vaseline to the stain. The oil and wax will be broken down by the Vaseline.

Before you go crazy with these things, try different types of clothing to make sure they work well together.

 Ban on uninvited visitors to the park

Vaseline is a gardener’s best friend when it comes to keeping your plants harmless. Mix it with some vaseline salt and cover the rims of the containers with the mixture. This will prevent slugs and slugs from entering protected areas and wiping away all your hard work. Spread the mixture in other areas often infested with sticky food, such as garden paths and patios. You will never need pesticides again.


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