Newborn feeding: 4 precautions you must take

 Newborn feeding: 4 precautions you must take

1. Mother’s milk

There is no doubt that breast milk is the best food for newborns. It contains all the nutrients that a child’s body needs to grow healthy. The ideal method is to exclusively breastfeed the baby until the age of 6 months, as breast milk also replaces water. When the mother cannot breastfeed, milk is prepared for this stage, but it is recommended to give the baby under the supervision of a pediatrician to avoid intestinal disorders and problems.

2. Take care of your eating routine

Good newborn nutrition depends on the mother’s feeding routine. After all, this milk also consists of vitamins, minerals and proteins that the mother eats. Therefore, it is necessary to eat foods rich in nutrients so that the milk can meet the needs of the baby. Need treatment? Be careful, the use of the drug is indicated only after medical advice, since the child is exposed to substances through milk, which can generate unpleasant reactions.

3. Replace breast milk

As we have already seen, many mothers cannot breastfeed their babies because they have limitations caused by various reasons. Sometimes the baby himself cannot tolerate breast milk. In these cases, the best food for the newborn is the one that contains infant formula, that is, modified cow’s milk, as it facilitates the digestion process and the formation of the fetus. This type of milk has specific formulas according to each age group of the child. In view of this practicality, it is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the bottle before offering it to the child.

4. Introduction of solid foods

When a baby is six months old, he enters a new phase: it’s time to introduce solid foods. However, this consumption does not replace breast milk. The new meal serves only as a supplement and incentive for gradual replacement up to two years of age. Vegetables prepared without spices and fruits are perfect to start this transition. Be careful with some foods that are prohibited for children. By following these guidelines, you will take care of not only your health but the health of your baby as well.. The combination of these factors ensures a better quality of life for both you and your baby, as food is an essential ingredient to experience the surprises of the new family member with more safety. Now that you’ve seen more about how to take care of a newborn’s nutrition, how about sharing this post on social media so other moms can find out how

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