How to stop vomiting in children?

How to stop vomiting in children?

Vomiting has physical effects on the patient, which makes him wonder how to stop the vomiting? What are the ways to protect against vomiting?

How do I stop vomiting?

Vomiting can be stopped at home by following these steps:

Drink liquids even if you are not thirsty, as it is recommended to drink one to two glasses of liquids after half an hour of vomiting, such as water, solutions that contain minerals, and pure broth.

Avoid drinking alcohol immediately after vomiting; It increases the feeling of nausea and leads to more dehydration of the body.

Eat some sweets, such as lemonade or mint to get rid of the bad taste after vomiting.

Drink ginger ale, as ginger helps relieve nausea after vomiting and calm the stomach.

Use aromatherapy, as smelling the aroma helps relieve nausea that leads to vomiting, such as: the smell of lavender, chamomile, lemon oil, mint, cloves, and rose.

The use of Chinese medicine by pressing on the wrist to relieve the feeling of nausea.

Take a break to help the body recover its energy after vomiting.

Eat gradually according to a diet known as a low-fiber diet (BRAT diet), which is a diet consisting of potatoes, rice, apples, and toast.

Resorting to taking over-the-counter medications to reduce vomiting if the situation does not improve, and if the vomiting continues severely, you should consult a doctor to take a specific medication.

It is worth mentioning the need to continue taking the medicines that are used on a daily basis, and not to stop taking them without consulting the doctor.

How to stop vomiting in children?

To answer the question of how to stop vomiting in children, we offer you the following home tips:

  1. Increase fluid intake

The child’s health should be monitored to avoid dehydration by giving him plenty of fluids gradually, and avoiding solid foods for 12 hours after vomiting, with plenty of fluids and soups.

  1. Give the child some warm drinks

The child can be given some warm drinks that help stop vomiting, such as ginger ale with honey, as ginger helps reduce nausea, and it is recommended to add drops of honey to make the child palatable.

Mint drink also helps to stop vomiting, and lemon or honey can be added with it, but caution should be exercised and honey is not given to a child under one year of age.

  1. Drink rice water

Rice water helps reduce vomiting caused by viral gastroenteritis in the child.

White rice water is recommended, where a cup of rice is placed in a bowl containing two cups of water, boiled on the fire, then the water is taken and drunk.

  1. Drink cloves

Clove also helps relieve vomiting, and honey can be added to the drink.

  1. Drink chamomile

Chamomile has soothing properties for the child, which reduces his feeling of nausea, and has benefits in promoting good sleep for the child, and improving digestion.

How do I protect myself from vomiting?

After identifying the answer, how do I stop vomiting? Let’s learn about ways to prevent vomiting:

  1. Maintain personal hygiene

Always make sure you and your family wash your hands before eating, before preparing food, and after using the bathroom.

In addition to cleaning the house, and food surfaces.

  1. Surface cleaning

The surfaces should be cleaned periodically with water and sterilizers to avoid any infection.

  1. Avoid sharing personal items

Avoid sharing your personal items, such as toothbrushes, clothing, and facial products.

  1. Avoid cooking after vomiting

avoids preparing food for 48 hours after stopping vomiting; To avoid cross-infection, if present.

  1. Avoid transmitting infection

In case the vomiting is due to microbial infection, avoid transmitting the infection by avoiding swimming for two weeks from the date the vomiting stopped.

On the other hand, try to stay away from people with low immunity, such as newborns, pregnant women, and the elderly

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