Foods that heal children: stomach ailments 1

Food to relieve stomach pain in children

Many children complain of stomach pain, and the cause may often be a slight stomach infection or a virus,

Foods to relieve stomach pain in children

When kids have stomach aches, it makes sense to take them to the pediatrician, but in the meantime, we can try to ease that discomfort. There are foods that favor the stomach. Take note!

Chicken Soup:

Soup can be nutritious, light, and very useful in the case of gastritis. Make a fluffy noodle soup and use boiled chicken for protein as well. The soup is easy to digest and is useful against nausea.

White rice:

White rice is useful against gas and stomach acids. Therefore, it is recommended in case of stomach problems. But always alone, without tomatoes or sauces.


The fruit is able to reduce gastritis. It is also recommended in case of stomach ulcers. You can prepare papaya juice and mix the fruit.

Pears and Bananas:

Two excellent fruits against stomach pain. Bananas contain enzymes that are useful against inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Pears are a recommended fruit for people with a “sensitive stomach”.


It is the plant par excellence that has the most benefits for the stomach. Protective and restorative gastric membrane. Highly recommended in case of indigestion, nausea, and vomiting.


This food offers an endless list of benefits. Among them, it strengthens the immune system, removes toxins, and reduces inflammation


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