Did you know that Australian kangaroos are at the top of the food chain? Which led to their multiplication to the point that they had to be hunted to control the population

kangaroo  Of all the national animals in the world, no country is more appropriate than the Australian kangaroo. Because in addition to being cool and cute, he’s really the only animal in this country. No need to compete with other nations I would consider the national animal.

And by the numbers, Australia is likely to be called  Kangaroo Country   because the country has more kangaroos  (  Australians are around  25  million, while the number of kangaroos traveling the country is around  40-50  million)  . 

And because there really are a lot of kangaroos. So many that they have to kill millions of them every year to control the population. Who killed is not just killed . Because kangaroo meat is exported to Europe. Its skin is so hard that it can be used to make shoes. Where soccer cleats, at least, are made from kangaroo leather.


But why are there so many kangaroos?

Well, in the beginning Australia really had a lot of kangaroos. It is an animal that the indigenous people have been hunting for  40,000  years. Europeans eat accordingly.

And when the Europeans enter they also started farming. Or farm animals mainly by raising cows which when humans started to raise animals natural predators that had not been a problem before, such as   dingoes  ” (  they look like domestic dogs, just wild beasts  )  immediately started having problems.

Because the dingo plays an important role in controlling the kangaroo population. It is the only terrestrial animal in Australia that can eat kangaroos  (  because of their size, they probably hunt young kangaroos that have just emerged from their marsupials)  What follows is the number of kangaroos is increasing.

Normally, kangaroos can only have one cub  per year, as the cubs live in their famous marsupials for a  year  to a year  and a half  before they emerge, which come out for a while in their reproductive stage due to their age. Only 2  years old, Jo is really ready to have a baby.

Now let’s think simple. Assuming that the kangaroo population is about  50  million, half of which are male. The other half  are 25  million females, and  20  million are of childbearing age. They all have one offspring each year, so the kangaroo population is likely to increase by  20  million annually, or nearly as many kangaroos per year as the population of Australia.


Which would not be difficult to guess right away that there would be environmental problems, and plants and herbs would be eaten

Kangaroos eat a lot


But  for Australia, a country that raises a lot of cattle , diminishing pasture means the cattle run out of grass and this has a huge impact on the economy.

Or simply say that if the kangaroo is allowed to continue breeding. We may not have what is called   Australian beef   in our barbecue and shabu restaurants. Because it will make Australia unable to raise cows.

That is why the Australian government gave the green light to hunters to hunt kangaroos, even kangaroo hunting has made some species of kangaroos almost extinct. Because there are many types of kangaroos  (  more than  70  species  )  ranging from small to large. And without the green light at all it will cause problems for the smaller species. Finally, the Australian government has issued a regulation that only 4 species can be caught, and they are all large species  because  they breed so fast and they really feed a lot. The main hunted species is the red kangaroo. It is the largest species we know of.

Hunting regulations clearly appeared. The state has a hunting quota each year  (  about  10-20  million birds  )  , for which hunters must be well trained. To kill a kangaroo in the  most humane way, a single shot must be fired into its   head  . You must kill the child accordingly because if the child is left unattended, he will surely starve to death. Who decided that I had to smash the baby’s head to death at the same time.        

All of this may sound harsh to people who think kangaroos are cute animals. But at least the Australian government and the Kangaroo Meat Industry Association agree . Despite how offensive animal rights advocates are, it’s hard to get

Kangaroo hunting


The “  bad joke   is that global warming people attack beef as a cause of global warming, whether it’s the need to reduce forest area to feed cattle or the methane emissions from the cows that support it. Kangaroo meat, so I can say that hunting kangaroos to eat here causes less global warming than raising cows.

And that would be a really ironic joke, because while in the world there shouldn’t be a nation that has an industry of hunting   wild animals   to eat solid food. Instead, Australians hunt   wild animals   that are considered   national animals   to eat because they push the population to expand too much. If food is not foraged, it will be disturbed from the ecosystem to the economic system.

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