Lip augmentation using a cup: a dangerous trend among teenagers!

Lip augmentation using a cup: a dangerous trend among teenagers!

In the beauty world, the lips are always a major focus. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in lip augmentation using a cup.

This is a trend that has been quickly catching on among teenagers. In this article, you will learn how a simple cup can make your lips look fuller and more voluptuous.

You will also find out why this trend is dangerous and what you should know before going for it.

Everything you need to know about the cup lip augmentation

There are many different types of lip augmentation using a cup. They can be divided into three groups – injectable, non-injectable, and disposable.

Most commonly, the cup lip enhancement procedure is used when getting your lips done by a licensed dermatologist and ophthalmologist.

Cosmetic surgeons also use them to enhance the lips of patients. Using a cup lip augmentation in plastic surgery Plastic surgeons use a cup lip augmentation when clients want to enhance lips on one side of their face.

But, this is not the only way of getting your lips enhanced. Using a cosmetic cup on the other hand is the easiest way of getting your lips made more noticeable.

By that, we mean one side is made more noticeable than the other.

Why this trend is dangerous

If you are wondering why lip augmentation with a cup is dangerous, you might want to check out the following reasons.

First and foremost, you are putting your lips at great risk. By putting them under pressure, you could damage the tissue and cut off the blood supply.

This is dangerous since that could permanently harm your lips. Second, if the lip augmentation procedure goes wrong, you could experience permanent scarring.

This is especially true if you have undergone augmentation with a small, half-cup tip. Your lips might look big, but the skin would be red and raw.

You will probably have a hard time finding a lip filler or procedure that will give you the result you were hoping for.

What is lip augmentation with a cup? The average size of a lip is between 1.5 and 3 cm.

The dangers of lip augmentation using a cup

Dr. Helen Odessky, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of NYC’s Angels Plastic Surgery explain how this trend is dangerous and how it can make your lips look fuller, thus changing your natural look.

She explains that the key ingredients in lip fillers are hyaluronic acid and Botox. As such, while lip augmentation using a cup is only as good as the skill of the doctor that is doing it, the product can be clumpy and lumps can form.

Dr. Odessky also says that while the lips look fuller, the lips look more natural when the lips have sufficient stretch. Furthermore, you are able to lose the lip augmentation cup during the first few hours after the procedure.

How to prevent the side effects of lip augmentation

A cup (or a Lippo-cup) is a thin silicone cup that has been designed to be inserted into the upper lip. The look of a cup makes it appear fuller.

The problem with this method is that it only gives a temporary effect. You will find that when you take off the bandage, your lip color looks lifeless and patchy. Lip augmentation using a Lippo-cup can cause serious damage to the upper lip as the silicone cup can potentially puncture the skin.

Moreover, people who wear braces or veneers can also find this device painful and difficult to remove. If you want a more permanent look, your lips must be restored to their natural shape.

This means that you will have to undergo a surgical procedure. Make sure that you visit a board-certified dermatologist before you go ahead with this process.

The dangers of getting a cup lip augmentation outside a professional clinic

If you are a teenager and you are considering getting lip augmentation using a cup, you should have your mother or a responsible adult with you.

Because as soon as you have your cup lip augmentation procedure done, the person in charge of the procedure must ensure that you are taken to the nearest hospital or surgery clinic immediately.

This is because the potential for complications is high.

The procedure is known to cause discoloration of the lips if you have the cup lip augmentation done outside a medical facility.

Your lips might also be numb or in some cases, you might even experience numbness in your tongue as well as mouth. In rare cases, lip augmentation might also result in temporary numbness in your facial nerves.

How to prevent the side effects of lip augmentation using a cup

Lip augmentation using a cup may be a quick fix for an average-looking face, but it may lead to irreversible side effects.

If you have never used a filler or other treatment that made your lips look bigger, you should think twice before trying lip augmentation using a cupping procedure.

This trend has recently been highly encouraged by some beauty editors who believe it to be the new, hot thing. However, the surgeons should warn young girls about the effects of lip augmentation using a cup, so they do not get into this dangerous trend.

What are the possible side effects of lip augmentation using a cup? Lip augmentation using a cup can have some pretty serious side effects.


Despite the fact that cup lips have been trending for a while now, we had no idea about the dangers. Lip augmentation using a cup is a very dangerous technique that could cause serious injury or even death.

Here are some facts about this procedure: The cup has two holes in it.

Your mouth will be suctioned inside the cup. It will only go in for a few seconds. You should always work with an experienced doctor.

Do not try to do it yourself! Do not try to remove the cup before it’s fully inserted. Lip augmentation using a cup can have extremely serious health consequences.

If you do not want to end up with infections and scarring, you should stop at once!

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