snapping turtle

snapping turtle


pointing to the rich canals, proposing a career in breeding “water turtles” in cement ponds, yielding one hundred thousand incomes.

“Tappab” is another very popular animal. Nowadays, there are people who are interested in farming and selling. With the fact that the turtle is an animal that is easy to raise and difficult to die, it can live in any environment, especially the Thai soft-shelled turtle that can live for ten years, its body weight may reach 100 kilograms, and the selling price is also good. Weight 800 grams per kilogram per animal, price 220 baht per kilogram.

Today,  Chong Rich wants to introduce how to raise turtles, create a career, and make money. And how to prepare

Selection of a breeding site Factors to consider when selecting a turtle breeding site

1. Fresh water should be able to move water easily
2. Aquariums should be muddy or muddy
3. Turtle ponds should be in a quiet area
4. They should not be close to factories or community areas
. Near the source of the market
6. The turtle pond is located near a well-ventilated area.

snapping turtle
snapping turtle


Turtle tanks can be divided into 3 types:

1. Breeder pond
2. Turtle market pond
3. Nursery ponds

Breeder pond  If the farmer is going to raise turtles for sale as meat turtles breeder ponds are not necessary to set up. But if it is raised continuously or fully integrated breeding ponds are therefore necessary. Due to the fact that we raised baby turtles . It will definitely reduce production costs. Turtle pond is divided into 3 parts: The residential area. As for feeding and spawning areas, breeding ponds are essential. Due to the fact that we raised baby turtles. It will definitely reduce production costs. The turtle pond is divided into 3 parts: the residential part. Feeding part and a place to lay eggs

Turtles live in all areas of the pond. Breeding ponds should have a concrete pond wall about 50 cm high to prevent clams from escaping. Concrete walls should be poured about 70 cm deep into the soil to prevent clams from digging the soil away. The area of ​​the pond should be made of clay, and the size of the pond. There is no fixed breeding area for turtles. According to the number of breeders

Nutrition part  should have one priority. which will be built within the housing area. The water does not spoil. If they feed directly into the pond without a feeding area, the leftover food will spoil. And accelerate the waste of water It also causes the turtle to grow slowly, not vigorous and may cause disease.

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The feeding area  may be built as a slope away from the pond and the food placed on a hill, or a low barrier between the feeding area and the living area may be built to prevent leftovers from falling into the pond and polluting the water.

A soft shell turtle hatchery  can be built within the breeding pond or separated at a separate time. The hatching area consists of a rectangular concrete pen measuring 2 by 4 meters with a height of about 50 cm. Brick blocks can be used as the walls of the aquarium. By adjusting the pond floor to be smooth thereafter, bring freshwater sand to a height of about 30 cm to prepare it for burying the eggs in the hatching pond. Use a clay basin with a mouth about 12 inches wide or a cement basin about 15-20 inches wide, sanding periodically. filled with water. To prepare for the entry of baby turtles into the tank after hatching.

Hatchery pens or hatcheries  had to have a roof built to prevent rain, which would cause the sand to contain more moisture than necessary. The perimeter wall must be blocked to prevent the enemy from eating the soft eggs. The incubator pen can be designed according to the suitability of the area.

Pond for breeding soft shell turtles to be sent to market

Khun Tabap Nam Pond is for breeding turtles culled from nursery ponds. Then they are raised to a size that can be sent for sale. It takes 8-12 months to get a weight of about 6g-1kg, which is the size required by the market. The Khun Tabap Nam pond is built in the same way as the breeder, but the depth may be a little shallower. As for the sand dunes to reproduce, there is no need for a Khon Tabap pond, the water may have a shaded roof. Using black mesh to make the roof to help lower the temperature

snapping turtle
snapping turtle

sea turtle

There are two ponds used for keeping turtles.

Concrete ponds  are suitable for construction in hilly or sandy areas. Which does not store water by creating a concrete pond with cement under it all the time to prevent water seepage, add clay to make it as natural as possible and add some water hyacinth.

Earth ponds  are wide ponds. It is necessary to lay bricks around the pond. Height approx 80cm – 1m To prevent shelling from escaping the pond should be built as a store of 4m2 which can allow the turtle to crawl and also rest. In the pond, water lilies should be placed for shade. Or a place for a soft-shelled turtle to hide

The water level used in turtle rearing The water level in the turtle incubation ponds should be about 20 cm, and the turtle ponds for export, the water level should be about 40-80 cm.

Turtle release rate in the pond Breeding ponds are released at a rate of 3-5 birds / square meter. Young soft-shell turtles hatch from eggs for 3 days and are released at a rate of 50 eggs/m². Turtles are two months old and released at a rate of 20-25 individuals/m2. Turtles are 6 months old and hatch at a rate of 3-5 individuals/m2. Turtle growth rate Turtles hatching from eggs for 3 days weigh approximately 25 pcs / 1 tick or 250 pcs / kg, while turtles that are 2 months old weigh about 0.5 ticks, while turtles that are about 4 months old weigh about 1 tick.

Tortoises around 6 months old weigh about 2 matchsticks, while turtles around 7-16 months old weigh around 3lbs-1kg for consumers or the size needed by the market. The size of the soft shell turtle is 4-7 matches. Want to buy as a breeder you must weigh at least 6 pounds or more

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