The rules for feeding children 6-12 years old

The rules for feeding children 6-12 years old


  1. Feeding children 6-12 years old
  2. Essential nutrients for school-age children
  3. The best food for children
The rules for feeding children 6-12 years old

Eating a balanced diet and exercising is essential to maintaining a healthy body, especially for school-age children,

 In this article, we provide you with the rules for feeding children 6-12 years old, to ensure their supply of essential vitamins and minerals.

Feeding children 6-12 years old

Adopting healthy eating habits for children is a difficult challenge, as it takes adequate awareness, whether at home, school or the entire community.

It must be mentioned that malnutrition in the early stages of life directly affects the mental abilities and educational attainment of students,

Among the most important rules for feeding school-age children:

  • Be sure to provide your child three main meals and two snacks during the day.
  • Limit your intake of sugars and high-fat foods.
  • Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Offer adequate amounts of lean meat and low-fat dairy products.
  • Eat three servings of milk, cheese, or yogurt to get the basic doses of calcium.

Essential nutrients for school-age children

School-age children grow at a rapid rate, which means they need more nutrition to carry out daily activities as required,

The lack of some basic elements affects the mental development of children during that stage, which negatively affects the rates of mental development and the decrease in the body’s immunity as well.

Among the most important nutrients for the health of school-age children:

Carbohydrates and fats:

Carbohydrates and fats provide the body with the energy needed for motor activities and growth, the brain needs the energy to complete its functions properly, and glucose is vital for the development of cognitive tasks, homework, and memory improvement.


 Protein helps build and repair body tissues, so it is essential for the correct growth of children.

It is essential that parents encourage their children to eat two to three servings of protein per day.

Among the most important sources of healthy protein for children:

Meat, fish, poultry, and milk products.


One of the essential elements for building bones and teeth, and eating foods rich in calcium during childhood helps prevent osteoporosis and weak bones in old age.

The rules for feeding children 6-12 years old

The most important sources of calcium: milk, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables.


Children need iron to prevent iron deficiency anemia, and it is also an important component of the production of red blood cells.

Meat, fish, poultry, and grains are the most important sources of iron.

Useful foods for children

 Children need to eat healthy foods that are beneficial for the growth of the body at a daily rate, and the best of them are:

1-Vegetables and fruits:

 Children need to eat adequate amounts of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis to get the essential doses of vitamins and minerals needed for body growth and disease prevention.

Vegetables and fruits also contain some fiber that helps regulate bowel movement and avoid constipation.

Some of the best types of healthy fruits and vegetables:

Banana, Apple, Orange, Peach, Strawberry.

2-Foods rich in carbohydrates:

Potatoes, brown rice, and oat bread are great options for complex carbohydrates, which provide the body with the needed energy throughout the day.

Make sure to avoid foods made with white flour and simple carbohydrates, to avoid high blood sugar.

3-Meat, fish, and poultry:

 Babies need to eat protein-rich foods to grow and build muscle.

 Make sure to include protein sources during your basic meals, such as red meat, fish, eggs, and legumes.

4-Milk and dairy products:

 It contains a high percentage of calcium, which helps in strengthening the bones and teeth. School-aged children need to eat dairy products three times a day.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is an ideal alternative to sweets and soft drinks that cause many diseases and harm the health of your children.

Thus, feeding children 6-12 years old is necessary to maintain a healthy growth rate, build a healthy body, enhance body immunity, and prevent disease,

Make sure to provide your child with healthy, nutritious meals and encourage him to eat them daily.

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