Child bullying

 Child bullying:

How do you help a child deal with the situation?

The topic is not new, but it has attracted attention in recent years due to the severity of the damage it does to a student’s school life. If you want to know more about the topic, keep reading this content

Child bullying occurs when a child becomes the target of bad criticism, degrading games, and even physical aggression at school.

 To avoid this situation, parents and the school should be aware of both children who are bullying and those who suffer from bullying, because the effect is negative for both.

What is child bullying?

What distinguishes bullying from a moment of harassment between friends is the fact that it is recurring and causes emotional damage to the sufferers of the game. If both parties are enjoying the situation, then no aggression. But from the moment the child does not feel comfortable, the game becomes a bully.

It is important for parents to be aware because, with the spread of social networks, cases of child bullying have increased. Moreover, this practice is harmful to both the patient and the practitioner. After all, it’s not normal to have aggressive attitudes just because your classmate is different. Therefore, those who engage in these acts must act on this anger and aggression.

What do you do when your child is bullied?

It is possible to determine if your child is being bullied when he stops wanting to attend classes, asks for a change of classes or schools, or starts to do poorly in subjects. Upon realizing these characteristics, it is necessary to face the situation, talk with the child and the school to make appropriate decisions.

Have a welcome dialogue

When a child is bullied, the first feeling is a shame. These situations make her feel inferior.

Therefore, to help, parents should have a welcoming dialogue and show full support. In addition, officials should not encourage hostility between children, because the bullying young man also suffers for some reason.

Talk to school

After understanding the situation and calming your child, it is essential to go to the school and the teachers to understand what happened and what the teachers are doing to resolve the situation. It is important that this topic be worked out in the classroom so that students know how to identify these situations and can suppress bullying peers.

Let the child express his feelings

It is normal for a child to be sad and angry for a while, and you have to respect this moment. But if she continues to act strangely, it may be necessary to follow up with a psychologist to avoid depression. This help is important to prevent your child from getting hurt and ending up with emotional problems in the future.

What do you do when your child is a bully?

Kids who want to bully feel powerful and have all the attention for themselves. But since they cannot function in dialogue, they vent their frustration with aggression and humiliation.

These situations occur when children do not have restrictions at home or when they do not receive proper attention from officials. To resolve this situation, parents should make it clear that they do not tolerate this type of situation, which has serious consequences. Then, it is necessary to research the school and draw up strategies together so that the child gets the necessary support in both environments.


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