Guide to raising children on your own!

 Guide to raising children on your own!


How do I raise my child alone? A single mother may find this question difficult to answer, but these difficulties can be resolved with a little creativity. Here’s the guide.


Child-rearing guide for every single mom!


How do I raise my child alone? A question for every single mother.


The relationship between a single mother and her child is complicated, not because the father’s personality is not present in this equation, but rather because many single mothers are very afraid that the absence of a father will negatively affect the child’s psychological health.


It is important to mention that your son does not need the presence of a man near him in order to grow up and become a psychologically sound man. Rather, he needs primarily understanding and love.

In addition to researching the imitation model that your son does alone, there are some things you can do to help him become the man he should be.


Here are ten tips that answer the question “How do I raise my child on my own”:


1- Accept the difference


Accept the difference in your son. The environment in which a boy grows up is the most important part of his development, his personality, and his traits.


In all cases of a mother raising her child alone, whether, in the case of widowhood, divorce, or her choice, the child will be affected in one way or another. Therefore, it is important that you accept your son’s difference, for better or worse.


2- Pay attention to the concept of “man of the house”


You can’t turn him into a “man of the house.” If you want to teach him to grow up to be a man, it is important that you pay attention to the difference between the “little man” and the man responsible for the things that adults are supposed to do.


Your son is not your man or the knight of your dreams. It is very important not to tell the son of widowed or just divorced mothers that he is the “man of the house” or that he should keep his mother.


3- His suspicion of his father is not his fault


It’s natural to get excited when you see his father’s face in him. After all, if your ex has left you one thing of value after a breakup – it’s your son. Make sure to tell your son how important he is to you.


4- Teach him that the concept of man is positive


Show him the positive features of the men you meet in everyday life. That is, even if you are in a shoe store, and the salesman is listening and helping, it is better to tell your son things like “how nice the seller is” and so on.


5- Boys’ affairs


Be more creative when it comes to ‘boys things’. Many single mothers complain of fear for their son when he urinates sitting down or when he messes with her makeup case.


It is likely that your son will not spend the rest of his life sitting on the toilet seat with mascara on. There is no relationship between the fact that your son watches you wear make-up and his sexual orientation in the future.


If you’d like to outline him, you can try to customize a basket of fake men’s shower and grooming items, his toothbrush, comb, etc., and show him that’s what most men do in the morning.


6- Belonging to a group


As your son gets older, he will want to participate in activities just for the boys. You should not be afraid of the activities that children do with their fathers, as they are not suitable for your situation. Your child may like to play more with the children their parents live with.


Feeling of belonging to a group is very important for developing your kid’s self-esteem.


7- Teach your own values


Give him your set of values, but don’t allow him to express it as he likes. As a male, he may respond to emotional states differently than you.


8- Don’t neglect sports


If your son is very efficient, buy him appliances that he can use at home on rainy days. Exercising is crucial for boys. In boys, the need for energy output is greater than that of girls.


9- Having role models


Role models are important to a boy’s development and are linked to different aspects of his life. Sons need masculine figures in their lives, but not necessarily a father figure.


10- Don’t forget to enjoy your time with your son


Most importantly – enjoy your time with your son, and stop thinking about the things he might be missing because he doesn’t have a “father” near him. At the same time, try not to evade parenting matters.


Although there are many books that tell of mothers who raise their children alone, it is also preferable that you read to your son books that show different forms of families.


In addition, it is important not to express too negative attitudes towards men.

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