mosquitoes in the house

mosquitoes in the house

No more annoying problems with these 10 ways to repel mosquitoes at home. in a natural way

An article presenting how to get rid of  and eliminate mosquitoes inside the dwelling to be safe from many dangerous diseases, whether it is dengue fever or malaria.

mosquitoes in the house
mosquitoes in the house

Many people overlook the venom of mosquitoes, which are small insects that not only cause inconvenience. But it also brings a disease that may be more life threatening than ever. From the past to the present, humans have tried to avoid these types of insects in various ways. This includes how to repel mosquitoes naturally. In this article, we have compiled a variety of methods for you to try and apply. And adapted to repel mosquitoes appropriately

1. Put garlic and black pepper in the corner of the room.

The only thing that mosquitoes hate is the pungent smell. If you had to recommend how to repel mosquitoes in the house with the things around you. It is inevitable that the use of raw materials from the kitchen can be adapted into a mosquito repellent strategy. Start by peeling the garlic. Or pepper to smash a little. They are placed in areas where mosquitoes often fly to disturb them, including placing them in a place with water. To prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs as well

mosquitoes in the house
mosquitoes in the house

2. Burning rosemary

Which family likes to go on a picnic?  Or do outdoor activities and they will have to face the same problems as a lot of mosquitoes that destroy the atmosphere and always annoying. Expelling mosquitoes by burning rosemary will help solve the problem. Willing to create a rosemary-scented atmosphere in the activity area just like this, mosquitoes will fly away. And no more upset


3. Lemongrass and Eucalyptus essential oils

If you want to talk about natural mosquito repelling methods without techniques like fighting lemongrass essential oil. Or eucalyptus is considered a huge mistake. Because this element should remind us of the first . Because mosquitoes do not like the smell of essential oils.  Especially the scent of lemongrass. You bring a mist to spray in the air conditioner. This will help repel mosquitoes well. Besides creating a natural scent around the room, you can also rub some essential oils on your skin to prevent mosquitoes when you go outdoors as well.


4. Dried orange peel

If your background doesn’t like the smell of lemon or eucalyptus or you don’t have rosemary to repel mosquitoes. Resorting to the use of orange peel is another idea to repel mosquitoes in a natural way that is no less interesting. Take the unused orange peel and dry it. And the fire burns to create a volatile aroma that repels mosquitoes, or it can be piled up and placed in a shaded corner. It is also considered a benefit of orange peel that few people know about.


5. Vinegar + soapy water

Items that everyone has a kitchen partner and overlooks for the ability to repel mosquitoes It was inevitable that vinegar would be known as a versatile ingredient. Repelling mosquitoes is one of those abilities. Simply bring vinegar, soap and sugar to mix in the same ratio. Before placing it in a blind corner or areas where mosquitoes congregate leave it overnight at this point you will wake up in the morning to find the mosquitoes that have bothered you already dead in the container of vinegar. In addition to being used to repel mosquitoes, soapy water can also repel moths.


6. Neem cultivation

If you have a neem tree in your house or when you can find a neem tree then this will be one of the best game solutions for mosquito problem. Just take neem and crush it to get the juice. Next, take the juice from the neem fruits and put it in the spray. That’s it, you will end up with a free neem spray that can be used to repel mosquitoes. Also, make sure that it is 100% chemical free.


7. Basil

This is an easy technique. And also create a shady atmosphere for the room or your home at the same time just plant basil on the balcony. Basil smell has a pungent smell. This is a smell that mosquitoes don’t like. In the absence of a basil plant, it can be replaced with a basil plant. By the way, you can use these plants to repel mosquitoes. With its leaves used for cooking again


8. Cat weed or catnip

Definitely like cat owners because most people who have cats tend to have a marijuana cat. Or catnip to make cats feel alert and in a good mood, but few people know that both marijuana cats and this catnip have the ability to absolutely repel mosquitoes. Wouldn’t it be better if you brought home a marijuana cat and grew it yourself? In order to repel mosquitoes and make your marijuana available for your pet to use whenever they want.


