Treating Acne Naturally: The Most Important Procedures!

Treating Acne Naturally: The Most Important Procedures!

Besides the many acne treatment methods suggested in Western medicine, there is always a natural treatment option. Here is the most important information in this regard.

Treating Acne Naturally: The Most Important Procedures!

Although most people suffer from acne at least once in their life, this phenomenon is still painful and embarrassing both from a physical as well as a social point of view.

Causes of acne

Acne occurs as a result of infections and infections in the milk glands that produce fat.

The hormonal changes that occur in our teens become young people the main victims of this phenomenon, but people of any age may suffer from it as well.

Treating acne using traditional medical methods

Conventional treatments are often severe and potentially harmful to the body. Including the use of medications such as Roaccutane, which contains Retin A, which may adversely affect the liver.

Natural acne treatment

In addition to traditional treatments, there are natural ways to relieve acne symptoms, treat them and even prevent their appearance. Here are the most important ones:

1- personal hygiene

It is recommended for people with acne to wash their face exclusively less often and not more often.

As washing the face in excess, it does not reach the layers of the skin where the blockage occurs in the sebaceous glands, which causes dryness of the skin, and more infections.

It is recommended to wash the face with soap and water only in the morning and evening, and not to use care products that contain alcohol, these products do not prevent clogging of the sebaceous glands and tighten the pores of the skin, thus encouraging blockage of the glands.

2- Proper nutrition

Here you should follow the following tips:

It is recommended to eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables and orange vegetables and fruits.

You should limit the consumption of meat to once a day, and eat meat-free of hormones and antibiotics only because acne occurs as a result of hormonal changes and bacteria.

You should avoid eating foods rich in omega-3 acids such as freshwater fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

Salt and fish that are high in iodine should be avoided.

Be careful to drink a lot to allow the pores to get rid of fat and not blockage, so be careful to drink plenty of water.

Foods rich in fats, especially foods containing saturated fats, should be avoided.

Foods that create an acidic environment in the body and encourage acne should be avoided and therefore alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, fried foods, and meat should be avoided.

Sugars and simple carbohydrates should be avoided – these encourage fat production and are preferred food sources for bacteria and yeast. Carbohydrates may increase the production of insulin in the body, causing skin infections.

Insulin encourages the growth of skin cells that clog pores. Insulin also converts the alpha-hydroctase compound in testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone that triggers acne in men.

3- Nutritional Supplements

For the treatment of acne, naturopathic experts tend to recommend the following:

Take zinc pills 50 milligrams, three times a day for 3 months. Zinc activates the immune system, takes care of the skin, and limits the formation of DHT.

Taking vitamin A twice a day leads to the production of fat in the milk glands. This amount requires a prescription.

Taking vitamin E and selenium every day reduces inflammation and supports vitamin A absorption.

High amounts of vitamin A are needed to treat acne, though it may cause side effects.

The advantage of vitamin E is that it improves the absorption of vitamin A in the body, leads to a reduction in the dose of vitamin A that must be taken, and thus may prevent these side effects.

Vitamin A is less effective than antibiotics for acne. In any case, pregnant women should not take vitamin A.

is it possible to get rid of acne?

4- Medicinal plants

One of the best plant sources for treating acne and skin damage, in general, is tea tree oil, mainly due to the natural antiseptic properties it contains.

A cotton bud prepared for cleaning the ears should be dipped in tea tree oil and placed gently on the acne-affected areas.

However, long-term use of tea tree oil should be avoided, which can irritate the skin.

Another option is to use a cream that contains calendula, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and wound-healing properties.

Take 500 milligrams of thyme oil pills twice a day, to help destroy the yeast that is linked to the development of acne.

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