Is it necessary to raise the head of the infant during sleep?

Is it necessary to raise the head of the infant during sleep?

Is it possible to raise the head of the infant during sleep using the pillow? Before doing this, it is important to know the answer.

Is it necessary to raise the head of the infant during sleep?

Many parents wonder about the possibility of raising the head of the infant during sleep. To answer this question, we present to you the following article:

Is it possible to raise the head of the infant during sleep?

The short answer is no, as the infant’s head should not be elevated while sleeping with the pillow during sleep.

Nor should the pillow be used until the baby is about 18 months old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.

Therefore, when a baby sleeps in his crib, there must be nothing on the bed except the sheet for the mattress, provided that it is well attached to it.

The reason behind these recommendations not to raise the infant’s head during sleep with a pillow is to reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), due to suffocation caused by using this pillow.

Remember that your child does not have the ability to control his head and neck yet, so the harms resulting from using the pillow may outweigh the benefits in this case, besides, your child may suffer from sensitivity to the materials from which the pillows are made, which will generate a regression He has an allergic reaction.

Can a horseshoe pillow be used?

In recent years, the horseshoe pillow for babies has spread, which is believed to protect the head of infants from flattening, but what is the truth about this?

Unfortunately, using this pillow can increase the child’s chances of developing flat head syndrome, because the child’s head is more likely to remain in the same position throughout his sleep.

In addition, this pillow can pose a danger to the child’s health, because it may hinder the movement of his head, which would be dangerous if the child is relegated and unable to move his head to the side.

Recommendations for choosing the right baby pillow

So, after your child reaches the appropriate age to use the pillow, it is possible to start looking for that suitable pillow for him, and the following recommendations can be taken into consideration:

The pillow should be hard and flat.

The pillow should be small in size and fit his bed, and the adult pillow should not be used.

Choose a pillowcase made of full cotton and choose light colors to replace it as soon as you notice that it is soiled.

Try to avoid stuffed pillows with some perfume added, as this may cause an allergic reaction to the baby.

It is preferable to avoid resorting to pillows stuffed with feathers, as they may cause an allergy to it.

The pillow should be washed and cleaned frequently according to the instructions that accompany it because it is a breeding environment for germs and bacteria to grow.

It is possible to avoid using a pillow-top sheet if you are concerned that your child is allergic to it.

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