Key points in feeding a nursing mother

 Key points in feeding a nursing mother

Learn about the foods that you should eat during the breastfeeding period that benefit you and your baby… And beware of some foods that may harm you.

Key points in feeding a nursing mother

You have followed a balanced and healthy nutrition program during pregnancy and we advise you to continue it in the postpartum period with some simple additions, as well as you should continue to eat three meals with an additional meal in the morning or evening.

The food must be balanced and in sufficient quantities to maintain the health and safety of your body, which will secrete the precious milk necessary for nourishing your baby.

Breast milk contains the following substances:

 Proteins are necessary for growth, construction, and repair.


 fatty substances.




These substances help the child’s growth and weight gain.

So, you should follow the nutrition program scheduled for the period of pregnancy, provided that you add to it the following:

First: basic foods:

(milk – cheese – vegetables), you have to add:

 A glass or two of milk.

 One piece of cheese.

 Half a serving of vegetables: cooked – or uncooked.

Second: Useful foods:

 An extra teaspoon of butter.

 An extra tablespoon of oil.

 Two tablespoons of sugar or jam.

Do not be afraid of gaining weight while breastfeeding:

These additives do not lead to obesity and obesity, because the need of your body during the lactation period is slightly more than it needs during pregnancy, so do not suppress your appetite during this period, as food is necessary to make breast milk, and you will notice that your weight rarely increases during this period and it is easy to get rid of this increase in If it occurs, remove the extra amount of sugar or jam, or remove the extra amount of butter or oil.

 Do not forget to drink adequate amounts of fluids (about two liters):

Do not resist the physiological thirst that increases naturally during this period. You can drink water, milk, light tea, light coffee, and boiled natural herbs (mint, etc.). As for fruit juice, you should drink it in moderation because it may lead to diarrhea in your child, although it is transient and without any danger. It (only fruit juice diarrhea).

 You should avoid some vegetables with a sharp taste:

Like celery, green beans, cauliflower, garlic, and onions, they give breast milk a sharp taste that some children may not like (they cannot swallow and eat). If your child is not affected by this sharp taste, you can continue to eat them, and you should continue to avoid alcoholic beverages.

 When you wean your baby:

Do not abandon good eating habits: such as eating three meals, and do not follow a harsh diet program that is mentally and physically tiring.

You will not be able to regain your fitness within several weeks and you must follow a moderate and gradual diet model as follows:

For staple foods:

Omit a glass or two of milk and it is better to eat low-fat milk.

Eat one piece of cheese and a glass of milk.

As for the necessary foods: do not make any adjustments and continue with the previous program.

Useful foods:

Reduce the amount of bread to 100g (half a loaf).

And reduce the number of potatoes to 100 g (two potatoes).

As for sugar, you should be satisfied with half a tablespoon per day, and try to avoid sweets, jams, and chocolate, as well as sweetened soft drinks such as cola.

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