Health risks to the infant when kissing him

Health risks to the infant when kissing him

Many parents kiss babies after birth, as well as close relatives when visiting the mother, which poses many health risks.

Health risks to the infant when kissing him

Kissing the newborn is a common thing that mothers do, and many people can kiss him when visiting the mother after birth, and it is a wrong habit that must be stopped.

In the early stages of a child’s life, the immune system is weak because it is not yet fully developed, and therefore it is difficult for it to resist the bacteria and viruses that infect it.

This means that the infection is easily transmitted from anyone who kisses him to the child, which increases the chances of him contracting many diseases, whether skin or respiratory diseases and others.

Diseases that affect a baby when kissing him

The following are the most prominent diseases that can affect the infant when kissing him.

1- Dermatology

The contagious skin disease can easily be transmitted to the child when you kiss him, and there are some serious skin diseases that threaten the life of the child, such as herpes.

There are two types of herpes, oral herpes, and genital herpes, and if an infant is infected with herpes, it is called “newborn herpes”, which is difficult to treat in a child, unlike adults who can be treated easily.

Neonatal herpes poses many health risks to the baby, as the virus can attack the liver, lungs, central nervous system, skin, eyes, and mouth.

Some signs that a baby has herpes can be identified, including:

Skin rash.


Irritation of the eyelids and eyes.

swollen glands;


Kissing a baby while applying makeup causes irritation and inflammation of the skin as a result of harmful chemicals found in various cosmetics.

2- Respiratory diseases

Often, there is the onset of a bacterial or viral infection in an adult without any knowledge, as the symptoms have not yet appeared, and thus it is easy to transmit this infection to the infant by simply kissing him or even approaching his face.

There are many respiratory diseases that can be transmitted to the infant, such as influenza and colds, and the subsequent serious complications, especially that the child’s body will not be able to resist this infection, and the symptoms are:

high fever


acute colic;

persistent vomiting

Throat pains.

stuffy nose;

Breathing difficulty.

And all of these symptoms pose a great danger to the health of the child, as it can reach pneumonia or bronchitis, and other diseases.

In the event of a child suffering from respiratory diseases, he will be unable to eat milk and thus become weak and vulnerable to many other diseases resulting from malnutrition.

How to protect your child from the dangers of kissing?

There are some measures that must be taken to protect the infant from the dangers of kissing, which are:

Not kissing him from the mouth: The mother can kiss her child, but not on his mouth, and in case she has any infection, she must refrain from kissing him until she recovers from it.

Washing hands before touching the child: It is recommended to wash hands before touching or holding the child, and this applies to different people.

Not allowing anyone to kiss him: There is nothing wrong with that because the most important thing is the health of the child, and therefore anyone should be warned that kissing the child is not allowed. The mother may ask infected persons to postpone the visit until a later time until they have recovered from the disease.

Follow-up of the child’s condition: The mother should monitor her young child and make sure that there are no symptoms of common health problems at this stage in order to avoid the various risks that can occur to him.

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