the lion

the lion


August 10 “International Lion Day” of endangered predators  less than 4,000 left.

The tenth of August every year is “International Lion Day” to encourage the conservation of endangered predators Fewer than 40,000 of them have been found left in the wild.

August 10th is the date Big Cat Rescue has chosen to get together. Because during this time everyone from all over the world can come together.

Although it seemed like a fun and exciting opportunity for them. But the basis for this story rests on a serious matter: Lions have declined  so  dramatically that they are now on the  endangered  species list   ,  just like  tigers  .

the lion
the lion

Therefore, 10th August every year  turns out to be the perfect day to raise people’s awareness to know the threat facing lions and stop poaching and trafficking.

The king of the jungle who maintains the ecological balance

Lions  are   among the animals in the cat family and are second in weight after  tigers. Males weigh more than   500 pounds and reach 8 feet in length, and live in grasslands or plains that are not forests. As many people understand  because we often call the lion the  “king of the jungle”.

Males and females are the most different from each other. Males have thicker fur around their neck and shoulders and cover their ears. While female lions are smaller than males. It must  be said that the large mane of the male lion is a sign of coldness. Awe  This is what makes female lions so angry, the thicker the mane of the fish. It will be more pleasing to girls’ eyes

With a strong body and an agility built on killing. Therefore, lions are at the top of the food chain in their ecosystems. They work to control animal numbers and help maintain healthy prey species. Because weak animals often fall prey to lions.

There are fewer than 40,000 lions left in the wild

Currently,  the “lions” that live in nature  are found  in India. And in sub-Saharan Africa the number of wild gods is decreasing more and more. Like its relatives,   the “tiger”,  “lions”  have now been  in the wild for about  23,000 – 39,000 of them make the list. “Species at Risk” (Species at Risk VU)

The main reason there are fewer  is because there is less habitat for lions. The area is used to build houses, dwellings, ranches, and ranches, and there is also a tradition of hunting lions for prizes. and searching for organs such as teeth, fangs, or skin to be sold  which are mostly sold in Asia

If lion numbers continue to decline,  the lord of the jungle may eventually become extinct. So if we are together conservation  or together change your profile picture to a lion. Along with the hashtag  #WorldLionDay  to spread the news to spread awareness  let people see the threats facing lions. It might help them get back into a rich house.

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