Methods that help strengthen the weak personality of the kid

Methods that help strengthen the weak personality of the kid

The father or mother can unintentionally cause the child’s personality to weaken, and thus some things that help strengthen the child’s personality and increase his self-confidence must be taken under consideration.

A child’s personality is made in step with many factors, including what’s associated with the behavior of the daddy and mother, yet because of the way of handling the kid, and also the environment during which he grows up.

There are some factors that may make a child’s personality weak, especially when he’s aloof from his parents and deals directly with different people.

The reasons for the weakness of the child’s personality

Here are the most reasons that result in a weak personality of the child:

1- Protecting the kid in an excessive manner

Many mothers don’t imagine that excessive protection is going to be a reason for the weakness of the child’s personality. Excessive fear for him also makes him terrified of the interface and also the behavior of situations.

2- the kid doesn’t do many things

He gets won’t to the mother doing all his affairs, and it’s difficult for him to depend upon himself and feel independence and responsibility.

And when he collides with reality, he’s not good at handling things alone.

3- Excessive pampering

Many mothers believe that pampering the kid excessively is an expression of affection so that they get won’t to fulfilling all the desires of the kid without refusing, and this implies that the kid doesn’t know the worth of anything.

This spoiled character makes him deal in a very wrong way with people, and his friends can say some hurtful words to him, which affects his psyche and personality.

4- Violence and threats

The constant threat, intimidation, and violence of the kid will make him always feel afraid to try and do anything, so he doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong, whether with his parents or with anyone around him.

5- Comparing the kid to others

The wrong style that some mothers follow and affect the child’s personality negatively because during this way he loses confidence in himself and feels weak and fewer than his friends.

6- Laughing at a baby

Especially before close people or friends, his condition is affected and he feels broken, which increases the weakness of his personality.

How to strengthen a child’s personality

The child needs an excellent effort to create his strong and assured personality, through some methods, which are:

1- Maintaining an honest example

When the kid notices that the daddy or mother contains a weak personality, he is like them, but when the daddy and mother have a robust and influential personality, the kid is imbued with these good qualities.

A good example is vital for teaching a baby many of the behaviors that he acquires over the years.

2- Leaving the kid to experiment and find out

Even if the mother may be a lot of hysteria and fear for him, she must make him face situations and act alone without interference from her, and he or she must watch from afar so she knows a way to act and support and support him if he needs it.

This will make the kid love adventures, experiences, and confrontation, rather than being afraid and hesitant when addressing anyone.

Here, the role of the mother is that the advisor who gives him some instructions that make him behave better.

3- Make the kid express himself

One of the foremost important ways to strengthen the child’s personality is to grant him the chance to specific himself and his views and to require them if he’s correct, this may make him more confident in himself, and help him consider various things to succeed in the proper solutions.

Also, the mother must leave her child to precise his various emotions and reactions, as this can be one amongst his rights, and if he doesn’t screw, he will feel oppressed.

With time, the kid is ready to control his feelings and behavior better.

4- Constant stimulation of the kid

The mother is that the one who pushes her son forward, and by motivating him in various situations, she is going to contribute to the formation and strengthening of his personality.

You must make him know his strengths, which he’s not weak and can’t be defeated, all of this makes his self-confidence rise, and he’s not afraid to pander to the people around him.

5- Get the kid to participate in various events

As the isolation of the kid ends up in his familiarity with being alone and his fear of reprehension of anyone, to becomes shy, aloof, and antisocial.

It is advised to require advantage of any opportunity for the kid to participate in various activities that increase his contact with children of the identical age, in addition on play sports in clubs, because it is one every one of the important things to strengthen his personality.

6- Improving the mental abilities of the kid

When the kid is sensible and skilled in a number of the items that distinguish him, his personality will become strong and he will brag about what he does ahead of everyone.

Therefore, the mother should help the kid develop his skills, discover his talents, and improve his mental abilities, but without putting pressure on him.

This is through games that depend on intelligence, getting won’t to telling stories, and reading with the kid to expand perceptions and acquire cultures and knowledge.

As well as reprimand the kid and clarifying all the items that suit his age stage.

The mother must also answer the child’s questions because he wants to grasp and learn to use what he learns in various aspects of life.

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