Foods to strengthen children’s immunity

Foods to strengthen children’s immunity

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups to diseases due to a weak and incomplete immune system.

Here are some foods to strengthen children’s immunity and maintain their health in this article.

Foods to strengthen children’s immunity

Let’s get acquainted with several foods to strengthen children’s immunity and other tips in this regard as follows:

Foods to strengthen children’s immunity

Some foods help boost the immune system in children, including the following:

1. Milk

Yogurt contains probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that reside in the intestines and help in the functioning of the digestive system but also help in the functioning of the immune system and disease resistance.

In a study conducted in 2010 on a group of children, it was found that 19% of them had a reduced risk of infections and diseases, such as colds, ear infections, and sore throats when eating milk regularly.

2. Red capsicum

Red pepper is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which greatly enhances the work of the immune system, and this makes it among several foods to strengthen the immunity of children.

Red bell peppers also contain beta-carotene, which promotes healthy skin and eyes.

3. Walnuts and Almonds

Walnuts are one of the most important foods to strengthen the immunity of children, delicious, as they contain omega-3, which is one of the most efficient nutrients that contribute to strengthening the immune system and fighting diseases, especially respiratory diseases that usually afflict children in abundance.

As for almonds, they are rich in vitamin E, which is important for the development of the immune and skeletal systems.

4. Citrus

Citrus is one of the most popular foods to strengthen children’s immunity. In addition to its sweet taste for children, it is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and increases the production of white blood cells.

5. Protein sources

Red and white meat and fish should be an essential part of your child’s balanced diet, as they are important for growth and provide the body with important minerals, such as iron and zinc, which are responsible for strengthening blood and immunity.

These foods are also an important source of vitamin B6, which is important for the functioning of the immune system.

6. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods that help strengthen the immune system of children. They provide the child’s body with vitamins and antioxidants and protect against diseases, such as:


the strawberry.


sweet potato.

Avocados are also one of the best foods for boosting a child’s immunity because they contain healthy fats and vitamin E.

7. Legumes

Legumes should be added to the child’s diet, as they also help provide the body with vitamins and minerals that are important to strengthen immunity.

Tips to strengthen children’s immunity

In addition to what we mentioned of foods to strengthen children’s immunity and the importance of a healthy balanced diet that combines proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, here are some other tips to help strengthen your child’s immunity:

1. Maintain a healthy sleep for your children

Not getting enough sleep reduces the effectiveness of the immune system in fighting microbes and cancer cells.

Babies need 16 hours of sleep, and pre-school children need 10 – 13 hours of healthy sleep.

2. Breastfeeding

Mother’s milk contains natural antioxidants to fight many diseases and strengthen children’s immunity. Mother’s milk has been found to have a positive effect on all of the following:

Increased health and mental strength.

Help protect against type 2 diabetes.

Crohn’s disease prevention.

Reducing the risk of developing cancer in the future.

3. Doing sports

Your child should be encouraged to play the sports he loves; This is because regular exercise increases the number of natural killer cells in the immune system and protects against disease.

4. Protect your child from the danger of secondary smoking

If you are a smoker, we advise you not to expose your child to the risk of secondary smoking.

Because children are more vulnerable to the dangers of cigarette smoke, as it contains many harmful substances that kill natural cells and increase the risk of a child suffering from respiratory diseases, such as: bronchitis and asthma.

5. Be careful not to use antibiotics unnecessarily

The most destructive way to weaken the immune system of children is to use antibiotics without a medical need.

They should not be used in cases of influenza and colds that are caused by a virus, as antibiotics treat bacterial diseases only, so antibiotics should be dispensed with medical advice and only when needed. 

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