9. Black pepper

The pungent smell of black pepper is something that mosquitoes don’t like. And don’t want to get close to who knew kitchen ingredients could repel mosquitoes? It is also very easy to use, just crush the pepper until it is slightly crushed. To have a more pungent smell than usual and to be placed in the area where mosquitoes enter or fly a lot. and inconvenience you without having to pay extra costs.


10. Finely pound black pepper

Another item that has a lot of capabilities. Black pepper can be found in every kitchen, which many families bring to add flavour. Season the scent to make the food more appetizing as needed, but the inherent power of black pepper can also be used to repel mosquitoes, of course, with a pure aroma. Make it another scent that can help protect against mosquitoes. The preparation process is not difficult. Bring black pepper, grind well, and place it in areas where mosquitoes are frequently seen, and let the pepper do the job of expelling mosquitoes from our house.


How many types of mosquitoes can be found in our homes?

In depth about types of mosquitoes. It was found that the mosquitoes that everyone can meet on the premises are not only two to three species. But there are many different types of mosquitoes out there. To understand and be prepared to deal with this type of insect this section will take a deeper look at each type of mosquito that is commonly found in the habitats. What types of mosquitoes are there? You can continue to follow the content as follows:

Anopheles malaria mosquito

One of the most popular types of mosquitoes. Because in Thailand, there can be up to 73 species of this mosquito, of which 3 out of 73 species can carry such a dangerous disease as malaria. The distinguishing feature in observing the Anopheles mosquito is that while this type of mosquito sucks blood, it raises its bottom aloft. To collect the victim’s blood, another notable point is the ovulation, which will be produced as a single leaf. Where the eggs are separated and above the surface itself

Annoying mosquitoes

Often found in the rainy season is an insect that lives in Africa and Asia, and this type of mosquito is abundant at night. Because of the light sensitivity, the intensity of the bite or the discomfort of itchy mosquito saliva and red blisters, if any patient is allergic to this type of mosquito, there is a chance that there will be an extensive scar. Annoying mosquitoes are carriers of very dangerous diseases such as encephalitis, elephantiasis, and so on. This makes this mosquito a mosquito that is not only a nuisance as its name suggests. But there is also a chance of causing serious illnesses that everyone should be careful with. The advantage of avoiding this type of mosquito is to try to make the house or residence free of water. Because this kind of mosquito will always lay eggs in a raft in the water.

Aedes mosquito

Very few people are not familiar with this type of dangerous mosquito. Because this is the carrier of dengue fever that was recorded in the latest that the world is facing a 30% increase in dengue fever. But the Aedes mosquito that many people know. Not just one strain because it can still be divided into two types which are house mosquitoes and garden mosquitoes.

Aedes aegypti

Mainly originated from African countries carriers of dengue and yellow fever. The spawning method is usually spawning mainly in the water, small in size, able to fly away quickly.

Garden mosquitoes

Native to Asia, a carrier of chikungunya and dengue fever, the method of laying eggs differs from that of the Aedes aegypti. Because the choice to lay eggs in clean water and can be found mainly in farms, gardens or parks The ability to outperform mosquitoes in the home is they can fly farther than the home mosquito

Tiger mosquito

The last type of mosquito that can be found in Thailand is the tiger mosquito found in the western and southern regions, and the control point for this type of mosquito is the brown body that is the main vector of elephantiasis usually raised in a swamp or pond with plants


The negative effects that may occur if the house is filled with mosquitoes.

From the previous article, it can be seen that mosquitoes are not only a nuisance for home residents. But it is also a vector in bringing disease to you. And your loved ones also Allowing mosquitoes into a room or housing is no different than bringing a disease home in any way This section describes different diseases. With mosquitoes for everyone to realize and understand more about the effects of mosquitoes flying in the home.

