How to protect children from the emerging corona virus

How to protect children from the emerging corona virus

The emerging coronavirus is considered a highly contagious virus, but some preventive measures can be taken to reduce the chances of children getting infected with this virus.

How to protect children from the emerging coronavirus

Regardless of the age, anyone can be infected with the emerging coronavirus, as it is rapidly spreading, but the chances of infection in children can increase as a result of their inability to follow preventive measures.

The Coronavirus may not pose a danger to children in the event of infection, but this does not mean that the health of the child will not be neglected and not prevented from contracting the disease.

Here are the most important preventive measures to protect the child from the Coronavirus.

1- Talking to the child about the virus

It is the most important step in protecting a child from the emerging coronavirus, as he must talk to him about this virus, its causes and risks, to be aware of what is happening around him, and how dangerous this virus is for those who contract it.

And after the child learns all the information about the virus, he will take better care to avoid contracting it or transmitting it to those around him.

2- Teaching the child ways to prevent

This step follows from what preceded it, as parents must start teaching the child ways to prevent the virus, which are:

Correct handwashing method: You must stand with the child in front of the sink and start washing hands in the correct way so that soap and water reach all parts of the hand, and handwashing continues for 20 seconds.

The child should be alerted to the necessity of washing hands constantly, especially before eating and after touching any surfaces and after entering the bathroom, as well as after sneezing or coughing and clarifying the importance of washing hands in ridding them of viruses.

Not touching the hands to the face: You should talk to the child about the necessity of not touching the hands to the face as much as possible, and remind the child of this at all times, in order to avoid the transmission of viruses from the hands into the body.

The correct way to sneeze or cough: The child must be taught to sneeze or cough into a tissue and then dispose of it immediately so that the virus does not pass from one person to another, and he should stay away from people with these symptoms.

Constant hand sterilization: Constant hand sterilization helps eliminate viruses, using a hand sanitizer that contains 60% to 75% alcohol at most, and therefore hand sanitizer must be provided at home for all family members to use, according to the guidelines of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Of which.

3- Keep the child away from others

One of the important things that help protect the child from infection with the emerging coronavirus is not to take him anywhere with gatherings during the period of the spread of disease and infection, as it is easy to transmit the disease to the child.

It is advised that the child not leave the house except in necessary cases, in order to avoid exposure to infection, and it is not recommended to take him on shopping trips, picnics, watching movies, or even practicing various activities.

And the child can be compensated at home by participating in playtimes so that he does not feel bored from staying at home.

4- Promote the health of the child’s immune system

There are many foods and drinks that help boost the health of the child’s immune system, and therefore they should be given to the child constantly, including:

Vegetables and fruits: especially rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, strawberries, guavas, apples, green peppers, and colors.

Herbal drinks: Herbal drinks help in strengthening immunity, such as anise and chamomile, and the child should drink more water.

Exercising: The child can be encouraged to exercise daily at home, as this helps in strengthening his immune system.

On the other hand, it is advised not to give the child unhealthy foods and avoid ready meals, fats and sugars.

5- Monitor the baby all the time

The mother should monitor the child all the time to ensure that he takes the basic preventive measures that we talked about earlier, as playing distracts children from taking these measures.

In the event that the child forgets any preventive measure, the mother should remind him and help him to do it until he gets used to it on his own.

6- Self-protection first

It is not possible to protect the child from infection with the emerging coronavirus without first protecting himself, as it can be transmitted from one parent to the child, and therefore the same procedures that we ask of the child must be done, whether washing hands, covering the nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing, as well as constantly sterilizing hands.

The father and mother should also stay away from crowded places and not leave the house except in necessary cases according to the instructions set by the country.

The mother should clean all surfaces in the house and make sure that they are disinfected

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