Important foods for women after childbirth

 Important foods for women after childbirth

A woman’s food after childbirth should be very rich in important nutrients, in order to compensate for what the body lost from those elements during pregnancy and childbirth, and also to secure the child’s nutritional need if the mother wants to breastfeed him naturally.

Important foods for women after childbirth are listed in the following:


Fish is one of the important foods to strengthen a woman’s body after childbirth, but the best kind remains salmon, because it contains healthy omega-3 fats, which have a role in reducing the possibility of depression during the postpartum period, and it also benefits the infant if he is breastfeeding. in the development of his nervous system.

But it is worth noting that the amount of salmon eaten per week is 340 grams, which is equivalent to two fish, in order to reduce the amount of mercury that the infant may be exposed to.

The level of mercury in salmon is low, but some other types of fish contain a high amount of it, so they should be completely avoided, such as swordfish and mackerel.

Low-fat dairy products

Important foods for women after childbirth One of them is dairy products, as all dairy products are an important part of breastfeeding, and they are an important part in restoring the lost elements of women after childbirth.

Milk, cheese and dairy products are all products that provide women after childbirth with all of the following:



Vitamins, especially vitamin D, promote healthy and strong bones.

Healthy minerals, especially calcium, which is transmitted to the child through breastfeeding, improves the growth of his bones and make them strong.

It is recommended to eat at least three cups of dairy daily, especially in the postpartum period.


Beef provides a woman after childbirth with many low elements in her body as a result of the birth process, the most prominent of which are the following:

Iron element, which is reduced by a woman’s body after childbirth as a result of losing a large amount of blood during childbirth.


Vitamins, especially vitamin B12.

The need for these elements increases if the mother is breastfeeding, and the meat should be free of fat to avoid high cholesterol in the body.

You can add legumes to the list of foods suitable for women after childbirth instead of meat, as both have almost the same benefits, and the most prominent of the following legumes are:





But it should be eaten in moderation, as it affects the work of the digestive system, and causes it some harm, such as: bloating and indigestion.


Berries are a good option to help a postpartum woman meet her needs for vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, which are passed on to a baby every day through breastfeeding.

brown rice

Important foods for women after childbirth, the best of which is brown rice, as it contains a great benefit in addition to the lack of carbohydrates in it compared to white rice.

Brown rice is a good healthy option for preventing weight gain.


Eggs are one of the foods that contain many vitamins, healthy minerals, and proteins, all of which are needed by women after childbirth.

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, a vitamin that has many benefits, most notably:

Increasing the body’s immunity, thus fighting infection more.

Promote iron absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

These benefits are needed by the woman after childbirth. As for the child, if she is breastfeeding, he will benefit from folic acid, which is important in promoting its proper growth.

green leafy vegetables

Important foods for women after childbirth, one of them is leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables contain vitamin A and many important nutrients for the mother and the infant. The most useful vegetables include the following:




Important drinks for women after childbirth

After identifying important foods for women after childbirth, it is necessary to identify the important drinks, as they are no less important.

Among the most important drinks for women after childbirth is the following:


Water is the pillar of life, and at least 8 glasses of it must be drunk daily to compensate for the lack of fluid in the woman’s body, and to generate breast milk.

Fruit juices: Fruit juices contain many nutrients, especially if they are prepared at home.

Herbal drinks:

Herbs are an important part of the important drinks for women after childbirth, they give energy and vitality and also generate milk.

It is advised to avoid drinking caffeinated liquids, such as coffee or tea, as it may affect the nervous system of the mother and her child.

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