Learn about the eight roles of the father and the seven roles of the mother in raising a child

Learn about the eight roles of the father and the seven roles of the mother in raising a child


What concerns the father and the mother in raising a child

Each of the father and mother has different roles and tasks in raising children, and there are common roles between them, and each of them must know his responsibilities and duties towards the child.


The mother cannot play the role of the father in raising the child, or vice versa, except in exceptional cases in which one of them is forced to play the role of the other, in the event of separation or travel of one of the parties.


As both the father and the mother have roles, and each of them must be committed to creating a healthy child and raising him in a correct manner.


To learn about everything related to the father and mother in raising children.


The role of the father towards the children


The role of the father is not only limited to work and financial support, but he must perform some tasks in raising children, including:


1- A good example


This is the role of the father, for the children to see him as an example, for the sons imitate the fathers in their various behaviors because the father is the most influential person in the house.


Therefore, the father must be careful in his actions and behaviors, so that the children learn from him the best qualities, and the father must be interested in teaching the child independence and responsibility.


2- Allocate time for children


The father’s preoccupation with work does not mean that he forgets his children, but rather he should allocate time for them daily to talk and participate in play and various activities.


Since the father’s influence is great when he talks to them, he must listen to them and tell them his opinion in various situations, and be a friend to them and not just a father who imposes his decisions on them.


3- Reward and punishment


One of the most important roles of the father is to be strict and firm in situations that require it. Punishment is an essential thing in raising children as much as the mistake they make.


By punishment, we do not mean that the father beats the children, but deprives them of something they love or does not talk to them and other correct methods of education.


But in the case of the son’s behavior and correct behavior, the father must have a role in motivating them and encouraging them to continue this approach, through words of praise and praise in front of everyone, in addition to providing them with appropriate rewards.


4- Containment


One of the common roles between the father and the mother is to give love and affection to the children. The mother is the source of warmth and tenderness, and the father is the one who gives the child safety, and both complement each other.


This helps a lot in reassuring the child and not feeling fear and anxiety, even if he makes a mistake, so that he is frank in everything he does and does not hesitate to admit the mistake and talk to his parents about what concerns him.




The father is usually associated with strength and protection, as he is the source of defense for all family members, and it is an important role that the father must master in protecting his children and his wife from any danger they may be exposed to.


The father can play this role by talking to his children, telling them that he supports them and supports them at all times and any harm they face, whether physical or psychological and asks them to tell him what makes them feel anxious and afraid so that he will be a fortress of safety for them.


6- Provide for the needs of the family


A key role played by the father, even if the mother shares it most of the time, which is the work to bring money and meet all the family’s needs of food, clothing, education and other things.


The role of the father is not limited to providing what the family needs, but to teach them the value of money and conviction in what they have, and the importance of striving and striving to achieve success, and this is what helps them to assume financial responsibility and independence.


7- Education


This is also considered one of the common roles between the father and the mother, so the son needs to be monitored at home while he is in the school stage, and this can be divided between the father and the mother according to their experiences and studies.


The father should also help develop the child’s skills, culture and outlook, not just school-specific education.


8- Participate in activities


One of the basic tasks of both father and mother is the participation of children in various activities and games inside and outside the home, which is an essential aspect for developing the mentality and skills of the child and learning many behaviors such as participation and forming relationships.


The father can compete with the child to teach him the idea of ​​winning and losing and how he can strive for success and excellence.


The role of the mother towards the children


In addition to all the previous roles in which she participates, the mother must perform another set of basic tasks with the child, namely:


1- Pay attention to hygiene


The mother is the most attentive to details, keeping the children clean and healthy, and teaching them how to do this for themselves later.


The mother must make her children share this with her from a young age, so they keep their hands and teeth clean and stay away from sources of pollution.


2- Organizing and arranging


One of the important things that the mother does is to keep the house tidy and organized, and she must make her children like her and ask them to arrange and clean their room after they finish playing.


This role should not be underestimated, because when the child becomes accustomed to the system from a young age, it will turn into a habit that cannot be dispensed with later on.


3- Modifying children’s behavior


It is a joint role between the father and the mother, but due to the presence of the mother for longer periods with the children, she is the one who knows the details of the children’s lives, behaviors and mistakes, and thus is able to modify behaviors and act in situations.


And you should talk with the father if there is a problem with the child’s behavior so that they cooperate to correct these problems with the child.


4- Girlfriend


The mother plays several roles with the child at the same time. She is a serious and assertive mother most of the time. She is the friend and companion who talks, listens, and discusses at other times. She is also a child when she must share with them the various play and activities.


5- Surveillance

Also, because she sits with the children for a long time, she should follow them and watch their behavior without making them feel that it is restricting them.


This helps in discovering any wrong behaviors they have, as it makes them recognize their talents to contribute to their development and consolidation.


6- Shelter


By this word, we mean that the mother is the one who the child goes to her lap when he feels fear and anxiety, and she must contain him, protect him and reassure him.


This may happen about when the child makes a mistake, or when he is afraid of someone, he must find the mother to welcome him and interact with him in various situations.


7- Oriented


One of the important things that the mother should do is to be direct and give advice and instructions to the children, but in a calm and acceptable manner, and not by screaming or sharp discussion.


When the mother sees any mistake by the son, she must alert him and draw his attention to him so that he does not repeat it, and if he repeats it, she warns him again in a more strict manner, and later punishes him until he stops this behavior

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