Ten tricks to clean children’s rooms

Ten tricks to clean children’s rooms

If you apply these ten nursery cleaning tricks in fifteen minutes, you’ll have it neat and clean.

Although kids can help out at home from a very young age, when it comes to turning their bedroom clutter into a space of calm, you probably have to take the initiative. A quarter of an hour is enough to carry out this cleaning in ten steps.

  • Aeration. Open the window to let air in while cleaning. This will reduce humidity and the feeling of an enclosed environment, helping to avoid moths.


  • Make the bed. Shake the bedding and let it come out while you clean the rest of the room. Leave the making of the bed, fluff up the pillows, and finally pull the quilt.


  • Arrange the chaos. If your kids devote themselves to drawing, coloring, or doing messy activities, save everything. If they are around, convince them to lend you a helping hand and this will encourage their cooperation in the future.
  • Check for stains. Check for stains or spills on carpets and upholstery. Treat them immediately with detergent and the most appropriate stain removal method.


  • Sort clothes. Lift the garment off the floor and shake it well to remove dust and dirt. Hang it in the closet or fold it up and store it in the drawers.


  • Check the soiled clothes. It is advisable to have a basket in the nursery, even if you find yourself with dirty clothes that you can throw away. You can also stack it near the door and take it to the laundry room when you leave.


  • Organize play. Get them and store them in their containers. If you find any dirt, wipe it with a damp sponge. If you can put it in the washing machine, add it to the pile of soiled clothes.


  • Wet flick. Use a microfiber cloth and dust bedside tables from other surfaces. If the lampshades are dusty, separate them and wipe them with a slightly damp cloth.


  • Empty the trash. Empty it out, separate the recyclable items and toss the rest in the trash. Put in a clean bag.


  • Finally, focus on the most crowded areas, such as the door and the sides of the bed. Use the fine nozzle in the corners. If you have time, move the bed away from the wall and vacuum


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