Raising a stubborn child? It’s easy to do it smartly

Raising a stubborn child? It’s easy to do it smartly


Raising children requires creativity and perseverance. Does your child resist you every day again during the waking time, eating meals, and before going to bed? Most likely, a sense of humor is your royal tool to solve discipline problems and lead a more relaxed and enjoyable life.


Raising a stubborn child… Try to use a sense of humor!

Raising children requires creativity and perseverance. What about raising a stubborn child? Does your child resist you every day again during the wake-up time, meals, and before bedtime? Most likely, a sense of humor is your golden mean to solve discipline problems and lead a more relaxed and enjoyable life.


How do you raise a five-year-old who yells and calls you by your name when you urge him to tidy his room or eat his vegetables? Are you going to ask him to apologize, or will you punish him or silence him by saying, “Hush… you shouldn’t tell anyone my secret name”?


If you answer the latter, the psychiatrist will classify you as foreplay parents. You’ve broken the tension by acting foolishly and developing a relationship with your child, which can be so amusing (especially if you keep playing the game and say your real secret name is red pepper) until he forgets he doesn’t want to tidy up the room or eat.

 Why does a sense of humor help overcome discipline problems in a stubborn child?

“Disciplining a child seems like a very serious thing, and that’s where the problem lies,” says the psychiatrist, Playful Parenting author, and play therapist. “There’s a lot less stress and more fun when you use humor as a way to communicate and play with kids as a way to form discipline. Raising kids with humor makes everyone feel a lot better than screaming or getting angry,” he says.


The most important factor in shaping discipline during child-rearing is the parent-child relationship. “Play and humor are not the only means of communication, but they are probably the best ways,” says the doctor, and because play is a child’s world, through which he sees the world, in times of distress precisely, he needs play very much.


Methods of inclusion of play in order to form discipline


So when your three-year-old resists you at bedtime or your six-year-old gets into a drama because he lost at chess, how do you achieve discipline through the game?


The psychiatrist gives you some advice:


Noiseless. Go to the kid’s room and ask him to clean it up with a fake opera tone or a funny accent. Strange sounds and the use of different characters is effective way to relieve stress.


Throw yourself on the ground. Children burst out laughing when they see adults slipping. Especially infants, because they fall on their own.


fake crying If children pretend to be conflicted or aggressive, fake crying and they will start laughing, even if you do it over and over again.


Create games. Play games that allow the child to be symbolically aggressive, such as pillow warfare.


Raising children through the use of a sense of humor: an example


Suppose your child is an example of a stubborn child who resists you every time he needs a change of clothes or a diaper change. Each such event is a new struggle involving tears and nerves. Instead, think about what you can do to make this whole process fun:


While playing, they suggested playing the dress-up game, the psychiatrist suggests. You can start by dressing up dolls or animals. Don’t try to play exactly when you have to leave in the morning, but find some quiet and neutral time. You can play a role-playing game and let the child choose clothes and dress you up. Or dress a baby boy or girl while tickling, and dress them while they laugh. Let them run away sometimes and pretend you’re falling and they’ll burst out laughing. Laughter releases tension and provides good bonds to the dressing process.


It’s important to remember that not every time you try humor will work, you have to be willing to try a variety of things. Sometimes you have to try ten things in order to find the method that works. The relationship is the basic thing that every human needs, especially children. Psychologists say that good behavior comes from a good relationship.

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