Treatment of oral thrush in children

Treatment of oral thrush in children


1 Oral thrush in children

1.1 Complications of thrush for children

1.2 Treatment of thrush tongue in children

1.3 Prevention of thrush tongue in children

1.4 Treatment of thrush tongue in adults

Oral thrush in children

The appearance of thrush on the tongue in children, or as it is scientifically called oral candidiasis, is one of the health problems that affect the mouth and gums alike,

It negatively affects the health of the child and is accompanied by many pain and complications, including:

  1. Anorexia
  2. Severe pain

These thrushes are caused by several factors, mainly an imbalance in the balance of beneficial bacteria in the mouth, lack of vitamins, and weak immunity,

It also accompanies the period of tooth emergence in children.

Complications of thrush tongue for children

  • Thrush can travel from the mouth to the pharynx, intestine, and esophagus, and cause many intestinal and digestive problems, such as diarrhea.
  • It causes a decrease in the absorption of food in the body.
  • It can move to the anal area, causing many excisions, and it is accompanied by severe infections of the skin, and the condition worsens in children who are immunocompromised, as it causes many serious complications.

Note: Some mild cases of oral thrush, especially in infants, are quickly cured,

In contrast to severe cases that require medical intervention; Because it is directly related to the issue of weak immunity in the child.

Thrush tongue treatment for children

It is imperative to find appropriate treatment for this problem, especially in infants,

And in order to avoid her transferring to the mother through breastfeeding,

The following are the best treatments to put an end to this condition:

  • The use of antibiotics for the treatment of thrush, and it is preferable to use the oral gel for children, and some of these antibiotics come in the form of oral drops for the treatment of this problem.
  • Ensure that the child is given adequate food to ensure that his body is supplied with the elements it needs, including vitamins, acids, and minerals, in order to avoid weakening his immune system, which is one of the main causes of this problem.
  • Make sure to feed the child yogurt or milk in sufficient quantities (after the age of six months), as they contain a very high percentage of beneficial bacteria that prevent the emergence of thrush.

Prevention of tongue thrush in children

  1. the baby’s pacifier must be cleaned continuously, so that it is always sterile, as its contamination is one of the main causes of oral thrush, as it applies to artificial feeding.
  2. The nipple should be cleaned and anti thrush agents should be used when feeling pain and noticing its redness.
  3. Giving the child water after feeding to clean his mouth of milk, as the remains of milk add to the severity of the problem.
  4. It is recommended to treat a pregnant woman’s vaginal fungus before childbirth; To avoid transmission to the child.

Treatment of thrush tongue in adults

  • Make sure to clean the mouth after eating meals, especially before bed.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Quit Smoking.
  • Drink two cups of sage daily, and make sure to rinse the mouth daily in the morning with a sage rinse.
  • Eat curd rich in beneficial bacteria.
  • Apply sesame tahini over the tongue.

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