Baby’s development in the sixth month


Baby’s development in the sixth month


Baby’s development in the sixth month


Child development

2 Baby’s development in the sixth month

3 Signs of cognitive development

4 Signs of physical development


Child growth

The first years of a child’s life are very important to the child’s health, growth, and development.

In fact, the speed of growth and development rates may differ from one child to another.

There may be significant differences in height, weight, and bodybuilding among healthy children.

It is worth noting that safety and love are in addition to the child’s spending sufficient time with family members

Whether it is playing, singing, reading, or speaking is very important for the child and his development,

Also, proper nutrition, exercise, genetics, and adequate sleep are all factors that may play a very important role in a child’s growth, maturity, and development.

Baby’s development in the sixth month

The first six months of a child’s life is a very important period in the child’s growth and development,

As the child will then develop very quickly,

Then the left side of the child’s brain will have begun to communicate with the right side of the brain,

And since the child at this stage begins to respond to words, the mother at this age will be able to better understand her child and begin to understand his feelings, whether he is sad or happy.

In general, the skills that a child acquires at this age, such as taking the first step in walking,

And smiling for the first time with the people around him, and waving his hand to say goodbye are all called developmental signs,

Children may reach advanced stages in how to play and in learning and acquiring things from the people around them

Talking with other people and the behaviors shown by children to other people around them

And how to move from one place to another, whether by crawling or walking,

* Baby’s development in the sixth month *

It is worth noting that children’s development may occur at a speed that is appropriate for each child.

Therefore, it is impossible to know when a child will learn or acquire a certain skill during his life.

Nevertheless, signs of growth and development in a child may give a general idea of ​​the changes that are expected to occur when the child gets older.

It is worth noting that the primary and primary task of parents and the mother in particular is to pay attention to the child in all respects at this age,

This is in order to see the doctor and talk to him if the child does not achieve the main signs of growth within his age,

Or if parents think that there may be a problem with their child’s development.

First Signs of cognitive development

Signs of cognitive development in a six-month-old baby are related to the baby’s brain development,

In addition to his IQ and thinking prowess, among the most important and prominent of these signs are the following:

1- The child at this age becomes more curious.

And he becomes a new feeling of amazement and fascination with the surrounding environment,

In addition, he tries to touch and hold the things around him that arouse his curiosity.

2- The child at this age stage experiences the results of many actions and measures the reactions of the people around him towards them.

3- Parents at this age begin to notice the child’s response when talking to him.

By making several vowels for vowels and consonants, such as: “ah”, “eh,” or “by”.

4- The child makes efforts to imitate the sounds he hears around him,

This is due to the improvement of the child’s skills in interpreting sounds at this age,

Often these are the words and noises made by parents, caregivers, or toy sounds that a child has.

5- The child begins to remember the sound of his name well and begins to interpret it and show a response when called upon.

Parents may make a lot of effort to achieve this.

6- Children’s self-awareness improves at this age.

As responding to a person’s name is the first step towards a child’s self-awareness,

This is evident when the child shows his admiration for himself upon seeing himself in the mirror,

Children at this age love their own thinking and are never bothered by seeing their image in the mirror, which may indicate an improvement in their brain’s recognition abilities.

Second, signs of physical development

Signs of physical development include all of the signs of development associated with the physical development of the child in addition to his gross motor abilities, including the following:

1- See colors well and go deep into them:

Where a child’s eyes are one of the most important signs of physical development in the first six months of his life,

As his color vision improves at this age and then he can distinguish between two spectrums of colors,

Accordingly, he likes to look at high-contrast objects and he may like colorful storybooks.

The child at this age also has a high awareness of depth and distance around him

Which helps him to distinguish objects and distances accurately,

For example, a child at this age may start staring nicely at a ball rolling in front of him until it stops.

2- Improved hand-eye coordination:

The child’s improved vision leads to more accurate hand functions.

 After six months, the child is adept at reaching out to pick up objects, even if it is during movement.

Where the baby’s hand control will have developed enough to be able to grasp and move something towards it after reaching the first six months of age and soon after.

The child learns how to let go of something and understands that the thing has fallen from his hand.

Once he is holding something, he checks it carefully and may also pass it from one hand to the other.

In general, a child at this age may tend to use only one hand a lot and then move to the other hand,

Therefore, it will be difficult to determine whether a child is left or right-handed at this age.

3- Control the head steadily.

4- Sitting with your back straight when supporting it, in addition to turning well in both directions.

5- Understanding that things may be hiding behind each other.

6- Starting to push the body into a crawling position at this age, and perhaps start crawling back and forth on the knees.

7- Start to stand with the help of others, and he may be able to jump and rise quickly.

8- The disappearance of reactions presents in newborns.

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