Gripe water: is it safe for the baby?

Gripe water: is it safe for the baby?

Strange water is one of the common nutritional supplements that are used to treat colic in infants, but there are some harms that may result from it, here are the details.

Gripe water: is it safe for the baby?

We have known for a long time that there is water called Gharib water that is given to infants because of its many benefits. Is it really useful and safe for the health of the infant? Learn all the details about Gharib Water:


What is gharib water?

It is a food supplement based on water in addition to some other ingredients, such as herbs, such as: chamomile, fennel, ginger, sodium bicarbonate, and sugar, in addition to lemon balm, and is characterized by its sweet taste that appeals to the child.

The components of Gharib water vary according to the company that produces it, as it initially contained a small percentage of alcohol, but doctors objected to having alcohol in its composition, so some companies canceled the percentage of alcohol from Gharib water while others continued to add it.

The first strange water was produced in the nineteenth century, and after its circulation in the markets, doctors noticed that it had a strange effect in calming infants and making them relieve colic and feel comfortable, which made it one of the most prominent products that mothers do not dispense with for their young.

Is Gharib water safe for infants?

There is no scientific evidence that proves that gharib water is healthy or harmful to the baby, but there are many mothers who find this formula useful and effective with their children, but by knowing its components we can know if it is useful or dangerous for the infant:

  1. Alcohol

In the event that strange water contains alcohol, the mother should warn and not give it to her child, and although it calms the child, it has many risks.

  1. Sodium bicarbonate

This element contributes to relieving acidity, but if the baby’s colic is due to non-acidity, then sodium bicarbonate will not help calm the baby and eliminate colic, but be aware that excessive sodium bicarbonate intake for the infant will lead to a condition called alkaline milk syndrome, that is, eating a large amount of milk and alkali together.

Since sodium bicarbonate is a highly alkaline substance, and this can affect the baby’s kidneys, it is not recommended to drink large amounts of ghriba water, especially for premature babies, or those who have kidney problems.

  1. Dill and fennel seed oil

It is one of the herbs that help get rid of colic in most infants, while some are allergic to these ingredients and therefore it is not possible to be sure of their suitability with the child until after he takes them.

  1. Sugar

It was found that the taste of sugar helps calm colic in children, but the excess sugar can be harmful to the teeth and gums, as it may lead to tooth decay in the child, and this is another reason not to use too much strange water for the infant.

Tips before using Gharib water

After knowing the components of Gharib water and their effects on the health of the infant, here are the most important tips before buying and using it:

Consult the doctor: Before giving the child strange water, he is the only person who knows your child’s condition and problems, and will this water help rid the child of colic? Or is it dangerous to his health?

Confirmation of the product: There are some counterfeit products that are harmful to the health of the child, so you must make sure that it is the original product.

Read the instructions: You must read all the directions on the package and its ingredients, and if you find that it contains alcohol or other compounds about which you do not know information, consult a doctor first before giving it to a child.

Adhere to the specified dose: The doctor will tell you the appropriate dose for your child according to his age and condition, so stick to this specified dose so as not to harm the health of the child.

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