Child’s health: ways to deal with slander?

 Child’s health: ways to deal with slander?


Steps that you take in the case of a child’s shedding and affecting the child’s health. Through this article, you will learn about first aid methods in the case of a child’s shedding for children under one year and children over one year.


Child’s health: ways to deal with slander?


After the birth of your new baby, you will most likely succeed in facing the most severe new challenges, especially if you follow the advice properly. You will become artists in the interpretation of crying and know when your child is hungry and what to do when his temperature rises. But nothing can make you ready to face external factors as uncontrollable as a sunrise. At least before this article.


Children, especially between the ages of one and five years, find themselves putting things in their mouths, as it is a means of transmitting the infection to them, and it can also threaten the child’s life and affect the child’s health. They do this naturally as a way to explore their new world. But these things cause the child to stare and suffocate in the absence of parental supervision. Therefore, it is necessary to follow instructions on how to deal with this situation.

One of the most prominent issues related to the health of the child is the cases of the child’s shedding, which the parents face daily. The spit is accompanied by a cough as a reaction from the body in an attempt to remove any “foreign body” stuck in the mouth, such as a piece of food or small toys that the child may swallow.

If you encounter a situation such as a child’s smirk, and you want to know how to deal with it, then you should resort to the following steps:

Be careful while removing a foreign object from the child’s mouth and be careful not to push it into the mouth.


Encourage your child to cough vigorously, trying to expel the body.

Seek help immediately if:


  1. If you feel that your child is calm and unable to breathe or is unconscious, this indicates that the airway is blocked by a foreign body.


  1. If there is a whistling sound during breathing.


  1. The child cannot cry, speak or move.


  1. Baby’s face is blue.


  1. If the child is holding his throat tightly.


  1. If the child seems panicked.


If your child is unconscious, seek medical help (ambulance) and in the meantime give your child artificial respiration if you are aware of this, and you can communicate with the ambulance team about how to do first aid step by step until they arrive.


If your child is conscious and coughing or is calm, in both cases, use the black blows method, which is one of the first aid methods:


Back strikes for a child under one-year-old


Put the child on your lap while you are sitting or if you are in a kneeling position so that the child’s head is down with the Earth’s gravity to expel the body outward.


Do not try to put pressure on the soft tissues under the jaw to avoid blocking the airway.


Place the palm of one hand in the middle of the back between the child’s shoulder blades and then give five sharp blows to the back.


If the child is conscious, perform a chest thrust with the aim of stimulating the child to cough as a way to expel the body.


How to use the chest push-up method for a child under one-year-old?


Put the child on one of your arms and make his body and face down, resting on your thigh, if you are sitting or in a kneeling position.


Try to find a breast bone (Breath bone) to put your two fingers (pinky and ring fingers together) in the middle of it.


Give five sharp chest thrusts, trying to compress the chest by about a third.


Back strikes for a child after the age of one year


Put the baby on your lap.

Put the child’s head down.

If you cannot put the child on your lap, hit the back and the child is in a forward-leaning position.

If the child is conscious, push on the abdomen to stimulate the cough as a way to expel the body.

How to use the method of pushing on the abdomen for a child over the age of one year?

Standing or kneeling behind the child, pass your arms from under the child’s armpits in a hugging manner, with your hands around the top of his stomach.

Make a fist between the navel and the ribs.

Support your fist by placing your second hand on top of it and pull sharply inward and upward in the same way.

Repeat payment five times.

Make sure not to put too much pressure on the bottom of the rib cage to avoid any harm to the baby.

In the event that you did not succeed in removing the body and the child is still conscious, try to repeat the methods of pushing on the chest for children under the age of one year or pushing on the abdomen for children over the age of one year. If you fail, call for help immediately and stay with the child.

In the event that the foreign body comes out of the mouth, it is advised to seek medical help, because there may be remnants of this body, or you may have caused some harm to the child while you were treating him.

Important note: If you repeat the method of pushing on the chest or abdomen for three attempts without the body coming out of the child’s mouth, immediately call for medical help (ambulance).

In the case of a pupil and the child is unconscious, do the following:

If the child is in a state of suffocation and unconscious, he must be placed on a firm and flat surface, and know that one of the signs of suffocation is bluish lips, and this indicates difficulty in breathing.

If you are alone in this situation, shout out loud for help or send for help.

Do not leave the child alone at any stage.

If you can open the child’s mouth and see the object clearly, you can easily grab it, and then remove it. (Refer to the children’s health section…)

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