Seven important activities for a child, but may harm his health

Seven important activities for a child, but may harm his health

Through activities, the child learns a lot of skills, and therefore the child’s practice of various activities must be supported, but attention must be paid to activities that pose a danger to the child, by observing him while doing them.


7 important activities for a child, but may harm his health

Different activities help the child acquire many skills, and although some activities may be dangerous and harmful to his health, they are important for him to learn how to deal with various new situations and experiences.


Here are the most dangerous activities for the health of the child that can be practiced by following the mother.


1- Playing with sand and dirt

Children love to play with sand, clay and other substances harmful to health, making shapes and creating games that help them grow and develop and develop their imagination and creative abilities.

Sand also helps in increasing the child’s immunity against many types of pollutants.


The danger of sand and dust lies in the possibility of the child suffering from chest allergies and intestinal diseases, and therefore the child must be stressed not to approach the sand from the face, as well as not to put the hand on the face or in his mouth after smearing it with these materials.


Sand and dust also cause skin problems for the child, as he may suffer from skin infections and many other diseases, and therefore the child must bathe immediately after completing this activity.


This also applies to the child playing with clay. Attention must be paid, especially if the child has asthma, and the child should wash his hands after playing with clay.


2- Playing with scissors

It is important for a child to start learning to cut since it is an important skill that develops his mind and makes him think and create. He can cut distinctive shapes from his imagination or draw a picture and cut it.


The use of scissors helps in strengthening the hand muscles of the child by moving them frequently.


On the other hand, scissors are dangerous for the child, as he can cut his finger or part of his hand with scissors.


The child may also be injured in the face or eyes as a result of using scissors with a pointed tip.


Therefore, it is recommended to give the young child-safe scissors, which are made of plastic instead of other sharp materials, and the child must be monitored while using it.


3- Climbing heights

After a few years of the child’s life, he begins to have a curiosity in more dangerous experiences, which are the first difficult tests in life, and to overcome them means that he has will and determination, and he will learn the challenge and perseverance.


One of the activities that help in forming this in the child is climbing heights, as he tries and may fall, but he tries again until he reaches.


The mother should help her child to climb, but in safe and appropriate places, and not be too high so that he does not fall from her and suffer a health problem.


Climbing also develops the child’s courage and self-reliance, and helps in strengthening his personality, in addition to strengthening the body and building it better.


And the child can do this activity on a medium-tall tree in a garden, it will be a fun and safe experience better than mountains or dangerous areas.


4- Horse riding

If you want to give your child many special skills, then make him ride a horse, as it is one of the most interesting and useful sports at the same time.


In addition to the child’s learning to be daring, dealing with animals without fear and gaining self-confidence, studies confirm that horse riding contributes to a significant improvement in his cognitive abilities.


But the child must be monitored while riding a horse and secured so that it does not run and cause the child to fall, as it can result in fractures and major health problems, which affects his psychological state as well and makes the child more fearful and anxious about new experiences.


At a young age, the child can sit on the small horse that walks slowly until he gains boldness, and when he becomes more capable and able to act, he can practice riding the big horse.


To ensure the child in general from the dangers of riding a horse, he must wear a helmet, and be trained by a professional trainer and in a place that is qualified for equestrianism.


The child should also wear equestrian shoes and long pants to protect the legs from friction.


5- Playing in the water

A necessary activity that the child can do at home, which is playing in the bathtub or in a small home pool, as the child’s love for water increases and his boldness in descending the large pool.


The child’s descent into the water benefits his body and helps in the development of muscles and joint flexibility, and the child gains many qualities such as self-reliance and boldness and gives him happiness.


And the water poses a danger to the child if the mother does not follow up on it, because he may fall into the water and lose his breath, suffering from many health problems that can lead to death.


The mother should watch her child during the time he is in the bathtub or the small pool at home, and of course in the large pool in the clubs and places designated for children’s activities.


The child should also be warned against doing wrong actions in the water such as placing the face under the water for a long time or drinking the water in which he plays because it will harm his health.


6- Jumping game

It is one of the games that children love the most, and it is frequently found in recreational places designated for the child, and the mother may buy it for him at home.


The trampoline has many advantages, it increases the fitness of the child and helps in building his body better, and it also leads to the doubling of white blood cells in the body, which helps in improving the child’s immunity.


Jumping also contributes to stimulating blood circulation, enhancing the functions of the lymphatic system, and raising the level of energy. It is also one of the best activities for burning fat.


As for the dangers of jumping, they lie in the injuries that can happen to the child if the jumping equipment is not well secured, as his fall may cause him fractures in the arm or leg, as well as neck injuries in the case of wrong jumping.


It is possible that the child’s head will hit while jumping or if he falls incorrectly, causing serious injuries.


To reduce the dangers of the trampoline, it is advised not to participate more than one child jumping together, the child not making strong and dangerous jumps, and the trampoline should be sewn with a fence and closed well, in addition to the mother’s supervision of the child.


7- Playing with animals

How happy a child is when he plays with animals, which have several benefits such as being bold and adapting to nature and other beings around him.


It also learns to take care of the animal and how to act in different situations and take responsibility.


But pets may cause health problems in the child, such as allergies and transmission of diseases as a result of animal fur and the presence of bacteria and germs in it, which cause health problems for the skin and chest and may affect the chances of reproduction.


The animal can also injure the child, which leads to blood contamination and the resulting serious health problems.


This does not mean preventing the child from dealing with animals and playing with them, as it is an important matter, but carefully and under the supervision of the mother, and the child must be as far from the animal as possible and not close to its face.


Also, the child must be bathed well after handling the animal so that no infection from it is transmitted to the child’s body.

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