Brother’s Jealousy

Brother’s Jealousy

 The arrival of a New Baby: How Parents Can Deal with a Brother’s Jealousy

The arrival of a new family member is a complicated time for an older child and breeds jealousy between siblings. Watch the role of parents in this period

The arrival of a new family member is always a complicated cycle for the older child as well as for the parents. Thus, the arrival of a new person in the usual context of the child, in most cases, shows him a danger in connection with the attention given to him by the parents and generates jealousy between siblings. And therefore,

Some of the special feelings are

  • possession;
  • Over-protection
  • trance;
  • aggression.

Moreover, it is normal for some relapses to occur with respect to the behaviors of the older child, such as, for example, returning to bed-wetting, wanting to return to using a pacifier, and taking a bottle. Therefore, it is very common that parents do not know how to deal with this situation, thinking that the child has such situations in the morning.

Adjusting to this new family configuration is difficult, especially for the firstborn, but also for the parents, who, for the most part, do not know how to deal with this jealousy between siblings right away. Feelings of anxiety, fear and uncertainty are common among the family as a whole, and therefore, this stage of transformation can have consequences in the parent-child relationship. In addition, the daily tasks of the mother with the child can also be affected in the social and cognitive development of the child.

However, it’s worth noting that sibling jealousy isn’t all bad. This is because they will learn to deal with frustration – especially a virgin – which is a very common feeling throughout their lives.

Watch the Maiden

It is very important for parents to be careful not to pass on the fears of this stage to the older child, as this will only increase the emotional effects on the child. Thus, some care and measures are necessary in this process of adaptation, such as trying not to completely change the usual routine at home. However, in many cases this process is difficult.

Moreover, with regard to the recommendations given to parents, it is desirable that from the moment the child arrives home after birth, parents show that the attention will not be greater for the member.

 Some tips to reduce sibling jealousy:

  1. Show the attention of the older child in the moments of sleep of the younger one;
  2. Show care when breastfeeding;
  3. keep the activities done with the firstborn;
  4. communicate with external tours and programs;
  5. Let the eldest son meet and communicate with the brother.

These actions are necessary for the interaction of all family members in this new stage of adaptation to be as healthy as possible for both parents and children, especially the firstborn. 


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