Acne treatment with garlic: is it possible?

Acne treatment with garlic: is it possible?

There are many natural recipes that some belief may be effective in treating acne, including garlic. Is it really possible to treat acne with garlic? The most important information you will find in the following article.

Acne treatment with garlic: is it possible?

In the following, let us know the truth about the benefits and harms of treating acne with garlic:

How can garlic be useful in treating acne?

Some believe that garlic may be a useful treatment for acne due to the healing properties of this natural ingredient. Garlic may help:

  1. Reducing the spread of some types of microbes

Garlic contains strong natural chemical compounds that may make it one of the natural foods that, when eaten regularly, can help to resist the growth and spread of various types of germs, bacteria, and fungi.

It has been found that the compound allicin in garlic may help reduce the spread of some bacterial strains that may cause acne.

  1. Reducing the chances of developing acne associated with insulin resistance

Sometimes acne can appear as a result of a medical condition called insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a condition that can make it difficult for the body’s cells to respond to the hormone insulin properly, which can lead to diabetes over time.

It has been found that eating garlic may help improve reactions to the hormone insulin in the body, which may naturally help alleviate the state of insulin resistance and reduce symptoms and health problems that may accompany it, such as acne, so in this case, it may be a treatment Effective for acne with garlic.

  1. Resist various infections

Some molecules called pro-inflammatory cytokines may exacerbate the condition of some infections in the body, which may cause many health problems, such as acne.

It has been found that the compound allicin in garlic may help inhibit the action of these molecules, which may help reduce inflammation and prevent its exacerbation.

  1. Treatment of some types of scars

Regular use of garlic extract can help improve the appearance of some types of scars that may have been left by an injury or skin condition, such as acne.

Treatment of acne with garlic lies here that garlic contains compounds that may help treat scars of the type of keloid scars.

So, is garlic acne treatment effective?

It was noted that the aforementioned benefits only dealt with the potential benefits of garlic in fighting infections and fungi, which are factors that may lead to the appearance of acne only, but there is no proven scientific study confirming that the treatment of acne with garlic is effective.

Therefore, this treatment remains possible and is not based on any scientific evidence.

How to treat acne with garlic

If you want to try a possible garlic acne treatment, you can follow the following methods:

  1. Application of garlic extract

Diluted garlic extract is applied to acne instead of using fresh garlic directly. Garlic extract is usually made by soaking sliced ​​fresh garlic cloves in an alcoholic liquid for a period of time.

  1. Applying the garlic mask

Follow the following steps to apply a garlic mask on acne:

Garlic puree is mixed with one of the carrier oils, such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

The mixture is applied to a small area at first. If there is no allergic reaction against the mask, it is applied to the entire skin that suffers from pimples.

Leave the mask on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash the skin with warm water, followed by cold water to close the pores.

Disadvantages of treating acne with garlic

Treating acne with garlic may cause many damages and side complications, which are as follows:

Stimulating some skin problems, such as contact dermatitis and pemphigus.

Exacerbation of some skin conditions and problems, such as rosacea and acne.

Burns or an allergic reaction.

Therefore, the following tips and instructions must be adhered to:

Consult a doctor first before using this type of natural recipe, as garlic may not be suitable for some skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Avoid eating garlic or garlic supplements in abundance and consult your doctor first before starting to take them, as eating garlic may negatively affect some disease conditions and the effect of some medications used to treat them.

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