Family happiness

Family happiness

 Check out 9 foolproof tips to help the relationship between parents and children

Happiness is the greatest desire of human beings. For a long time, in the period of motherhood, I held the premise that in order to be happy, I must first see my children happy. Moreover, I realized how well my happiness is conditioned by something external, which is quite natural.

With the arrival of children, this becomes even more evident. Therefore, in order for your child to be happy, he must have happy parents. Therefore, it is always our goal to raise our children fully, healthy and happy. It takes effort, but it’s still easier than treating unhappy adults.

When you choose – yes, it is a choice – to be happy, you know, you “authorize” and encourage your child to see the path to happiness.

Happiness, according to positive psychology, is a feeling of well-being, and it is affected by many causes. This feeling depends on your interpretation of the situations and, therefore, is directly related to your more positive outlook on life and, therefore, living a happy life. Happiness is immediate, it is now, and it is within you.

Through happiness, the father and mother provide an environment for the child to develop capable of feeling happy. So,

 Here are nine tips on how to live your happiest and guide your child:

1 – Respect your nature (and his)

It is about accepting who you are and what you come from. Accept who your child is and who he or she is. This is the true love of your child. When we accept ourselves and our children, we create space for change and improvement.

2- Create positive memories and talk about them often

Photo albums, reviewing friends, planning activities… Have deep-rooted positive memories that never fade. As such, we create eternal bonds with our children.

3 – permanent contact

Won’t you have time to see your son today? So leave a message on the bathroom mirror, on your school sneakers, or in your lunch box. If your child can’t read, leave a drawing. The important thing for him is that he feels your presence when he least expects it. Another nice tip is that when you’re talking, look your child in the eye while you’re talking. Always play together, fight together, hang on, crush, cuddle.

4 – Don’t take yourself too seriously

Be light, set an example.

5 – Remember to always live with gratitude

Being grateful is the best way to make your happiness soar, so keep a notebook where you can jot down the things you are grateful for on a regular basis.

6- Do it yourself and teach it

One of the greatest inheritances a child can receive is the ability to do it alone and learn everything. Therefore, the more empowered we feel, the more we boost our self-esteem, the happier and satisfied we will feel. Learning with parents and then self-employment is a moment of great happiness and will be recorded as a very happy memory.

7- Always keep respect

We all deserve respect: fathers and sons. Therefore, when we realize that our limits are approaching, it is important to tell the child, without having to shout or humiliate, in time to be firm and gentle.

8 – Happy families rest in peace

In this way, we live together in the hope that tomorrow will always be a better day.

9 – First, be happy! When you choose to be happy, you are an example

This advice is very simple: happy parents, happy children. Show your happiness to your child, in this way he will feel your happiness and will also radiate it.


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