The 11 best fruits that a child can eat

 fruits that a child can eat

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It is important to know which fruits that a child can eat so that you can give them what they need. They are all very nutritious and available all year round.

Are you familiar with the most recommended fruits for children? In this article, we will tell you what it is so that you can introduce it to your children daily.

To maintain proper nutrition, our children should consume all kinds of foods and nutrients – of course, as long as there are no food intolerances or illnesses that make this a problem.

Today we want to share information about the most important fruits that provide vitamins, fiber, and other ingredients

Why are some fruits so important?

It helps prevent diseases

Vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, minerals… Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a child’s healthy diet. Along with other benefits, they play a major role in reducing the risk of certain diseases.

These include things like obesity, cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and others.

Therefore, pediatricians advise parents to include fruit in every daily meal. It can be as a dessert, a snack, or for those moments when our kids are hungry and we don’t want to give them sweets.

Parents must teach good eating habits from a young age so that their children do not feel ‘compelled’ to eat fruits and vegetables.

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Continuing the benefits of the fruit, it also provides us with a good amount of water. Since the fruit actually contains about 90% water, it helps stave off dehydration during the summer.

They also provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals, as we said. They also provide a fun dose of carbs and vegetable fiber.

a boost of energy

Fruit also contains easily absorbed sugar. They provide a lot of the energy kids need and they burn all day long.

At the same time, fruits help your kids to stay away from more unhealthy foods like candy and pastries, as they satiate them

What fruits are recommended for children?

While babies can eat all kinds of fruit by the time they are over one year old, The 11 best fruits that a child can eat

  1. apple

This is an excellent fruit for children and is often the first fruit they eat (in puree form). Apples contain fiber, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

Apple is very refreshing and hydrating since its composition is 85% water. They are easy to digest (especially when peeled) and contain natural, healthy sugars.

2- strawberry

For some kids, the strawberry flavor may be a bit strong or acidic, so not all kids are instant fans. However, when they try really sweet and delicious strawberries, they are sure to love it. Strawberries are considered highly nutritious because they contain vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorous, and calcium.

It is important to avoid giving your children strawberries with sugar. If you need to reduce its flavor, it is better to use orange juice, for example.

  1. pear

Its properties are similar to those of apples Thanks to its sweet taste and watery consistency, it is a favorite among children.

Pears contain a good amount of fiber and vitamins and help reduce stomach problems. Moreover, it is easy to combine with other fruits in desserts and purees.

  1. Banana

Bananas contain potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid. They help control fluid retention and allow bones to better absorb calcium.

  1. Peach

Peaches are among the most recommended fruits for children as they help constipated children to go to the bathroom. It also helps reduce stomach pain.

Contains potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins Just are sure to always remove the pit before applying.

  1. Papaya

Papaya is one of the fruits that most appear in the list of children suffering from constipation. This is because it contains a lot of fiber that can help regulate intestinal transit. But not only this advantage offered by food.

7- Avocado

In the past, an avocado was considered a villain. Specifically, because it contains a large amount of fat. But what has been discovered is that the fat in it is of the good kind. That is, it helps reduce cholesterol. It is also a source of vitamins A, C, and E as well as fiber.

“It’s a high-calorie fruit that helps with bowel function. Kids love it

This food provides energy, which is great for the baby to play and develop. The form of consumption is also very diverse, it can be eaten pure or mixed with other fruits, in vitamins, and even in salted baby food.

Since it is orange in color, it is rich in beta-carotene, a natural pigment that converts into vitamin A in the body. In this way, the fruit helps to strengthen the immune system and maintain good eyesight

8- pear

Pears are also very popular on the children’s menu. It contains B and C complex vitamins that aid in immunity. It is one of the fruits that contain the largest amounts and types of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and iron, which are essential for the body.

It is also easy to digest and can be prepared in many ways, with or without other fruits. Baby food can be made by scraping or cooking the fruit.

For pears, just peel them, remove the seeds, cut them into small pieces, and put them in a pan with a little water. Cook for a few minutes, as long as they become soft. Leave it to cool, knead it and serve it to the baby.

9- Watermelon

Watermelon is a very refreshing fruit that is rich in water that helps hydrate the baby. This is a great advantage especially for little ones who refuse to drink water. In addition, it is a fruit rich in vitamins A, B complex, and C, which are antioxidants and strengthen immunity.

  1. Sleeve

In addition to being delicious, mango is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K and minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It’s great for regulating the bowel as it contains a lot of fiber and gives you a lot of energy. The fruit can be cut into a half-moon to be offered to the baby. In fact, the little ones love to suck the seed and smear it.

  1. Orange

Oranges are famous for their large amount of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen immunity and prevent colds and flu. But that’s not all it can do for our health. It is rich in folic acid, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron as well as fiber, and antioxidants.

As we said, the juice is not suitable for children under one year of age. In this way, the fruit can be given to the child in the form of a “cap”, cut in half, and remove the seeds.

Baby food should contain all the nutrients necessary for his good physical and mental development. Therefore, it is necessary to hire an expert to prepare a nutritious and adequate menu, by the age of the child.

Now that you know what fruits your child can eat, it is easy to diversify your daily menu, offering more nutrients. Moreover, a young child needs to consume a variety of foods to develop the palate and get used to healthy eating

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