Eight steps to preparing the baby for the arrival of a new baby

 Eight steps to preparing the baby for the arrival of a new baby


8 steps to preparing a baby for a new baby


Some mothers think that the arrival of a new child at home may not constitute a crisis for the first child, but in fact this matter can cause the great child’s anxiety, and to avoid these things, steps must be taken to pave the way.


Here are the most important steps to prepare the child for the arrival of a new baby:


Steps to prepare the baby for the arrival of a new baby

Steps to prepare the child with the arrival of a newborn are very important steps that must be followed because of their great importance on the psyche of the two children. Here are the most important steps to prepare the child with the arrival of a newborn:


  1. Informing the child that pregnancy has occurred


After you know the news of your pregnancy, do not hesitate to tell your child, and do not wait until he hears the news himself from another person or by chance. Introductory in which she tells him that having another child with him will make him very happy and find someone to play and talk with.


Use some examples from relatives, such as nephews who have more than one child, and how they are cooperative and loving to each other, but be careful not to tell your child that this child will be able to play with him as soon as he arrives, and explain to him that he will be small in the beginning as he was and with the time He will grow up and be able to interact with others.


  1. Listen to the child


This step is very important, as you must know everything that goes on in his mind, whether the pros or cons of a brother’s arrival, to answer all his questions, and reassure him if he has some concerns. And taking care of him, makes him feel responsible instead of jealous.


  1. Allow him to help with the preparations


This will be interesting for the child and make him automatically love him and long to see him because he brings his things and prepares to receive him, and you should discuss with him and take his opinion on some matters related to the child’s clothes or his own tools, and there is no objection to buying the new child some purposes and toys according to the taste of the first child.


At the same time, do not forget to buy gifts that make your first child happy from time to time so that he does not feel that you are buying all these things for the new baby and neglect it, as these are the first steps of jealousy and feeling that the new child stole the lights from him.


  1. Tell him some important information


That is, the ones that belong to the newborn, he eats milk, cries a lot, does not sleep regularly, and needs to change his nappy because he cannot use the toilet seat at this young age, so that the child does not feel that there is a difference between him and the newborn.


The matter can be further clarified through some films that contain children taking care of their newborn siblings, and how they deal with them, as well as showing him some pictures of happy children together, and telling him that this will remain the same with the next child.


  1. Take the baby to the doctor to see the fetus


There is no objection to making your child watch the stages of the fetus’s development in the womb, and do not forget to remind him of himself when he was a small infant, and show him his pictures and videos and the stages of his development, to link these pictures with the new brother when he sees him in reality.


But it is not preferable to make the doctor talk about disturbing things in front of him, or details that the child should not know about childbirth, health problems, etc., all he prefers to hear are the positive things that bring happiness about the newborn and the eagerness to meet him.


  1. Preparing for the approaching birth


As the date of birth approaches, you should talk to him a lot about the next stage, especially since you may have to stay in the hospital for some days during the birth. Surprise him that you’re not home, but tell him you’re going to go for a little while and come with the new baby.


Tell him that if he is responsible during this period, you will bring him a big surprise, and indeed you should bring him a toy he loves and present it to him while entering the house with the newborn, and it is preferable that the child sit with one of the relatives beloved to his heart, such as your sister, and make him choose who he wants, and ask Who will sit with him to talk to him about the newborn, and how he will be happy with it.


  1. First encounter


Try to make this meeting full of love and concern, not only for your new baby but for the first baby as well, and don’t scream at the baby and hug him and hold him as much as you can, as the first impression will prevail for him, because if he feels that you care about the baby more than he will Feel anxious and frustrated.


To avoid any inconvenience to the first child, make a lot of people present at this meeting, especially those who have children your son loves, to get busy with them and not focus too much on your interest in the newborn.


Whenever he tries to touch him or get close to him, you stop him, because this will make a gap towards his brother, but if you reassure him and make him interact with him carefully and under your eyes, the child will feel his responsibility and love for the newborn.


  1. Make time for the first child


With the implementation of the previous steps, it will become easy, but do not forget that your child needs time from you, and you should not be too busy with him because of the baby, because he will not understand this no matter how much you try to explain, and it is necessary for the father to have a role in this, so he helps you carry the little one for some time To sit with your first child.


While you are caring for the baby, the father should sit with the older child and share his activities and hobbies so that he does not feel lonely after this new guest.

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