  • Dengue  fever The Aedes mosquito is a carrier of dengue. This disease is caused by the dang qi virus. Dengue patients have symptoms that start with a high fever. Experiencing symptoms of dizziness until vomiting eventually I started to feel pain all over my body. What is observed are red blisters that gradually appear on the body and stools that change color to black. Reduced appetite Medications to avoid are NSAIDs and aspirin.
  • Malaria is transmitted  by the Anopheles mosquito. It is caused by the parasite Plasmodium. The symptoms that patients will begin to show are high fever and headache. Tiredness more easily than usual Body aches The general symptoms are similar to those of the flu. But it is sharper. Therefore they must be prepared including the processing of medicines before entering malaria-prone areas. Because of this disease there are still medications that can help prevent this type of disease in advance.
  • Chikungunya  Aedes mosquitoes carry chikungunya disease. Chikungunya virus is a disease that currently has no cure. It is necessary to treat according to the patient’s symptoms. There is no preventive vaccine either. The patient’s symptoms will feel body pain. The general symptoms are similar to dengue fever. But it is not as severe as dengue so you should consult a doctor early.
  • Elephantomycosis is  caused by roundworms. With tiger mosquitoes as vectors the initial symptoms of elephantiasis are the leg area will be swollen and deformed. So that the appearance of the foot differs from the foot of the average man, it is the foot of the elephant as it is called. For male patients, there is a high chance that the disease can spread to the testicular area as well.
  • Zika virus is transmitted  by mosquitoes. It is caused by the Zika virus. The main symptoms of Zika patients are high fever. There is pain in the joints and body, swelling of the skin and inflammation. This disease is very dangerous for pregnant women. Because the baby is born in the womb, there will be an anomaly in which the head is smaller than the standard size.
mosquitoes in the house
mosquitoes in the house

How to arrange your home so that it is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes

The best way to avoid mosquito-borne diseases is to destroy mosquito breeding sites. Which is the origin of insects such as mosquitoes In this section, we will introduce you to how to organize your home area so that there is no mosquito breeding area that you do not know about. If you want to know the home organization techniques that were brought together let’s keep going.

Managing water sources around the dwelling

Because mosquitoes tend to breed in places where there is water. Makes areas with ponds a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. Whether or not there is a confined area or pond, the area around the house should be surveyed to prevent mosquito breeding areas. The way to manage the water source is to pour all the water into the standing water area. And put inverted containers that can collect water

Breeding fish in the water source

In the presence of a pond, fish should be raised to prevent breeding areas for disease-carrying mosquitoes. In most cases, guppies, bettas, or acid fish are often used to keep these fish from eating mosquito larvae. It is another interesting method of natural mosquito repellent. The water supply in your home is no longer a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Use a yellow bulb.

Mosquitoes are insects that do not like yellow lights. This is the way to enter city life. Those who want a shortcut to mosquito control are recommended to use yellow lamps. Or spray the yellow spray in the area crowded with mosquitoes. Or as an entrance and exit for mosquitoes such as the balcony or an area in front of the house in this way can avoid mosquitoes coming into your home.

Pour dishwashing liquid down the drain.

One of the channels in which mosquitoes often fly. It is a passage for a variety of small insects. The solution to this problem is to mix equal amounts of dishwashing liquid with water. And pour it down the drain. This is to wipe the sewer pipe cleaner. And prevent mosquitoes from entering this channel again

Always run the fan to allow air circulation.

Most mosquitoes are small. Lightweight One way to ward off discomfort and prevent mosquitoes from flying and biting is to run a fan to keep the air in the room circulating evenly. Because mosquitoes cannot fly against the wind. causing the area to blow air back and forth It is a mosquito free area by default.


Believe that now everyone will see the danger that comes from small insects. It may at one time be seen only as a nuisance but in fact, they can be carriers of several dangerous diseases, such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, elephantiasis, and Zika fever. So you don’t have to pay extra costs. The equipment is easy to find and most importantly, there is no risk of chemical hazards. However, prevention is better than cure, and this seems to be the best way to deal with mosquitoes flying into the house, so monitoring and destroying mosquito breeding areas is a sustainable method. And the most efficient

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