Child-rearing: you have become parents!

Child-rearing: you have become parents!

In the world of new parents, we give you advice and guidance on the first steps in raising a new child. Asking for advice from friends and family relieves pressure on parents

Parents enter a new phase in their lives since the birth of the first child, to agree on a method for raising the child.

Some believe that raising a child is an easy matter, only to find themselves looking for answers to their questions, either through the Internet or through consulting child-rearing specialists.

Parents are overjoyed when a family member increases, but they are shocked when they discover that their time is linked to the newborn’s system, as the sleeping hours of a baby are long, up to 18 hours a day, and this period decreases with the age of the child.

Parents’ preoccupation with their child changes the parents’ life, and this change affects their marital relationship if specialists are not consulted or help is sought.

At this stage, the parents are busy planning a daily program to take care of the child, such as: making sure to wake the child to regulate the hours of eating and sleeping, treating gas problems, and observing the senses and the child’s movements.

Where one of the parents is forced to quit his work in order to raise and care for the child, and this anxiety quickly disappears after the first weeks of the child’s birth and the child’s sleeping hours are stabilized, then the parents can learn how to manage time and allocate some time for themselves.

Welcome to the biggest club in the world

The New Parents Club is the largest club in the world.

It does not issue a membership card and does not offer tempting offers, but entry to it is free, where you can find many parents who like to tell you about their experiences and expertise in raising children.

Club members can be met everywhere: in the children’s clinic, in the public garden, in shopping malls, in various forums on the Internet.

Many parents use the forums offered by health and pregnancy sites around the world, to share their feelings and thoughts, and to get advice from other parents.

These forums can greatly facilitate the first steps in the world of parenting.

Proper ways to discipline and raise a child

Dealing with crises in a marital relationship

The child brings with him a lot of great happiness and joy, but it may undermine the marital relationship.

Many parents are surprised by the tensions that arise around a newborn baby and do not know how to deal with them.

In order for this period to pass easily, it is important to maintain honesty and speak openly about everything that is bothering you.

Try to find some time for yourself during the day so that you stay together at home or outside. During this time, try to talk about the issues that concerned you before the birth of the child and your concern for raising him, spend time doing different activities together, and most importantly continue even if you feel very tired, sleep and face problems away from influences, frustrations, and anger.

Coping with lack of sleep

Lack of sleep among parents is one of the things that most parents face in the stage of raising and caring for the child, but lack of sleep may negatively affect the performance and activity of the parents, accompanied by various health problems, especially during work.

The mother is in the matter of waking up at night in order to monitor the child, to ease the burden on one of them, to start his day fresh and energetic.

On maternity leave for one of the spouses, and usually, the mother is the one who takes the maternity leave, especially in our Arab societies.

Dividing roles in shifts at night is not desirable for the husband, especially if his wife does not work outside the home, but the husband must also understand that the mother has great tasks throughout Today with the child, understanding and dividing roles are two important things for the continuation of married life in peace and tranquility.

Dealing with unexpected visits

Unexpected visits from friends, family members, and co-workers after childbirth can be joyful, but also very disturbing, and therefore it is preferable to think of a small party or a small meeting where you invite everyone you care about and thus organize home visits.

Dealing with guilt

Many parents eagerly await the birth and are confident that they will not repeat the mistakes of their parents, and that nothing will prevent them from becoming the best parents in the world.

But not all parents are able to instantly fit in with their child and the new surname (the surname of the new mother and father) only to find themselves longing for their previous life. Don’t think you are the only one who feels this way.

It is natural to want to take a break from caring for the child and there is no need to feel guilty about it.

On the contrary, remember that your feelings go directly to the child. If you are upset, nervous, this is reflected in your child, as he cries a lot and finds it difficult to sleep. So when you do something for yourself you are doing it for it too.

Many parents feel guilty for not feeling the deep love for their children and that they fail to show their love for them, and they see that this does not happen with others, but that is not a measure and they should not feel that.

Love and attention increase with the passage of time and get used to the new situation and after that, you will feel a strong love that you did not feel before.

Remember that everyone makes mistakes

Even if you have read all the available childbirth preparation books, the experience is the biggest proof that reveals to you that you are exposed to different situations and feelings than others, and everyone has different experiences and there is no rule in raising a child.

It is up to the child to enjoy good health and proper growth, but if you feel that you are unable to raise the child, go without hesitation to specialists or to the doctor to ask for help.

No, the child will not be silent on his own

Crying and screaming is the only way for a child to communicate with you.

He is crying because he wants you to do something or he is in some pain.

With time, you will even be able to discover it on your own. When does his crying indicate hunger or when does he indicate a disease that he suffers from.

And when do you have to change his diaper or put a cream to calm the diaper rash he suffers from to give him a better feeling?

Don’t be shy to ask for help

It is very important to ask for help with the care and upbringing of the child, as it advises you in relieving the stress of how to take care of the child.  

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