Special products for a child can harm his health

 Special products for a child can harm his health


The safety of the products we use on the skin of the child must be ensured because some of them can harm his health because they contain unsafe compounds.

Special products for a child can harm his health

The mother resorts to buying children’s products for her young ones because they are the safest products that are free of any harmful substances on his skin and health.

But beware of some preparations that can pose a risk to the child.

Here are the most important products that you must make sure of their safety before your little one uses them.

1- wet wipes

Many mothers use wet wipes to clean the diaper area instead of warm water and medical soap for children, but they may be dangerous because they contain alcohol and perfumes, and can irritate the baby’s skin.

Also, many studies have proven a relationship between skin damage and food allergies, and they become more susceptible to this problem.

It is recommended to avoid the use of wet wipes for children as much as possible, and if you have to use them, you must make sure that they are free of alcohol, as well as perfume.

If any signs of irritation appear on the baby’s skin, use should be discontinued immediately.

2- Baby shampoo

Of course, shampoo cannot be dispensed with to wash the child’s hair, and there are some types that combine hair and body wash at the same time.

But the types that do not contain chemicals should be chosen to add a distinctive smell to the product in return for harming the skin.

These types can cause damage to the scalp and roots of the hair, as well as some irritations in the skin, and may increase hair breakage.

Also, types that do not cause tears in the eyes in case of contact, contain additional harmful substances.

3- Baby powder

Baby powder poses risks to the health of the child if he inhales it, he can develop an allergy or feel suffocated.

This powder is often made of materials that are safe on the skin and do not cause harm, but the problem is in inhalation and chest problems and not in the child’s skin.

The risk increases if the child swallows this powder if it is within his reach, or when it is applied to areas he can put in his mouth.

It is also not preferable to apply this powder to the sensitive area and to use creams intended for this purpose, because some studies have proven its dangers in this area.

It is also better to put the powder in the mother’s hand first and then massage the baby’s skin with it and not apply it directly to the skin.

4- Baby oil

Some types of baby oils are made of oils mixed with perfumes, which makes them unsafe for the skin. They do not contain pure oil, but some harmful substances are added to them.

There are also some types of baby oils that prevent the skin from releasing toxins through the pores.

Therefore, it is best to apply natural and nourishing oils to massage the baby’s skin, such as olive oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

5- Bubble lotion

In order for the little one to have fun while bathing, many mothers buy soap that makes a lot of bubbles in the bathtub.

But have you thought about how this amount of bubbles can appear? The answer is the harmful additives that are added to this product and form those bubbles.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use such preparations, and alternative methods can be used for the child to enjoy, such as bringing some small toys to him.

6- sunscreen

Not all types of sunscreen are safe, whether for adults or children, and you must choose reliable sources that are free of any harmful substances on the skin.

As some substances, if placed on the skin and exposed to strong sunlight, can cause many health problems up to skin cancer.

Therefore, you must check all the materials on the package, especially when choosing a sunscreen for children, and it is preferable to try it first on a small part and make sure that it does not cause allergies on the skin of the child, and then apply it to the rest of the body.

There are some types of sunscreen that are suitable for the body only, and other types that are suitable for the face as well, and this is indicated on the package.

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