The most important foods to treat the thinnest children

The most important foods and drinks to treat the thinnest children


1- Foods to increase the child’s weight

2-Drinks to gain weight for the child

3-Tips to treat the thinnest children


At a time when all age groups, especially children, suffer from obesity, we find other children suffering from significant weight loss compared to the normal weights of their peers in the age and gender stage.

There are a number of factors that cause children’s thinness, including expected thinness such as premature birth of a child (prematurity), and other unexpected factors such as malnutrition or digestive disorders that affect the absorption process, which may cause developmental disorders.

Just as obesity has side effects that threaten the child’s life, thinness has side effects that may be dangerous, as the growth phase in childhood is significantly accelerated, which requires maintaining proper nutrition, which in turn affects the physical and psychological health.

 One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is feeding the baby and monitoring the baby getting the right amount of daily food.

However, monitoring the food intake of an underweight child and changing their eating habits is completely different.

In this article, we will review foods to increase the child’s weight, as well as some drinks and general advice that will be a good guide for parents to take care of the child’s health and gain weight.

Foods to increase the child’s weight

There are a number of natural foods that help you properly nourish your child and increase his weight healthily, Such as:

First, potatoes:

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, amino acids and dietary fiber, and they help the child to gain weight in a healthy way.

You can either mash it and serve it as a side dish or sauté it with a pinch of seasoning.

Secondly, eggs:

The richest source of protein, vitamins and healthy fats. It helps with proportionate weight gain, and the vital development of the brain and nervous system as well.

You can offer one egg daily to your child.

Third the banana:

Bananas are the fastest source of energy and are rich in healthy carbohydrates for weight gain, and they are a great snack for little ones.

You can eat this fruit in the form of milkshakes, fruit salads, or eat it directly.

Forth Dairy products:

Basic dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter are essential components of any child’s diet.

And it helps build strong bones and maintain the general health of the child,

Make sure to give the child at least two cups of milk per day to reach your goal (gaining the baby’s weight).

Fifth chicken and meat:

Chicken is a rich source of protein and helps build body muscles, and the best thing about chicken is that it is easy to cook and is a favorite for many people.

Sixth Dried fruits:

 Fruits are one of the healthiest foods for weight gain. It increases the child’s immunity as well,

You can either grind all the dry fruits together to make a homemade powder that can be served with milk or give your baby a snack during the break.

Seventh Oats:

Aside from helping to gain weight in babies, oats have many other nutritional benefits and are great for helping to control bowel movements and prevent constipation. And oatmeal is full of iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Drinks to gain weight for the child

Children need a lot of fluids daily, but unfortunately, children drink a lot of unhealthy drinks such as soft drinks and industrial juices,

But in return, healthy drinks are necessary to ensure their growth, length, and increase in strength, the most important of which are:

cow’s milk:

Some studies indicate that the diets of children who drink milk contain higher levels of nutrients essential for growth, including calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin D, all of which are especially valuable for growing children.

Natural fruit juice:

Fruit juice is an easy way to gain weight healthily, but many commercial juices are packed with added sugars, flavors, and preservatives that reduce the health value.

 So accustom your child to juice completely natural, and avoid anything with a lot of added sugar.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies:

Here, you can be creative by creating a new, delicious, and healthy mix for your child, the important thing is to focus on both fruits and vegetables, and add a little of the fats that you might find in milk or nuts and some protein.

Tips to treat the thinnest children

Weight gain can be a problem, especially for some children. If your child is thin, we recommend the following to get a healthy weight gain:

  • Be careful not to miss the child’s main meals.
  • Consider eating four or five small meals a day, rather than trying to eat three large meals, as it is likely that your child will not eat the required amount at each meal.
  • Encourage your child to have a meal or two of healthy snacks regularly every day.
  •  Avoid low-nutrient and energy-dense foods, such as junk foods that contain empty calories, including candy, crisps, and soft drinks.
  • Make sure to give your baby foods rich in nutrients, calories, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, such as:
  • Whole milk and yogurt are made with whole milk and peanut butter.
  •  Avoid giving your child low-energy drinks, such as soda and processed fruit drinks.
  • Get advice from a dietitian or family doctor, especially if your child has a chronic disease that causes weight loss.

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