Habits to do after giving birth

Habits to do after giving birth


A woman needs to do some habits after giving birth, which helps restore her health and her ability to care for and breastfeed the baby during this stage.

Habits to do after giving birth

The body goes through many changes after childbirth, where the stage of childbirth ends and a new stage begins, which is breastfeeding, and thus changes occur in the hormones so that the body gradually returns to its normal state.

The most important thing to do after giving birth

During this stage, the woman must do some important habits for her health and the health of the baby.

1- Eat healthy foods

A woman should take care of eating foods rich in fiber to prevent constipation, as well as foods rich in iron to restore her health and ability to care for and breastfeed her newborn.

It is recommended to increase the number of fruits and vegetables at this stage, especially leafy green vegetables, in addition to whole grains, protein, and low-fat dairy products.

On the other hand, it is advised not to eat a lot of some foods that can change the taste of breast milk or cause harm to the baby, such as garlic and foods that contain spices, and some types of fish rich in mercury such as tuna, swordfish, tilefish, and mackerel.

2- Drink enough fluids

It is necessary for women to be keen to drink sufficient amounts of fluids, especially water, which helps rid the body of toxins, maintain moisture and prevent dehydration.

Drinking water also helps prevent constipation, which can affect women and cause severe inconvenience and pain.

Milk is a very useful and important fluid for breastfeeding women, in addition to fresh fruit juices without adding sugar.

3- Doing walking

A woman should exercise daily, but not exert herself too much in the postpartum period.

You start walking for a little while and gradually increase over time, as walking helps move all the muscles of the body and enjoy flexibility after birth cramps.

4- Sit properly

Some women have to sit the wrong way while breastfeeding, but this is a common mistake that every breastfeeding woman should be aware of.

She should sit in an upright position and use the feeding pillow, which does not make her bend forward in order to feed her baby.

5- Emptying breast milk

Emptying the milk as soon as possible helps to increase the amount of breast milk and to generate it better, because, in the event of a delay in feeding the child, the amount of breast milk will decrease.

A woman can freeze breast milk and use it later to breastfeed the baby.

6- Moisturizing the skin

It is necessary for a woman to moisturize the skin, especially in certain areas of the body, such as the breast area, so that it does not get dry and cracks that hinder the breastfeeding process.

Moisturizing the abdomen also helps reduce the stretch marks that appear in this area after childbirth, and it is preferable to start moisturizing the abdomen and breast from the ninth month of pregnancy.

Habits to avoid after giving birth

On the other hand, there are some wrong habits that women should avoid after giving birth, which are:

Eating fatty foods and a lot of sweets: Among the foods that cause many damages to the body are fats and sweets, and they help in gaining weight significantly.

Drinking caffeinated drinks: such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks, lead to irregular sleep, and caffeine negatively affects breast milk.

Smoking: Smoking causes many damages to the health of the child, even if passive smoking is through exposure to smoke, and this is even more dangerous to health.

Tendency to laziness and lethargy: Some women tend to be lazy and lethargic after childbirth, which increases the chances of pain in the legs, back, and the rest of the body’s organs.

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