The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily

The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily


The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily

In this article, we will talk about how to gain weight in children in a healthy way

As there are many children suffering from lack of weight due to several reasons, including

Lack of appetite or a systemic problem in the child, problems with malnutrition, or other reasons

In this article, we will provide you with some tips for parents to increase the weight of their children in the right ways

We also review together some foods and drinks that will be the main factor in increasing the child’s weight.

The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily

Foods to increase the child’s weight

There are a number of natural foods that help you provide healthily

nutrition to your child and gain his weight properly, such as:


As chicken is a rich source of protein and helps build body muscles,

one of the advantages of chicken is that it is preferred by children and most people and can be prepared at home easily.

Red meat:

It is also a rich source of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs for growth,

and one of its advantages is that it can be served in different ways or it can also be added to many types of soups.

Dairy products:

Basic dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter are essential elements in the diet of any child,

and they help build strong bones and maintain the general health of your child. The child can be given at least two cups of milk per day.


The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily

Eggs are one of the richest source of protein, vitamins and healthy fats. It helps with proportionate weight gain, and the vital development of the brain and nervous system as well.

An egg can be added daily to your child’s diet.


Fish is a good source of Vitamin D and Omega-3. Salmon, tuna, and sardines are all fish rich in omega-3.


Bananas are the fastest source of energy, are rich in healthy carbohydrates for weight gain, and are a favorite snack for active youngsters. Bananas can be served in milkshakes, fruit salads, or eaten directly.

Dried fruits:

Fruits are one of the healthiest foods for weight gain. And it also contributes to increasing your child’s immunity,

You can either grind the dry fruits together to make a homemade powder that can be served with milk or give your baby a snack at break time.


In addition to helping to gain weight in children, oats have many other nutritional benefits, and they are very useful in helping to control bowel movements and prevent constipation. And oatmeal is full of iron, zinc and magnesium.


Rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, and dietary fiber, making your baby’s weight gain healthy. You can either mash it and serve it as a side dish or chop it up and add a little spice.

The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily

Drinks to gain weight for the child

Many children prefer to drink soft drinks, but these drinks are unhealthy and harmful and have negative effects on the health of the body, whether on children or even adults

But on the other hand, alternative types of healthy liquids and drinks should be provided, as they play an important role in children’s growth, long stature, and increase in strength.

In this paragraph, we will talk about some healthy drinks that can be offered to the child:

First, cow’s milk: The diets of children who drink milk contain higher levels of nutrients essential for growth, including calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin D, all of which are of high value, especially for growing children.

Therefore, milk should be on the daily menu of the baby’s food, and it is preferable to serve it in the morning.

Second, natural fruit juice: Natural fruit juice also has a positive effect on the health of the child, as it contains the nutritional components found in natural fruits, with the exception of fiber.

There are many commercial juices that are filled with added sugars, flavors, and preservatives that reduce the health value.

 So, accustom your child to juice completely natural, and avoid anything with a lot of added sugar.

Third, fruit and vegetable smoothie: Here you can be creative by creating a new, delicious and healthy mix for your child, and the important thing is to focus on both fruits and vegetables, and add a little of the fats that you may find in milk or nuts and some protein.

The perfect way for kids to gain weight healthily

Tips for treating the thinnest children

Weight gain can be a problem for some children, so if your child is thin,

we recommend the following for a healthy weight gain:

Consider offering your child four or five small meals a day, instead of trying to eat three large meals, as the child may not eat enough during only the three meals.

Make sure to give your baby foods rich in healthy nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, such as whole milk and yogurt made with whole milk and peanut butter.

Avoid low-nutrient and energy-dense foods, such as junk foods that contain lots of calories, including candy, crisps, and soft drinks.

 Encourage your child to have a meal or two of healthy snacks regularly every day.

Be careful not to miss meals.

Avoid giving your child low-energy drinks, such as soda and processed fruit drinks.

Get advice from a doctor or dietitian, especially if your child has a chronic disease that causes weight loss.

Extra tips:

  • You can also add powdered milk in some recipes instead of water, for example, you can do this when preparing pudding or oatmeal.
  • Add a little cheese to some of your child’s favorite foods to boost these foods with an additional 60 calories.
  • You can also add a tablespoon of peanut butter and mix it with bananas to get a caloric boost through it so that your child gets an additional 100 calories for this snack.
  • Make a list of the foods your child likes to eat and consider adding some nutrient-dense and energy-dense items.
  • This list should include fruits, vegetables, and a variety of foods from all food groups.

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