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The best remedies for colic during pregnancy

Pregnancy is often seen as a time of joy and anticipation. However, some women may experience some discomfort or difficultly. One common symptom during pregnancy is colic. This means that it will be an issue for the entire pregnancy.

What is colic?

Colic is a long-term condition that is defined as a series of distressing symptoms, mainly occurring in babies. The condition is not dangerous and will usually pass with the baby. Colic causes include: Fetal distress Ulcers Fibroids Neck injury Abnormalities of the jaw Fluid issues Cold weather Lack of milk supply What are the symptoms? The symptoms of colic are also known as crying spells and will tend to last around five to six hours a day for at least three days a week. Fetal distress refers to the difficulty a baby has in digesting food and makes the baby vomit, as well as suffer diarrhoea and constipation. An ulcer is a sore on the inside lining of the stomach, which can grow during pregnancy and cause distension and pain. It may also affect the bowel.

What are the causes of colic during pregnancy?

The causes of colic during pregnancy can vary from individual to individual. Some women have not experienced colic in the past. Others have. What is common to both cases is that the pain or discomfort is felt in the abdominal region. Typically, symptoms of colic include: a tight feeling in the abdomen discomfort or pain when a baby moves cramped feeling in the lower abdomen a feeling of gas indigestion vomiting According to the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Group, colic during pregnancy can be a risk factor for miscarriages, but not for stillbirth. The group reported that many women may experience colic with their first pregnancy.

How to relieve colic during pregnancy?

Most doctors advise that a woman in the first few weeks of her pregnancy should avoid straining or heavy lifting. This is because it can lead to complications. During pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid straining or heavy lifting, particularly if a woman is experiencing severe discomfort. It is best to keep up with regular exercise, such as walking, dancing, or swimming.


Although it may feel like the worst part of being pregnant is colic, there are ways to help ease it. In the long run, this will help you have a happier, healthier pregnancy and a more content and confident baby.

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