What are the pros and cons of babysitters and how to choose the right babysitter?

In some families , parents may not feel comfortable raising children. Because of work, they are stuck in errands that cannot take the children with them, or they may want a babysitter to take care of the child and relieve parents’ fatigue. Choosing a babysitter is something that should be given priority. It is about the safety and quality of life and development of the child while being nanny.


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Babysitter What are the advantages?

For some homes where parents have to work all day so they don’t have time to raise their kids, there may be important tasks they can’t take their kids with. Or there is a need for someone to ease the neck of raising children. So finding a babysitter may be a good option to help take care of the baby. Without having to worry about whether the child will be neglected or not, the advantages of having a babysitter may include :


    • The care of the nanny’s children remains at home, an environment familiar to the child. In the eyes of parents this may alleviate concerns about safety.



  • It can control the flexibility when the nanny needs to come to the house to take care of the baby.
  • It can control the feeding, bedtime, playtime or bath time suitable for your child on his own. By writing a note or notifying the babysitter
  • You can choose a nanny according to the required qualifications yourself and the required wages can be agreed upon

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Babysitter What are the disadvantages?

Hiring a babysitter, in addition to its advantages, may also have some disadvantages:

  • The babysitter is not able to take care of the child properly as per the agreement. Or he might suddenly ask to quit so you often have to find a new babysitter
  • A babysitter with no prior babysitting experience may be at risk of harming the child.
  • Hiring a babysitter to take care of children at home may cause children to lack social skills with strangers. and lack of social interaction
  • Because the home is a private area, hiring a nanny outside and staying at home can put privacy at risk
  • You may be in danger of encountering scammers especially if you hire a nanny from the general public. And not aware of the security information of this person

How to choose a babysitter

Parents may need to choose a reliable babysitter. Has experience raising children before You can choose from the following characteristics.


  • Reliable  It is a feature that must be verified first. Especially if the babysitter is not from a company or has a nanny training.  Parents may start looking for a nearby nanny they can trust first. But if they can’t be found, the date should ask for a childcare license or talk about previous child-rearing experiences. To check the credibility of the babysitter
  • The nanny must have  previous experience and knowledge in raising children. Whether it’s knowing how to change  diapers  , breastfeed,  hold babies, or burp. For the quality of life of the child during their stay with the babysitter.
  • Accurate and  organized punctuality is an essential quality of a babysitter. Especially if you are going to hire a babysitter at a time when everyone has to move out. Including there should be rules in following the set schedule, such as bathing time, eating time, taking medicines, playing time and sleeping time so that children can do appropriate activities according to the schedule set by the parents.
  • Prepare for whatever might happen. Dangers can occur both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is important to prepare for emergencies that babysitters should know, such as knowing what a child is allergic to. Know the emergency contact numbers including you should closely monitor and supervise the child
  • Kind and Attentive  A good babysitter should be kind, attentive, and sympathetic, and should be calm and able to control one’s feelings. Since children may be stubborn, cry  and fuss  all the time, the nanny should understand the nature of the child as much as possible.
  • Enthusiastic, playful, and playful:  Baby care is not just about arranging to complete his or her daily routine for the baby. But it is also necessary to create fun for children. So, choose an enthusiastic babysitter. Cheerful and able to find activities to entertain and promote  development  in various fields for children as well.
  • Flexible  Unforeseen events may occur, such as traffic jams and sudden work interruptions. Get off work later than usual so it may delay the sitter’s time so, you should inquire about how flexible you are.  

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