Problems you have with your teenage girl

Problems you have with your teenage girl

Is your teenage girl giving you a hard time? You aren’t alone. It can be challenging to parent teenagers since they go through a lot of changes during this time period.

They may have mood swings, talkback, and not listen to you at all! But don’t worry- it isn’t just you.

Here are some of the most common problems parents have with their teenage girls, along with some tips for what you can do about them.

What to do when your teenage girl won’t listen

  • 1. Confront her. Sometimes, it’s just your teenage girl being rebellious and you should let her have her way a few times a day or once a week. This will be in the form of a threat such as, “If you don’t listen to me today, you can’t play videogames tomorrow.”
  • 2. Get down to her level. Use a whisper so your teenager can’t hear what you are saying. Telling her in a low voice like, “I’m going to count to three and then raise my voice so everyone in the house can hear me. If you don’t get off the phone right now, you’ll get a time-out.”
  • 3. Take her phone. If she won’t listen to you and you’re ready to give her a consequence, take her phone and lock it up. She will be forced to stop whatever she is doing and either talk to you or look at a book.

How to handle mood swings

Getting moody can be pretty normal. But there are some times when a mood swing may be more than mood swings.

If your daughter is experiencing a mood swing during a school day, do not try to tell her to snap out of it or make her change the subject.

Do not tell her to do better on her homework. Instead, tell her that you love her and are here for her and that you are there to talk to her.

Tell her to go take a quick break outside to clear her mind and get her energy out. This will give her time to cool down and think about what she is upset about.

Sometimes this is enough to help her see things differently.

Just try to avoid trying to make her feel bad or getting angry with her and give her the time she needs to get through her feelings.

How to deal with the attitude

Some teenage girls have a tough time with responsibility. They aren’t able to do things on their own and will often need your help.

Don’t get frustrated. This is perfectly normal and won’t last forever. It will go away when they grow up and are ready to be independent.

Remember that when your teenager is happy, you’re happy. When she’s happy, you’re happy.

Always trust those good things are going to come to your teenager, so make sure you’re listening to what she says and believe her when she says that something is a good thing.

The teenager doesn’t need a curfew, as long as she stays out until 8:00 am, that’s great! You want your teen to be out having fun and enjoying being a teenager.

The danger of giving in

The most difficult thing to deal with as a parent is when your teenage girl makes bad choices.

Often you have to choose between your teenager and yourself, but you are always putting your own needs first.

If you start to realize that your teenage girl is giving you and her parents a hard time, try to think about what you would really like her to do.

This could be as simple as offering her an alternative to getting into trouble with the law. “Your daughter knows how you feel about some of the things she does, but she also knows how much you want her to be safe.

So if you notice she isn’t doing things that you want her to do and getting into trouble, it’s time to sit down and talk to her about it.


Raising teenage girls can be tough. But as you figure out the things that are working for your daughter and how you can support her, you will find that she will be able to feel confident in herself and in your relationship.

And you’ll be able to really enjoy the best years of your daughter’s life. Do you have any experience with teenage girls? Share your tips for raising teenage girls in the comments.

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