Kids Cleaning Tips How to Clean Your Room

Kids Cleaning Tips  How to Clean Your Room

Cleaning for children-not it’s a sight that all parents see every day. That’s why some simply ask Molly Maid to clean the rooms of their children, whether on a daily or as-needed schedule. The following steps are included in our system for cleaning a messy kid’s room:

  • Dust surfaces with window sills and baseboards included.
  • Clean objects for hanging and decoration. (Sorry, we’re not washing toys, but we have tips below for this!)
  • Clean all the furniture and fixtures and wipe them clean.
  • Vacuum the floors and furniture with upholstery
  • Using new linens to cover the bed (but be sure to ask your team about adding this to your cleaning plan).

Think of us as your personal cleaning team that comes in after the toys and clutter have been put away by you or your children. If you would like to tackle the grime yourself, maybe between cleanings from Molly Maid, keep reading!

Thanks for learning the art of cleaning your room if you’re a kid or teen reading this! Knowing how to clean the right way in your room will save you time and leave you with a room in which you are able to spend time. Plus, as you know, if you have a clean room, it is easier to concentrate on your homework. This can be achieved by you. Only follow these steps, and you will easily have the cleanroom that you need:

  • Put your clothes away: are they throwing clothes around the room? Hang up the ones you can wear again, and put the dirty ones in the hallway or laundry basket/hamper, so when you’re finished washing, you can take them to the laundry room.


  • Make your bed: If your sheets haven’t been washed in a week or two, take them to the laundry room with your dirty clothes. Once your bed is made, you can use it for organizing your stuff. For example, you can group together all your books or school supplies on the bed so you can put them all away at once.


  • Take care of the clutter: Toys, books, dirty dishes, video game controllers … Put everything where it belongs. If you’re not sure where something goes, make a new permanent spot for it.


  • Clean your dresser, desk, and any other surface: Put some warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bucket. Dip a clean cloth in the bucket, and wipe down all the hard surfaces. Or you can use some pre-moistened wipes. Don’t forget to clean your doorknobs, window sills, bookshelves, computer, and other surfaces that collect dust. Dry everything with a towel when you’re done.


  • Put some warm water and a few drops of dish soap into a bucket: Clean your dresser, desk, and every other surface. In the bucket, dip a clean rag, and wipe down all the rough surfaces. Or any pre-moistened wipes you can use. Don’t forget to disinfect your window sills, doorknobs, bookshelves, monitor, and other dust-gathering surfaces. When you’re done, dry everything with a towel.


  • Clean any glass: Use glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towels to clean your bedroom mirror and windows. Newspapers or coffee filters also work great as cloths for clean, streak-free windows and mirrors!


  • Vacuum the furniture: Are there crumbs in your chair or on your bedspread? Vacuum them off with a brush attachment. Try to do this about once a month.


  • Clean the floor: Save the floor for last, because when you move all around, it can get dusty. Next, make sure that you sweep up any coins or other little stuff that may get vacuumed or swept up accidentally. Vacuum the entire floor, even under the bed, if you have a carpet. Sweep the whole room with a broom and a dustpan whether you have hardwood flooring, vinyl, or something else. To clean the stuck-on dirt, use a mop (or just a towel dipped in your cleaning bucket) that.


  • You can sit back and relax now that your room’s clean! Try a little bit every day to tidy up. When it’s time to really sweep, you’ll have less work to do. Every day, items you should do are put away clutter, wipe down your dresser and desk, and hang up your clothes.


  • Fun Ways to Clean Your Room


  • Music: With the correct music, cleaning is always more enjoyable. Have a dance fight when you clean, if you’re washing with others! Work on your moves if you’re by yourself.


  • Hoops: Why not make a basketball game out of something that is not breakable, whether you throw away garbage or place clothes in the laundry hamper?


  • Breaks: Taking breaks after completing a big job is OK. To get your heart racing, use your break time to play a fast video game, get a snack or do some jumping jacks. Get back to cleaning then!


  • Mop Socks: use a cleaning solution to spray wood or vinyl floors, put on a pair of clean, fluffy socks and start sliding! When you have fun, your socks will pick up the dirt. As they can get incredibly dirty in the process, you may want to use a pair of socks that are near to retirement.


  • Hidden Gems: Make someone in the crazy room hide a few prizes, such as some sweets or a few dollar bills. That way, while you sweep, you (the kiddo) will discover prizes.


  • Parent Tips: Get Your Kids Cleaning


  • It can be difficult to inspire your children to clean their rooms often. But the whole thing gets a lot easier if they have the right incentives and tools, and if they understand why cleaning is necessary. No matter what age they are, the following ideas could get your kids to clean their rooms.


  • (Kids, if you are reading this, when they use these strategies, try to go easy on your parents. A cleanroom is a very nice thing, we promise!)


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