Fifth week of pregnancy

Fifth week of pregnancy

Pregnancy is confirmed during the fourth week, and the most reliable test is a blood test that checks for the presence and quantity of the pregnancy hormone in the blood. The pregnancy hormone can also be checked to detect it three days before the menstruation, which does not appear, of course, if you are pregnant.

The gestational sac can be detected by ultrasound after four and a half weeks of pregnancy, and it is still not possible to see the fetus, but the gestational sac can be seen.

The size of the cyst is about 2-3 millimeters, and it plays a role in transporting the necessary nutrients to the fetus at an early stage of its development.

Pregnancy tests in the fifth week of pregnancy

After doing the most important step, which is a pregnancy test and confirming that you are pregnant, you will be directed to perform several tests, as follows:

    • General urine tests.


    • Examine the culture medium.


    • General blood tests.


    • Genetic tests.


    • Hepatitis B antibody test.


    • German measles test.


    • blood sugar test


Other times, the doctor may order other tests, depending on the health status of the pregnant woman.

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