Recipes to increase children’s intelligence

Recipes to increase children’s intelligence

Are there recipes to increase the intelligence of children What are the highlights Read the article to know the details?

Recipes to increase children’s intelligence

A healthy diet is one of the most important ways to develop a child’s brain and increase his intelligence. In this article, we will learn more about recipes to increase children’s intelligence

Recipes to increase children’s intelligence

There are a number of recipes that increase the intelligence of children and the development of his mind, and these recipes depend on the age of the child, as follows

1. Infant

Babies start eating solid food around the sixth month. Here are some recipes that are appropriate for this age

Raspberry puree Berries contain many antioxidants, and it can be made by mixing a handful of berries in a blender with breast milk or formula.

Whole grain meals These meals consist of mixing whole grains with some types of fruits such as berries.

Whole-wheat pancakes It is best to make these all-wheat pancakes at home and then break them into smaller pieces so that they are easier for the child to chew, and fruit can also be added to them.

2. Young children

Children at this age, from one to three years, begin to become selective in their choice of food, so here are some recipes to increase the intelligence of the child at this age

Peanut butter sandwich with fruits This sandwich provides many of the antioxidants found in fruits, such as berries or strawberries, and it also contains peanut butter rich in omega-3, and to give more benefit, it is preferable to have bread made of wheat.

Milk and berries The mixture of milk and berries or any other type of fruit, such as strawberry, consists of a mixture of colors that attract the child to him, as it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Mashed eggs provide omega-3, especially those found in egg whites, and cheese or some vegetables such as broccoli can be added to it.

Foods to increase children’s intelligence

After talking about recipes to increase children’s intelligence, we will talk about the most important foods that increase intelligence and that more than one recipe can be made for each category, including

1. eggs

Some studies believe that eggs are rich in choline, which is important for increasing the development of the mind and intelligence, and it is believed that a large egg contains approximately 125 milligrams of choline, which is equivalent to half the amount needed by the body during the day for a child between the ages of 4-8 years.

2. Oily fish

This type of fish is rich in omega-3 necessary for intelligence and brain development. A child can be fed a sandwich of salmon or sardines or a salad that contains one of them.

3. Oats

Oats contain proteins and fibers that clean the veins of the brain and aid its development, and there is some research that believes that children who eat oatmeal meals at school perform better than children who depend on meals containing sugar.

4. Apple

Children tend to ask for sweets when they are hungry, so apples are a convenient and useful option, as they also contain quercetin, an antioxidant that works to combat a decline in mental abilities.

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains more proteins than other types of yogurt, and works to increase the ability of brain cells to transmit and receive. These yogurts can be mixed with chocolate granules as one of the recipes to increase the intelligence of children or mixed with fruits.

Tips to increase your child’s intelligence

After we have finished talking about recipes to increase the intelligence of children and some important foods, we will move on to talking about some tips that may increase the intelligence of your child, which include

Talk to your child from day one.

Read with the child even before they learn to read.

Encourage the child to think about solving his problems rather than solving them for him.

Encouragement to exercise.

Looking forward to extracurricular activities to develop the child’s skills.  

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