Drinks for newborns

 Drinks for newborns

Have you wondered if your child can drink any kind of beverage? In this article, we offer you drinks for newborn babies.

Drinks for newborns

Learn with us on a group of examples of drinks for newborns:

Drinks for newborns

It is necessary to know that newborn babies cannot drink any kind of drinks and that the most important examples of drinks for newborns are the following:

  1. Mother’s milk

During the first six months of a child’s life, he only needs his mother’s milk. It is also recommended that the child continue to drink breast milk after six months with the introduction of solid food into his diet. It is worth noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the child be breastfed until the age of two years.

  1. Formula milk

A list of drinks for newborns includes formula, which is a substitute for breast milk, and there are many options for formula milk that the mother must choose from, according to what is appropriate for the child.

Drinking water for newborns

Does a list of drinks for newborns include water?

During the first six months of a child’s life, he does not need to drink water, as it is sufficient to drink breast milk or formula, after which it is possible to give the child a small amount of water besides milk, and the reason why the child is not given water before the age of six months is that Drinking water will reduce the amount of milk that is necessary for the growth and development of the child.

Drinking a lot of water will reduce the concentration of milk, which may negatively affect the health of the child as well. Usually, children after six months of age need half a glass of water per day, but it is preferable to consult a doctor about the appropriate amount for your child.

Can giraffe water be given to a child?

Gharib water has been popular in recent years among mothers, and it is water given to the child to get rid of colic and gases accumulated in his stomach, and this strange water contains a different set of ingredients, some of which may contain a percentage of alcohol while others may contain sugars.

In general, companies indicate that it is possible to give strange water to the child after he reaches two weeks of age, but it is necessary to consult your doctor about this and choose strange water free of alcohol and sugars.

Drinks not to be given to a baby

After we got acquainted with drinks for newborns, it is important to know that during the first six months of life the child should not be given anything other than milk, whether breast milk or formula and this means that he should never be given the following drinks during the first period of his life:

Various juices.

coffee or tea.

Cow’s milk.

Herbal drinks.

Energy Drinks.

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