Medicines you should not take while breastfeeding

Medicines you should not take while breastfeeding: know them

If you are breastfeeding, you should familiarize yourself with a list of medicines that a breastfeeding woman should not take, in order to protect your baby from health problems, some of which may be dangerous.

Medicines you should not take while breastfeeding: know them

Here is a list of medicines that a breastfeeding woman should not take:

Medicines that you should not take while breastfeeding

Sometimes the mother has to take medicines during breastfeeding as a result of a health problem that requires treatment, but before taking medicines during breastfeeding, you should consult a doctor; Because there are a group of drugs that are not allowed at this stage since the drugs pass into breast milk and may pose a risk to the infant.


Here is a list of medicines that a breastfeeding mother should not take:

  1. Aspirin

Many people think that aspirin is a safe drug that can be taken at any time without consulting a doctor, and this is wrong, as there are many cases in which aspirin cannot be taken.

During lactation it is not recommended to take aspirin; Because it can cause many health problems for the infant, including:

Reye’s syndrome.


severe drowsiness;

  1. Codeine

Codeine is a mild to a moderate pain reliever. It is a common over-the-counter medication used by most people if they have back pain.

It was previously thought that codeine was safe for breastfeeding mothers, but the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against taking this drug and included it in the list of drugs that should not be taken by breastfeeding mothers, as it is not safe during breastfeeding, as codeine can cause:

Baby feeling sleepy.

Serious breathing problems for the infant.

It is worth noting that Tramadol causes the same risks to the child and threatens his life if the mother takes it.

  1. Decongestants

Decongestants include medicines used in the nose and mouth. Decongestants usually contain pseudoephedrine, which can affect the milk supply. In this case, a nursing woman will suffer from a lack of breast milk, which will negatively affect the health and development of the infant.

  1. Guaifenesin

Medicines containing guaifenesin are used to treat phlegm, as it is a repellent, and this substance is often available in cough syrups.

Guaifenesin medicines are classified among the list of medicines that a breastfeeding woman should not take, as they pass into breast milk and from there to the child, and it has not been proven that they pose a risk to the child’s health, nor has it been proven that they will not harm him, and therefore a doctor should be consulted first before taking it during breastfeeding, as it should Adhere to the specified doses if the doctor prescribes these drugs.

  1. Amantadine

Amantadine is an antiviral drug, and it is considered unsafe during breastfeeding; Because it can cause risks to the health of the child.

Also, this medicine can reduce the supply of breast milk, so it is not recommended to take it while breastfeeding.

  1. Amiodarone

Amiodarone is used to treat heart problems. It is considered unsafe during breastfeeding. Because it has serious effects on the child.

In the event that you have to use this medicine and it is difficult to stop taking it, the solution is to stop breastfeeding.

  1. Antineoplastic drugs

Anti-tumor medicines are among the list of medicines that a breastfeeding woman should not take, as these medicines cause a decrease in the rate of breast milk, so you should consult your doctor if you need to take any anti-tumor medicines during breastfeeding.

  1. Chloramphenicol (Chloramphenicol)

Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic used to treat many serious bacterial infections, such as meningitis, plague, typhoid, and cholera.

This medicine may cause serious symptoms in the infant such as vomiting, excessive gas, and drowsiness. Therefore, breastfeeding should be stopped temporarily if this medicine is necessary.

  1. Clozapine

Clozapine is a psychotropic drug used to treat schizophrenia, and it works by balancing neurotransmitters in the brain. It should not be used by a nursing mother, as this drug causes the child to feel sleepy, and can lead to delayed speech in the child.

  1. Dipyrone

Dipyrone is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug, and it cannot be taken without a doctor’s prescription, as it is used in special cases.

Large amounts of this medicine pass into breast milk and can be found in the urine and blood of infants, meaning that it causes numerous health effects.

  1. Gold salts

Gold salts medicines are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and they can pass to the baby through breast milk and cause serious reactions.

It is preferable to use alternative medicines after consulting a doctor, or you should stop breastfeeding if it is difficult to dispense with these medicines.

  1. Radioactive Iodine

Radioactive iodine is a type of radiotherapy treatment, and this drug is used in the treatment of goiter and immune Graves’ disease. .

  1. Metamizole

Metamizole is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine, and it is classified in the list of medicines that a nursing mother should not take, as it is excreted in breast milk and may harm the baby.

  1. Salicylates

Salicylates are used to lower body temperature and reduce pain and inflammation in the case of arthritis. These medications can cause Reye’s syndrome in an infant, so this medication should be avoided or alternative medications should be used.

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